When it's Gnat Season in the South

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Isagail : Those gnat actors must’ve had a lotta fun filming this. I know I would’ve.

that girl in okc : Gnats!!! 😂Awww run! Only part you left out was accidentally walking into a swarm😁 ❤👍

I Like Turtles : I can’t argue with this.

Carolina * Ember : Hahaha You can just hit the thumbs-up before you even watch "It's A Southern Thing!" 😂

Windkisssed : Excellent! I love your content AND the acting!! Y’all do a fantastic job!!! Thank you! Lauri

Barb Keen : This is sooooo true! Once again,y'all don't disappoint!! I could watch y'all's channel for hours and thanks for making my day!!! 🙂

angelinamc101 : Lol that is so true....pesty little gnats😜

Ahkilalah : I'm not even southern, but I just love this channel!!!! So underrated! Great, hilarious content, and every video is just so well done.

Southern Girl Jess : SO TRUE! I have issues with these things when the humidity is up! Also, mosquitos love me and oh how I could smack every single one! Good y'all, love the content!

Kristy Mankiller : Everyone who has posted a positive comment, I agree with you 1,000 fold! I live here in Arkansas, and "It's a Southern Thing" hits the nail right on the head! Thank y'all for being so entertaining! And if Talia Lin and Adam Schwartz aren't married in real life they should be! Cuz they are too damn cute together! Keep it up. Luv Y'all! ( no disrespect meant to the actor's real spouses)

Lina Blessed : Lol when they went inside

LeeLee 34 : Oh so true. You just forgot a few things, the gnat in the eye, the gnat in the back of your throat and some one with the brilliant idea that "SSS" (skin so soft) will keep them away but instead they just stick to you.

Hannah H : It's been a hard day, and your video helped a lot. Those guys are annoying, but not as much as... _Mosquitoes_ !!!

Melody M : Oh my gosh, I love your videos so much!!! Please keep them coming, they are awesome! So creative and funny and truuuuuuue

john morgan : Realistic sound, combined with physical real life portrayal of how annoying they are! Great job again, thumbs up from UK again, y'all ☺

VirginiaGirl 66 : They are attracted to me for some reason. They swarm all around my head, I hate it!

daddyquatro : Haven't laughed that hard in a long time! Thank you.

Hannah Buc***** : From the uk but I still love ya'll

Lyn Caho : Lol so true! Only thing missing is the mosquitoes!!! ❤👏👏👏👍👌

Z file Not found : I remeber one day in 6th grade when I lived in Florida I had to walk home and gnats were literally EVERYWHERE. It wasnt your usual clump of gnats there was so many spread out. You had to run with a book covering your face. It was the worst.

Wayne Essar : Exceptionally good one! Such wonderful gnats! I enjoyed all your other creations but this one is something special.

EchoTheAnimal Lover : Soooo true!!!!!!! I feel like I can never go anywhere without seeing those blasted gnats!!!! Y’all, call in the back up.


Ivie Brooks : Why is this so accurate? Gnats are terrible.

Perfect Timing : Amazing bravo KEEP up the great work


Debi Lee : That is just hilarious and so true!

Alexis Ford : Gnats don't know when to leave people alone, but at least a lot of them are slow enough that you can catch them in your hand.

hidough shiesty : Turns out gnats just reached up here in hudson minnesota....

Christina Jackson : This is my favorite video on YouTube. Makes me smile every time I play it. ☺️

Linda Brown : Thank you so much for another good laugh!

Marjorie Donnett : I'm originally from the South, but to me, no insect is as horrible as a mosquito. I lived in Minnesota for 17 years, so I know what I'm talking about!

e greenie : 😂

Kevin Koch : FIRST

C Gibbs : I think this is my favorite video from y’all so far!

Chase Lewis : Sup

Family Boggs : Last time I was this early Kylie Jenner was still pregnant

Uriah Romero : 5th view, 3rd comment

Rogelyn Jingco : I love how I can actually relate to these videos now because I've moved to Texas. XD

AbigailR84 : The best one yet! Hilarious!!

Jume Mowery : I love the gnats on the car!!!

morikahjo : The gnats, the bees, the wasps, the beetles, the dragonflies, and every other damn things xD The mosquitoes!

WolfDragon and BritishBanana : Way to true the worst is when you accidentally breathe one in and can’t stop sneezing too get it out

Ben Vasilinda : So it’s Amazons fault the nats keep getting into our homes.

Carmen Xerxes : Made my day! But hell, being in Savannah, GA, we get sand gnats. Not only do they come in swarms but they actually bite you for your blood like mosquitoes!

Gabi Zee : why are these vids not more popular??

TdizzPlayzZ : So true

Dayton Cramer : I’m from Wisconsin and I still love this channel and the gnats are terrible up here too

Random Person : I lose my shit at the wine scene

FlyingMustaches - : In North Carolina we got the fuzzy little white gnats that just float around like pollen