Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over Troubled Water (from The Concert in Central Park)

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w0mbles : It's one thing to do this in a studio, over a dozen takes. It's quite another to pull this off live. Outstanding track.

Robert D In Tulsa : Art Garfunkel... One of the most under-rated singers of all time. Just listen to that voice. Give a THUMBS UP if you agree. Thanks for posting.

thatgirllNancyy : This song gives me chills every single time I hear it. I could hear it played 5 times or more in a row and still get the same chills each time I listen to it. I'm pushing 40 and this song was written/produced long before I was a thought. THIS IS WHAT THE EPITOME OF TRUE MUSIC IS!!!!! I say this because sure there are so many talented singers of all different genres of music BUT it just doesn't feel the same. This is true music and amazing musical skills. Thanks so very much for uploading this video. I appreciate it very much and I'm looking forward to watching more of your uploads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊💖🇨🇦

James Smithe : Can you imagine the pressure of singing such a technically difficult song in front of half a million people? And he does it perfectly.

Bobby C. : One of the most beautiful songs ever written and sung by one of the most beautiful voices.

Brian Olson : this is what "nailed it" means.

Nicolletta13 : This is how it's done, boys and girls.

Tano Petra : His voice is like a soft blanket in the sea of clouds.

דודי ריימונד : And here stood a guy with his hands in his pockets. No electronics without fireworks without laser lights. Without grandiose decor, just stands and sings and shakes everyone who hears him with divine talent. Where is the music of the past ?????

Michael Emberley : Tip of the hat to pianist, Richard Tee and his powerful playing. First few times I heard this I thought he was playing too aggressively, intruding on the vocals. I now think that his strong performance had the effect of driving Artie to a world class performance. Strength feeds off strength. I had to research to find out who he was and I look forward to checking out his catalogue.

mikecarter79 : Arts pitch perfect and sustained crescendo starting at 4:10 is beyond amazing ! A truly gifted voice.

Rosalind Egan : A man a microphone and a voice. Who needs more

dave toffen : who says he's not one of the best vocalists ever.....he is....without a doubt

ThatGirl Monica : Art just stands there, hands in pockets, singing like a true Angel from Heaven! What a beautiful song... written by a beautiful man & performed even more beautifully than anyone else could do. I am stunned at the difference in the quality of music from then to now... THERE IS NOTHING TODAY ON THIS LEVEL!!! God Bless

Lucy Foster : On his farewell tour, Paul performed an arrangement of this song by the excellent Gabriel Kahane, and spoke of it as, "I always felt as a conduit for this song, but it is my child, and now I am taking my child back". Paul, you wrote it and it is a beautiful thing indeed, but it is the gift to Art that you can never take back. You wrote it with your intimate knowledge of his voice and capabilities in mind. You two were never in competition, in the final analysis.It is the ultimate testament to your friendship, this remarkable gift that you gave him, which then became a gift to all of us.

ninachildish : I've long held the view that this song would be far less effective with Paul singing. Paul is a great musician, but Art puts the emotion into it, which this song needs. Plus the fact he needs to reach for those high notes, the effort you can hear makes it so much more powerful.

Chris Dougherty : At 1:38, he knows he's killing it. Legendary performance.

IRP01 : 2019?

Jay Schwartz : One of just a few of the most incredible beautiful things I have ever heard in my life.

James Smithe : No one has ever sung it better.

MsAwesomeCoolCat : How can you sing so perfect without effort?

Francette Marseille : The emotion is here , look the eyes .

ALVIN AGUSTIN : Art truly has a voice of an angel

TristanandIsolt : He just stands there hands in his pockets and absolutely delivers one of the greatest vocals in the history of music.

Charlie SideShow : With his hands in his pockets looking absolutely casual he sings it like the god allmighty! Absolutely divine! Love each and every second of it!

Eli Sa : Magic ! I still listening this song in 2018 in Leipzig. I´m so happy and thankful to experience Art on stage - after all this time :)

PLefevre95 : He Nailed It and yet remained humble.

Cooke Codd : He looks so young here, but he's 41.

2112Spirit : How many people just got goose bumps listening to this masterpiece ?

Zach nunyabusiness : 2018?

Nostalgia : Art Garfunkel's clear, soft, beautiful voice is sweet and his singing is perfect; thank you, Art Garfunkel.. and thank you also amazing Paul Simon.. I love you guys.

Alix White : looks as he has tears in his eyes while singing this song, omg, it's so wonderful, impressing, touching my heart, my soul ♥♥♥

Ray Butler : If the opportunity presents...this is the song I will have played at my cremation service...perfection!

Renegade Wa : That was powerful!!It's funny how you can hear a song for the first time in high school but you don't appreciate it till 40 years later!!

Randy Mann : Once in a great while, you hear a song for the first time that you have no doubt that people will listen to in rapture hundreds of years later. This is one of those.

Marcia Patterson : This song and performance ...are brilliantly beautifully... complete.

Yilmas VEVO : Funny how such a powerful voice can come from such a nervous little fella.

Dalinda V : I love him❤️... one of the best singers hands down!!

Hank__ Bk : Art Garfunkel has the voice of an angel

Richard Genovese : Watch and learn.... this is how you do it

PhoebeFay RuthLouise : Art Garfunkel sings like an angel! And he is so beautiful! I keep wondering what’s going on behind his eyes! #iconic

LastOfTheMaguas : What a gifted man, his voice touches the heart

threalis Maradona : no one will ever sing this better

Donald East : This song was written just for this voice....

The Judge : Listen closely this is real music...!!!

Armie Atienza : I love this song as always. Art's performance here is so cool but the pitch is awesome. Great artist, ever!

WillBrink : I was there, it was incredible

marecanine : Nice to be able to understand the words. His voice is so clear, wish the singers of today could sound this good.

76Superdude : I can’t describe’s beautiful...please the more literate amongst you...please try....

David Barlow : I come back to this video time and again and the emotion of that night is incredible and i envy those that were there. I cannot imagine a single "artiste"from the past ten plus years who would be capable of performing this,especially live in front of thousands,and making it look so easy.No dramatic light shows,voice enhancers or lip-sync,just a man and a talent that all these years later stands head and shoulders above what passes for talent today.