Guy Williams goes to Napier to find out why there are two countdown supermarkets next to each other

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Jetdot37 : 2:13 voiceover, “I was surrounded” hahaha

Jimbobzilla : In Highland park, Auckland there are two countdowns 70 meters away from each other. I think you should investigate them next week to see if you can confirm the secret countdown conspiracy exists

Quintus Grobler : Never even been in NZ why the hell am I here and more importantly, why can't I leave?

BlueKj : If only American media was this honest and determined to get the truth

ape ham : Same as Glenfield Mall Glenfield North Shore, there was two Countdowns in the mall but a year ago they changed one of them to Briscoes.

ngaire : lmao what about church corner and bush inn in christchurch

Rimmy - Downunder Gaming : This was fucking priceless. I love the random group of kids rocking up.

maoriwargamer : Why is it even called countdown? What’s it counting down to? Counting down savings? Counting down the end of the world? This need further investigation...

Brydzo : Why do you have so little subs? Greetings from Poland.

Tay McKenzie : *The final countdown* hahahaha

William Ashton : Guy's on to something here.

KJ : Why is it called countdown and not Woolworths and if it’s the same why not the same shade of green?

Phill Walker : I've always known something was up. Being an Aussie, I've never heard of countdown but when I found out of its existence (4 minutes ago) I knew they were dirty! I'm writing this from within my bunker so I can say this... PIGS! awwwh that felt good.


JimmyKip : My guess is its so a New World can't be built there. Seems to happen all over the place.

Angela Collins : Thank you Guy for the quality journalism and keeping the people informed.

Jordan Simpson : Because Aussie supermarket are taking over napier

tomo : Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the owner dude was wearing so much mason bling? I mean.... it's like a conspiracy hidden within a meme.

SeSe : Bruh come to Westgate and NorthWest there are 2 Countdowns across the road from each other lol

Flam Flam : There's two Countdowns next to each other in Johnsonville too 🤔

Xsharknz : Because countdown is da best

S4nt1 : Why do I find this so funny?

AdamMackieFilms : *money laundering*

Ben Wild : I love u guys I like Ben more because I’m a Ben to

AvGeek NZ : 😂😂😂😂 my hometown

Baden Campbell : The conspiracy is also evident in Upper Hutt

Kade playz : Im the kid on the scooter

m8s & baits bike : Should go to highland park there's 2 right next to each others as well

Airsoft Randomness : When Countdown needs more money

Derpyderp : Sherlock Guy right here

LEMON ICE!! : The BIGGEST conspiracy of them all!!!

Levi Maes : How can I give more than 1 upvote?

Riley Scriv : lol

creativeusername_x : bro what about church corner and bush inn.

Matthew collies copy cat vlog subscribe : Hi

Coolestdude19999 : I’m Aussie so you guys are beaut. G’day vegemite thongs sausage sandwiches.

burgedoug : Why doesn't he go to bayfair in Tauranga? Two countdowns in the same shopping centre :O

Cameron Tehaara : I guess they would prefer to keep both countdowns open not to maximise business, but to stop a competitor ( New World or equivalent ) from entering their market. Not to mention pak n save is already nearby. Some examples of this tactic include Countdowns at Highland Park, Auckland, and Bayfair mall, Tauraunga

Kyle Hearn : Same thing in Riccarton, the Bush Inn countdown and across the road there's a standalone countdown. What is their strategy?

Ratel.H Badger : Guy Williams' bad 80's pop pun game is strong!

Jim Halpert : lol legit anyone know why its so common for this to happen in NZ? are they trying to stop Paknsave or New world taking the building?

sapphyre wairepo : I've been asking ever since they converted Woolworths to "Countdown Carlyle". The never give me a straight answer and always change the subject. Legend says the older one will become an electronics store but they've been saying that for years and yet... its still a countdown

Glufub : It’s because one of them used to be a Woolworths and Woolworths Nz rebranded to Countdown. I’m guessing they’d end up losing more money as a company if they chose to close one of them down.

NatSkyline : I'm from Napier and at 2:10, I was yelling "Just bloody head to pak'n'save"

Ben Radford : baha i just realised the intro is the old tv3 news theme

Sideshow B.A.B.S. : “I promise we’re not going to cut this together in any weird way” 2 seconds later “And there it was: conclusive proof of a conspiracy”

Ben Radford : Same at Bayfair in Tauranga before they turned the other one into a cinema. Hmmm

Bruce Deville : Can someone say Dailyshow correspondent right there!! Ok! Wow very good work indeed, and im from LA, we have Vons vs Ralph's and Wholefoods vs Trader Joes. #FinalCountdown

Shawn Barbour : thats nothing in my city there is 3 starbucks in 150 meters of each other one in the mall another in the malls book store and another across the parking lot in a grocery store

AJ Harice : same with pukekohe there's 2 countdown not that far from eachother