Tyler Childers - Whitehouse Road

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Adrian Miller : This guy is insanely good. Beats the dog shit out of anything on the radio.

Boy Named Banjo : tyler has become one of our all time favorites. this album is truly a game changer for country music. can't wait to see where he goes!

scott lund : Holy Moly, blown away, followed the recommended links after a bout of Cody Jinks, hell yeah.

Matt Arseneault : Holy shit... I love your sound man!! Disclaimer: I'M HIGHER THAN THE GROCERY BILL...

govern0r : Copperhead Road for a new generation. I like.

Tips Toes : Heard this guy today came home downloaded every thing he has!

Morgan Petitte : When you're part viking, part music legend

Terry The Kid : Whoever filmed the beginning of this video should get an Oscar!

banshe69 : Seen Tyler at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA. First time I went to a show and felt like I robbed the band. 10 bucks for a million dollar show. So I went and spent 150.00 on merchandise. If you get a chance to go and see him now. Next year Tyler will be in Stadiums.

STEVE plote : Hell yea Kentucky boy doing well!! Listened him for awhile and stoked he's getting noticed!

d jazz : Us folks out here in Easter Kentucky have been listenen to Tyler for a while now. Great that folks in the rest of the country are getten to hear him. Everything he does is amazing

André Tavares : new outlaw in town

PewterC5FRC : Andre the Giant on drums everyone.

Dav Mout : Woauh. I'm French, sorry for my English. I do not know Tyler, but is i just love it. Awesome. Really the music that i like. Congratulations from France. I subscribe. Encore bravo Tyler, la classe 💪

hassie stooksbury : wow love this guy so much! can't wait to catch his show here in Denver next month!!! he is such a badass!!

CJ Smith : I’m sharing this with everyone I know down here in Texas! Eastern KY is pumping out some serious talent! Outlaw Country revival! Awesome stuff man, keep on gettin it!

JW's BulletsNBlades : Great new music

gordo66061 : He just showed that gingers do have a soul because he's full of it

sophie and jackson covington : I love Tyler as a raw artist,Nashville produced album takes away from his talent.

Hannah Baughman : Seen him in Columbus Ohio this past Thursday with Colter Wall & it was amazing to say the least!! Definitely will see him again & met a lot of faithful fans from Kentucky that came to the show. Love your stuff!!

Cici Bradley : This cat's haulin so many #1's. Gussied-up Nashville better hang on to their petticoats.

Andrew Parker : I don't even like country music but he has an amazing voice and some serious soul.

Frank Kramer : Thinking Tylers drummer is sportin a Jinks Tee, good stuff TC!

Curt J : Love riding my Harley to this as fast as i can.

freetickeys : Sounds like he may have listened to Chris Knight and Darrell Scott.

Codi Brown : Oh my god what a voice

San Remo : This is the most perfect song ever.

Eli Hunter : Had the privilege of attending this festival! Great night!

slimjenkins09 : This guy is incredible. Really looking forward to seeing him live.

ksudadeo : Heard Tyler first time today on Sirius radio Down loading all his music! Love it!

Tulessa Slone : You 16 that gave a thumbs down, know crap about good music and a talented musician!! Loving this guy! Thanks David Hayes!

Negan : Damn

KING CRIMSON : this guy comes to my town alot its crazy lol I love his music and he is really cool

Englishbars : very appealing country song.....and i am not a country fan.

Asa George : Tyler Childers, Hank 3, and Rebel Son are the only good outlaw still out as far as I have personally heard

Kevin Aden : Not much else to say about this guy other than damn. Wish I would have found him sooner. I’m spreading it like wildfire in Conroe Texas

Kenneth Burke : Bad mother fucking song love it

bob bobo : Great song man. Not a big fan of country though I love the old stuff, Merl, Hank Jr, CD. This has a good feel to it. Ive been that guy and every small town has lots of them. Hard scrabble life. I got out, you have too. Most never do. Most live and die in these small towns and do the hard shit work for shit pay. You gotta stay wasted to stay sane.

Cici Bradley : Finally! The long assed dry spell is over. Can't wait to see you in SC.

T Spires : Hands down the most bad ass artist I'll hear in my lifetime

Jeremy Andrews : 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC. Whitehouse road if I ever heard it

Morag MacGregor : Lord, it's a mighty hard livin But it's a damn good feelin to run these roads Isn't it just 💋

Josh From Jersey Outdoors : Is that Vince Vaughn playing the drums?


james wagoner : Feels good to run the roads lol

Susie Robinson : I think he is great.He writes music about what life's about today and sings it too.Love him.

john carpenter : This song is bad to the bone

Local Seo Sniper : You have great tunes brother. Keep it up.

Donovan Drake : This song is absolutely undeniable. Wow... And then the intensity of his eyes is just staggering....then the shot of the bass player who looks stoned out of his fuckin' mind makes me laugh. Great video.

brian branham : That guitar player is frigging awesome. He straight up rips it.