Cool Hallucinations Without Drugs
How to hallucinate without the help of drugs

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How to hallucinate without the aid of pharmacological agents. This is a one-hundred percent organic lifehack to help you become untethered from the shackles of sanity. barren twitter:


Dennis Karina : I'm glad you're back and doing well. You are by far the most creative guy I know on YouTube. Breath of fresh air every time you upload a video. You are a genius and I hope the day comes when you get the attention you deserve.

Nox Ouphe : You are back!

Real Zzzz : I tried this about 2 months ago and I can't stop seeing black holes Within a black hole Within a black hole Within... A black hole

That'sWhatSheSaid : JUST SAY NO to little, inexpensive surgical instruments

TheApoke : Me: YouTube recommendations: this

Licent Eques : Good to know the splenetic abyss didn't keep you permanently.

PugStriker : one of the few original youtubers keep it up

Klink : He doesn't upload trash. He wears it on his face

Matt Fisher : This is honestly my favourite channel

Linguine Dreams : Finally. It is time.

Christopher R : If you reach deep enough you can become one with the Godhead

Sasker van Gulik : Thanks for this amazing little insight into the life of V. Trash

Ben Schmie. : Is this Death Grips?

RUSS14ND0G : We missed you daddy

Veron Ceon : Finally your pea brain uploads

Bob Jones : But, more importantly is this safe for work?

Sammitch : My favorite channel ever

Tito Bigotes : Ill have it in mind.

Max : my toothnail hurts

sabrosa is cool : you are the best person on youtube and i love you

blue King Ultra lps : Key box

Pickle elkciP : This channel is transcendentalism mixed with dadism mixed with satire. This is truly the only way to describe the level of insane content that comes out of your wretched, cursed, amazing brain.

Danker Beef : ah yes

That'sWhatSheSaid : Notification squad reporting for duty

SPRITE FREAK : Great video, disliked.

Vlad Mihalca : how.

jesu chłyste : Masno ni

Vlad Mihalca : ew