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analogkid01 : Somewhere, Jenna Fischer just stared into a camera lens.

Lila DiMasi : Lmaooo I forgot about this

James Carmichael : There's a Gunn for hire.

donut : rlm ultimate shitposting

MrBettsClass : It's gonna be great.

Joey Fife : I subscribed for high quality content like this

Jason Explains Things! : I'm glad social media didn't exist in the 90's. My terrible high school movies shall forever stay on VHS where they belong!

Peanut Turner : Or "hey, let's get that Tromeo & Juliet guy!"..... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Punkster : This is what he gets for stealing "His," ' Gardens of the Galaxy' joke from RLM.

Baya Rae : Don't worry, the rapist gets killed in that movie. :)

Member When : There’s nothing funny about child molestation...unless it’s Rich Evans.


Clayton V : Len Kabasinski should direct the next Guardians of the Galaxy

Turbo Button : More like James Gone.

Titanium Rain : Looks like Disney is a Gunn free zone. Looks like Disney knows how to fire a Gunn. etc etc etc

J : give the guardians of the galaxy franchise to uwe boll

J Victor : You guys hit the nail on the head. There's no way Disney didn't know about Gunn's stupid edgy behavior on Twitter back when they hired him. It's only a problem now because it's become public knowledge.

loser fm : this reminds me of an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation

Josh Liam : Instead of deleting some offensive tweets we should delete Twitter

hyle : Jay “The Prophet” Bauman

REAL EYES OPEN : I clapped when I saw Mike and Jay! I did, I did!

Dennis Caouki : Suns out, Gunn's out...

Kelvin Reyes : In the end, it was all about family.

Big Ronnie : I'm arcing ropes of anticipation for the Mr. Plinkett Last Jedi review

Buraz93 : James Gunn? More like James Gunna need a new job! *badum tsssss

Veil : *Borderline Experimental™*

Sammy Martin : _slide whistle_

Jason Murillo : Breaking News: Mildly famous youtuber Jay Bauman of Red Letter Media tapped to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3! Pewdie Pie scheduled to produce...

JaykSzarii : Can't wait for the video they release when Spielberg finally gets unmasked and has to follow in Polanski's footsteps. "He does seem to have a thing for little Asian boys in Yankees caps..." - Rich Evans

Sloid : James Gunn is probably thinking right now: "I may have gone too far in a few places."

Luke Clements : Is Kathleen Kennedy still employed?

Bryton Cherrier : “I remember my first NAMBLA meeting. It was the first time I felt ok being who I am." - James Gunn

Sir Robert Walpole : Oh Twitter, Achilles heel for literally everyone.

robertorex : THIS is why RLM should be in the millions of subs right now. I just don't understand. Every single joke or comment from these guys are pure foresight-prophetising gold.

John Winning : Rich Evans did nothing wrong!!!!

Dennis Caouki : Edgar Wright, now James Gunn.. Disney are firing their best directors!

#1 peppa pig stan : Jay knew deep down

64PageSpecial : Richard Linklater better watch out! Those "Old enough to pee, old enough for me" jokes won't seem too funny to folk who intentionally misunderstand jokes!

UberNeuman : To be replaced by Ron Howard. It's in his contract to replace all directors fired by Disney.

What a Weirdo. : Guardians of the galaxy is dead.

Bryton Cherrier : Now this is some Gunn control I can get behind.

Andrew : I made sure to watch this real fast before youtube pulled it.

COUNT THE MOON : Welcome to the age of hypocrisy, where everyone is a saint until someone scrolls through their twitter feed. I think it’s time to push the reset button on this whole internet thing, this shit is getting out of hand.

Frat Daddy and Bjorn : Rip James Gunn gone but not forgotten

Shuma Gorath : Disney: "I don't know what I was especting". Seriously though, they knew about his tweets, this just makes them look more superficial and false..

HAL NOVEMILA : Unfortunately we live in a era in which a joke made years before could destroy your entire career

SpaceJockey : James Gunn? More like James' gone..

J.D.1989 : Is Red Letter Media replacing James Gunn?

Emmanuel Martinez : Ohhhhhh myy godddddddddddd

SpaceNavy90 : Oy vey