Nintendo 64: Sold Out !

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Cappy 22 : Lol that little kid was lovin it. I remember the first time I played Mario 64

cnew : Why do youtubers with no profile pictures always pop up in everyone's recommend with videos from 2008

Jared Tyra : Did the guy ever get it. What was that somehow? Can we get an update episode?

Happy Hoovy : It's a shame this sold out,i was looking foward to buying it

Breex The Hedgehog : News anchor: they made the music, honestly, less annoying Me: *T R I G G E R E D*

Supreme Bape : here in 2018 im watchin a clip from 2008 about something that happened in 1996

TheMarioManiac : On this episode of “why did YouTube recommend me this”

Donald Trump : I'm still trying to get one 😔

Charlie Cohen : Who’s here in 2019!😂

kodoyama : "I bought this 64 system for my son for his 35th birthday" - legend!

Rachel : Who’s watching December 2018 lol Miss the 64 days!!!!!

Bobby : 1996 was a solid year for everything. Music, movies, wrestling, games everything. MARIO 64, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal 2, Resident Evil all release in the fall of 1996. Also, this segment was made a couple of weeks after 2 Pac died.

yeetkenny : these news reports just sound more like real people than today's, i can't put my finger on it

Gaming Freak : 199 for each unit and 60 for each game back then was super expensive.

Jake Wirkkala : "They've made the music less annoying" - Super Mario World's music wasn't annoying, lady.

Ich Bims : In year 2038 people will look on a video released in 2029 about the new battlefield 5 in 2018 and think the same as we do today about nintendo 64 lol

Elizabeth Googe : I wanna see her interview her son trying the Nintendo Switch!!

Hector Aguirre : Legend says that the 35 year old still a virgin

P-NUT : The reporter is such a milf. Probably a gilf now.

Max Caulfield : Did she just say the SNES sounds annoying? That system has some of the best video game soundtracks.

m hazey : 199$? 60$for the games? thought they where 50$ ? mandella effect? wtf

Ice Kold Killa : Nobody wanted to play that SNES behind the kids 😂😂😂😂

TheGivens G : Back when News was actually News and people actually acted generally wholesome. I still have a picture of me with the biggest smile holding my N64 I got for Christmas.

Braneyes Gaming : Back when kids weren't all playing shooters and looking at awful things

Kwyjibo O_o : yeah let's ask a 7 year old if they can recognize world

Juan pita : Lol my Left Earbud was sold out

5 Years Ago : How come I get recommended this after 10 years

Angel Eyes : thank god for emulators now i can go back in time so to speak.

Paradox Damn Ye : Noooo i was thinking about getting one for my kids on Christmas

YareYareDaze : Lmao who's watching in November 2018?

Duorp : First game I played was wwf no mercy, great game... Rented the console from a blockbuster lol

Brian : ahhhh i miss the 90's. Simpler times

Slirun _ : 2:05 Thank god Martin Luther king is reborn.

king potaytoe : Fortnite is so irrelevant compared to this🙃

Mr. Potatoes Head : So did the dad ever get the Nintendo 64? *Legend says he's still on the hunt for one*

-RATHALOS- : 0:52 her son was 35 in 1996, that means he is 57 now, wow, i wonder if he still has that n64

Europa Eternal : I still got my mountain dew colored 64 from the first month it was out

Carlos3280 : Watching on my Nintendo switch


Angela Reljić : 0:53 that grandma is dead now

James Sunderland : Watching this brought me joy.

burned oils : lol that 35 son is now 57 lmfao almost a 60yo ahahahh hilarious

Victor Diaz : Nooooooooooooo! I was going to buy that but it's sold out

Gorilla Jones : "The controller looks like it should be in a military jet "

RenkoverGG El Gato Gamer : Why YouTube recomend me this today :v?

James Taylor : Yea I wanted to get my kid one for Christmas today but ToyRUS was still sold out and they wouldn’t open the doors for me! Lmao!

Colorful Sushi : 2018 anyone?

The Dominator : Right now , Fortnite , battleground and Warrior orochi 4 rule the world and the store in one minute , ha ha

chayo b : mom: "want me to try it" kid" "nope"

FearJune Vz : 2019 recommended anybody