Nintendo 64: Sold Out !

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Cappy 22 : Lol that little kid was lovin it. I remember the first time I played Mario 64

YareYareDaze : Lmao who's watching in November 2018?

TheMarioManiac : On this episode of “why did YouTube recommend me this”

cnew00 : Why do youtubers with no profile pictures always pop up in everyone's recommend with videos from 2008

Augustine The Hippopotamus : 1:59 The date is 2018 and rumor has it he's still trying to get it.

kodoyama : "I bought this 64 system for my son for his 35th birthday" - legend!

Santa Hoovy : It's a shame this sold out,i was looking foward to buying it

Supreme Bape : here in 2018 im watchin a clip from 2008 about something that happened in 1996

Kenneth Pettersen : Me when I was 7: "Can't wait 'till I become an adult and can buy whatever videogame I want! I am tired of SM64!" Me now, 25 years old: Can download literally every game in the world for free - Downloads SM64, and nothing else.

Real Beginning : Back when Fox News reported news and not political stunts.

Jake Wirkkala : "They've made the music less annoying" - Super Mario World's music wasn't annoying, lady.

Donald Trump : I'm still trying to get one 😔

Charlie Cohen : Who’s here in December 2018😆

P Meister : It's annoying how these people always tried to vilify video games as much as possible back in those days. The attempt to ask a 7 year old child to identify world leaders vs MARIO was a cheap attempt to promote awareness that video games causes children to be less aware of current events. I remember when the original NES was released and on the news the news anchor made a comment telling the parents that the release date of the system then immediately attacking it by saying that you are better off just buying your kid a book to read. How annoying!

Bobby : 1996 was a solid year for everything. Music, movies, wrestling, games everything. MARIO 64, Duke Nukem 3D, Diablo, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal 2, Resident Evil all release in the fall of 1996. Also, this segment was made a couple of weeks after 2 Pac died.

Gaming Freak : 199 for each unit and 60 for each game back then was super expensive.

Duorp : First game I played was wwf no mercy, great game... Rented the console from a blockbuster lol

Hector Aguirre : Legend says that the 35 year old still a virgin

Damn Ye : Noooo i was thinking about getting one for my kids on Christmas

Max Caulfield : Did she just say the SNES sounds annoying? That system has some of the best video game soundtracks.

Braneyes Gaming : Back when kids weren't all playing shooters and looking at awful things

Javier Alameda Barrera : Dale like si lo has visto en 2018

P-NUT : The reporter is such a milf. Probably a gilf now.

Carlos3280 : Watching on my Nintendo switch

Kwyjibo O_o : yeah let's ask a 7 year old if they can recognize world

Elizabeth Googe : I wanna see her interview her son trying the Nintendo Switch!!

James Sunderland : Watching this brought me joy.

Juan pita : Lol my Left Earbud was sold out

Mason Ventura : *earn bachelor's degree* *meet officer qualifications* *attend officer training school* *show up for initial flight test training* "I KNEW IT ALL ALONG BABY, MILITARY JETS USE N64 CONTROLLERS!"


VRyze : 2008 Thats when I got my DSi Rip Toys R Us

Zerox A. M. : It's so sad to know all the kids in this video are already 25+ years old. I'm 30... 😭 Nintendo 64 will always be my favorite console. So many great games and so many great memories playing with my neighbors and cousins. Every single one of my neighbor friends had the N64, so you must know all the fun we had for years! Awesome childhood.

TrueWarrior7 : I remember back then I was playing Mario Kart 64 & Doom ❤️Good Ole Days


Gorilla Jones : "The controller looks like it should be in a military jet "

SLO420PRO : amazing 3d animations!!!! wow hahah do any of you still own not giving mine for nothing

5 Years Ago : How come I get recommended this after 10 years

GDLeaper : Why was this in my recommendation section 10 years later

Carlos Sarabia : Why is this finally recommended to me 10 years ago???

Obito : This looks pretty cool, when's it coming out?

doinken1 : I'll never forget the first time ever playing this in a Toys r Us when I was 9

Gonzalo Velarde : Rip toys r us

Bung Chew : *As a kid, I would dream about owning a 64 with Mario 64, haha... The one dream I remember was super random and I was riding a train around the Christmas tree X-Mas morning with a N64 and Mario still in the boxes, but in a cart behind me... It didn't come true... Haha... And since I didn't get it as a kid... I turned out to be a mass murderer and an avid member of Isis! Thanks, Mom & Dad!*

Flashy Thing : Holy shit "zoom in technology"!

Victor Diaz : Nooooooooooooo! I was going to buy that but it's sold out

Haise : Somehow till this day he’s still trying too get it

payday videos : My left ear is confused Stolen comment would give credit if I remembered

Colorful Sushi : 2018 anyone?

gamer39985 : "Sold out in 15 minutes.' Some things never change...

Hugo Lara : And now we have Red Dead Redemption 2 :D