Polska brandbilar passerar Norrköping.

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Michael 732 : As a firefighter myself, I can say this is what the brotherhood is about.

stoevne2 : This made my day. Humans working together. :-)

theallseeingmaster : It looks like every piece of equipment they have is on the way.

Marie Dahlqvist : Jag blir rent rörd! Var rädda om er alla ni som kämpar med bränderna 👍❤

WXIWXI : Welcome Fire Man from Poland! WE LOVE YOU!

Yugan Dali : This is wonderful, this is how the world should be: your neighbor has a problem, you go help. but with all those trucks coming, I just hope there aren't any fires in Poland!

Chancey Dicklord : LONG LIVE THE EU

MarbleWhornets : Let me guess, none of the migrants in Sweden want to be firemen?

Rafał Wrzesiński-POLAND : Jest MOC,Powodzenia i wracajcie do nas cali

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus : European brothers. Unite Europa.

alexander raeling : Great video

NoJusticeNoPeace : Polish firefighters. Did they arrive with boxing gloves?

Darren Lachel : AWESOME!

ハースー : kurwa

Pat : *Kurwy Polskie jabane biedne.*

bernie b : Not only do Swedish people leech off society with handouts, but so does their entire country!! lol


YManCyberDude : Why aren't the Swedish firefighters fighting fires ?

Fraser Moore : Hi, I love this video! I'm from video licensing agency Newsflare. Does the footage belong to you? If so, I would love to have a chat about it. Could you please email me on fraser.moore@newsflare.com? Thanks!

Rob Main : The Polish fire trucks driven by hamsters on a treadmill..

qwerty 99 : that's great and all but why 2 minute and 45 seconds? 10seconds would already suffice