WTF Quack Like a Duck

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Lord Raiden : If you're reading this, we are so blessed to have been alive during the age of the internet.

MERICA macho : Look at this and tell me drugs were not involved

Michael Mike : Should be great for my 4 year olds birthday party at Chucky Cheese.

LL S : I can't believe this song wasn't nominated a grammy.

Ιωαννάκι Μικρό Λακτάκι : My funeral song has been chosen.

Dragonaut420 : my grandma used to sing this same exact song to me when I was a baby, miss you grandma.

Balls Tanuki : Old testament arc Jesus was crazy.

Yuichi Tuba : The bassist is actually really solid.

ジャバミYumeko : Can we just talk about that weird dude that touched the singers peepee for idk what reason?

Donovan Crauswell : That bass player looks like he hates everything

Kyle Altenburger : So this is what happens when inbreeding meets LSD

Dylan Federspiel : This is art

Adolf Hitler : My faith in humanity is restored

Antonio J. H Mantilla : Better than Ariana Grande.

Guapo Chapo : Homeboy drops the N word at 2:50

christopher9000p : This belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Eric Frazier : I want to book these guys for my birthday 👍😁

Officerbarbrady412 : please tell me they do children's parties too

Jackknife Jonnie : My wife and I get this song stuck in our heads regularly.... And we are ashamed. God Damned Ashamed..

vegeta abridged : Anyone else from the dooo?

Martin Augustine : It's like ZZ Top and Primus had a 3way with GWAR

Affossum yt : Next freddie mercury

pd cc : Tosh.o anyone?

Bunny : I’d actually travel from the U.K. to the US for this 😂

FlyingSpoon4657 : Ya know... that’s actually a really good bassist.......

Ryan Hull : So many years later an it never gets old

damian kieltyka : Singer is now part of the #metoo movement getting his shlong grabbed

Tyler Rumfelt : The guy playing with his balls trying to be funny just proved to everyone he is a raging homo.

Snickerdoodles : Warning don’t try this at a Elementary school you will be tased I have leaned from experience.

Totenkopf kang : Jesus Christs 2nd coming colorized.

i Forget : Ya, I had listen to it again to pick up that MAGA gem at 2:50 :"Play a N* song!" This is probably this crowds version of going to the opera.

Isaac Red : I love this beautiful hymn

No No : The new National Anthem.

Taya x : 1:16 Was that closeup necessary?? 😂😂😂😂

Czech Republic best Republic : How I imagine Americans

Snazzy12341 : Jesus really let himself go

Creepy Susie : *The Band for My Wedding*

bluepaint mental : SHUT UP AND SING THE SONG

DinoJake : This man is an inspiration

Dustin G : Reminded me of some primus

DW R : This is the most patriotic thing ever

Cole Mueller : Sounds like a mixture of fergie and jesus

Matthew Howard : MERICA!!!!

RedFox51 : America in 2 minutes and 53 seconds

nineball26 : I'm surprised this wasn't a sell out venue, CLEARLY a promotion issue, this is PURE GOLD!

Rochelle Eskue : Anybody else getting hot and bothered watching the audience participation part of the show? lolol

Валерия Карреон : This is America.

strong island : I could of used more cowbell

Addicted2Dopamine : Does anyone know these dudes stories lol?

Jordan Morley : I quoted this to my girl friend and now she's not my girlfriend