Guy Williams goes to Napier to find out why there are two countdown supermarkets next to each other

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Rimmy - Downunder Gaming : This was fucking priceless. I love the random group of kids rocking up.

Jetdot37 : 2:13 voiceover, “I was surrounded” hahaha

BlueKj : If only American media was this honest and determined to get the truth

Jimbobzilla : In Highland park, Auckland there are two countdowns 70 meters away from each other. I think you should investigate them next week to see if you can confirm the secret countdown conspiracy exists

Quintus Grobler : Never even been in NZ why the hell am I here and more importantly, why can't I leave?

maoriwargamer : Why is it even called countdown? What’s it counting down to? Counting down savings? Counting down the end of the world? This need further investigation...

tomo : Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the owner dude was wearing so much mason bling? I mean.... it's like a conspiracy hidden within a meme.

ape ham : Same as Glenfield Mall Glenfield North Shore, there was two Countdowns in the mall but a year ago they changed one of them to Briscoes.

tallasianchick : i was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

Brydzo : Why do you have so little subs? Greetings from Poland.

ngaire : lmao what about church corner and bush inn in christchurch

Phill Walker : I've always known something was up. Being an Aussie, I've never heard of countdown but when I found out of its existence (4 minutes ago) I knew they were dirty! I'm writing this from within my bunker so I can say this... PIGS! awwwh that felt good.

Sideshow B.A.B.S. : “I promise we’re not going to cut this together in any weird way” 2 seconds later “And there it was: conclusive proof of a conspiracy”

Tay McKenzie : *The final countdown* hahahaha


William Ashton : Guy's on to something here.

Angela Collins : Thank you Guy for the quality journalism and keeping the people informed.

Artis Avakian : Notice the CEO of countdown he interviews is wearing a gold chain with the free mason symbol on it. Lol

JimmyKip : My guess is its so a New World can't be built there. Seems to happen all over the place.

Xsharknz : Because countdown is da best

Jordan Simpson : Because Aussie supermarket are taking over napier

Thomas Long : He made a hilarious segment with (pretty much) just a parking lot and some locals. Well done!

S4nt1 : Why do I find this so funny?

SeSe : Bruh come to Westgate and NorthWest there are 2 Countdowns across the road from each other lol

Flam Flam : There's two Countdowns next to each other in Johnsonville too 🤔

KJ : Why is it called countdown and not Woolworths and if it’s the same why not the same shade of green?

Psycho Metal Kid : Lost my shit when he came back with the booze XDDD

Robert Brunello : Money has to be laundered somewhere, duh.

Ben Wild : I love u guys I like Ben more because I’m a Ben to

Kadey Wadey : Im the kid on the scooter

First Name Surname : Bush Inn & Church Corner Countdowns is Christchurch are the same, just across the road from each other

Olly Taylor : The reason they keep both of them is so New World doesn’t buy it.

Derpyderp : Sherlock Guy right here

AdamMackieFilms : *money laundering*

D Labonte : ˢᵃʸ 'ʷʰᵃᵗ' ᶦᶠ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ᶦˢ ᵃ ᶜᵒⁿˢᵖᶦʳᵃᶜʸ

Lucas Warren : Should go to highland park there's 2 right next to each others as well

creativeusername_x : bro what about church corner and bush inn.

Baden Campbell : The conspiracy is also evident in Upper Hutt

AvGeek NZ : 😂😂😂😂 my hometown

Airsoft Randomness : When Countdown needs more money

Penguin from SPACE!! : The BIGGEST conspiracy of them all!!!

Levi Alexander Maes : How can I give more than 1 upvote?

Riley Scriv : lol

Matthew collies copy cat vlog subscribe : Hi

Coolestdude19999 : I’m Aussie so you guys are beaut. G’day vegemite thongs sausage sandwiches.

Wolf_gamer 1608 : 2:41 Thats my Uncle, Uncle Glenn! He works at countdown and his wife does too.

TwitchStreams : 1:09 LMAO

Michael Heliotis : SuperValue, Countdown, and Woolworths were all owned by Progressive, forming their low-market, mid-market, and up-market stores respectively. But Woolworths' eventually lost out to its Foodstuffs competitor New World, so Progressive closed down all the Woolworths stores and turned most of them into Countdown stores. So there are actually quite a few locations around New Zealand with adjacent Countdown stores because of it.

Blake Earl : Should go to highland Park next, they have two countdowns closer than this?!

Adam Decker : Definite shenanigans happening in those stores. Can't wait for part 2.