Electric Guitar Canon Rock in D Major

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Why so Sara : This wont ever get old ... I remember watching this on 2008 =,)

PsykeShow : I remember this being called "guitar" and it was the first video I ever saw on youtube! Damn, being on youtube at 5:50 am has it's perks.

lew : Nostalgia hitting so hard

Ba'ath posting : "guitar" Nuff said.

JordanB : Video is so old that the description says to search for the mp3 on Limewire. haha!

romeheroadrian : i remember watching this when i was like 12 or 13 when it was called "guitar" lol. i would watch this almost every single day for like 3 months and can honestly say 8 years later this video pretty much single handedly inspired me to play music thanks

franggio : So many years have passed since the first time I saw this vid. Now I'm a father. Thank you. This sound inspires.

Travis Marx : Proud to say this was one of the first you tube vids I ever watched, we so old y'all.

Bernath_ Dez : I remember when this video was called "Guitar" and had over 1 million views!

Mimielove55 : omg! that guy is so talented!! :D

Indigo : This... Is emotional... It just made me cry... I can still remeber it when I first watched it at 6. Now 7 years later it still makes me cry...

Gothtecdotcom : If you dislike this you have no soul, get off my planet!!

Natalee Larson : I need to go practice my instrument now. Haha

Emircan Sahin : videoyundan gelenler 

Apparentn00b : this guy made this video and i swear he just disappeared

Andrew Something : i remember being so amazed at the number of views this video had... 

machinagenex101 : Do you have the tabs?

Etzel Garza : I know is stupid to ask but... Someone has the tabs? 😍

heitorzp5524 : Damn the nostalgia was so much that gave me goosebumps

Phil G. : do you have the tabs?

Scroll : I remember that moment when I entered youtube 1st time and I wrote "guitar" and clicked on this movie. :D

iPhoneeditor : This video gives me hope that some day if I work hard that I'll be this good too.

Onecoolcat141 : guitar

Emre GÜLÜMCAN : Dragon Ball Z song İs Very NİCE :) thx

Théo BENHABILES : this was made 10 YEARS AGO

Ratnesh Chandna : Traffic light at 3:10 (wtf? lol)

Benjamin Show : Legendary! Bro!

xXKaMiKaTerXx : made me smile :)


Michael Dunbar : Community bowling anyone?

mark swyayo : This is his version of the piece. It is incredible. If anyone wants to bash it, they need to upload their take on the piece so we can compare, and then comment on their performance.

k10055960 : I'm so love 3:50 to 4:10

Hamonion : "If you want the mp3 search Ares or Limewire" *sniff* those were the days

Ethan Lang : Anyone else find E-Dubble Sidelines from this?

Anomalia93PL : Do you have the tabs?

Mel : I think its safe to say that this was the first video I've ever watched on YT.. Nostalgia

Tiger I : The first time I saw this video was back in 2007, I was 15, and blown away by this guy's playing. We didnt have good internet in our country back then. It took my cousin nearly half an hour with Orbit Video Grabber to download the 240p version of this video. Its been nearly 10 years now, and I still come back to listen to this. How fast time flies! :D

Irriducibili : i watched this first time when i was 10 years old, im almost 21 now.. Time flies and we grown old but yt classic like this will stay forever. To bad in 30-40 years no one will know that this was most viewed YT video with original name of 'guitar' back in YT golden days without fucking youtubers.

Shahrul Munir : DO YOU HAVE THE TABS?


Tyen Muller : Stfu this is awsome This made me want to play the guitar and many others 😭 u couldnt do that in a million years

Mike Karpenko : I love this you are really good are you actually the one playing

Albert Talamante : for the record been listening to it since like 2008.

Marceline Winchester : Badass much?

Pat Fanta : Its been about 7bor 8 years since ive watched this Still epic

Clock Tower : A space marine playing the guitar on a drop pod during Steel Rain brought me here.

Kyle : I watched this video a lot soo long ago. I'm surprised it doesn't have more views now

Motato : I can hear drums..........

Amelie Schneider : Ich will auch mal so gut spielen können. Ich spiele nämlich selber Gitarre aber eine normale keine elektrische

Assas : am I the only one person who watch it for the first time?