Key & Peele - Pawn Shop

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Erica Lin : “Merry Christmas!” “’s April.” I LOVE THESE TWO 😂😂😂

Fandom girl : Is it me or are key and Peele randomly popping up in my suggestions?

TheDanielmeeks : Key and Peele - the Power of Wings season 3 episode 11 which dates back to 2013. Clip was taken at 16:40 on the full episode.

Coe T. : "Do you have the top half of a knight in armor..." "First of all it's called a suit of armor." "Yup that's right that's what I meant to say." "We have one but it's-" "OHH!!"

kalcubemaster : after 6 months? GODDAMMITTT THIS IS NICE !

8mmKyle : Oh... I thought it was gonna end with him telling his nephew and grandma that he couldn't get them the bow and arrow and zip line they wanted : Nice ending. *It's April :-)* Comedy at it's best. All the time he was shopping for Christmas, while it's April :-)

Q U A C K : Thanks for the idea... watch the news on the next couple of days

THOTH : I think there should be a whole movie devoted to this character

The Common Advisor : Clearly The owner is in the “sunken place”....listen to the bell on the door 😱🤣

Andrew Nazmi : Was peele channeling kevin spacey? 😂

Flex Piper : I still don't see why he treated him like that.. He was just doing some Christmas Shopping.

Tcc : Who else wanted to see him actually attempt it?

toasty lemons : "One of those big bank safes?" "NO!...I don...I don't know....Yeah, yeah?"😂😂😭

Merc Valid : Who else missed these key and peels videos🔥😭

TheAfricanRedHead : You guys got bows and arrows? Yeah. You have something explosive? .... 😂😂😂

Eyema Duhmass : 2:36 Did anybody else picture each scenario while Peele was saying it?

Shione Cooper : *"Thwarted Terrorist Attack"* Is what Jordan's newspaper says at the end 😂🤣

Zakari : Honestly, disappointed. Built up all that suspense for nothing.

James Senor : I cant appreciate this because this is literally copying the "Do you do poison?" Bruiser sketch....

Austen Summers : It’s Christmas when a new Key & Peele vid comes out

Leonidas Charamis : 2:36 I thought he was telling him the plan so the guy could rob the bank. Guess not though.......Merry April everyone!

I.R. Azzam : reminds me of "Shopping for the Dark Brotherhood"

matt0753 : Reno 911's hypothetical criminal has aged very poorly.

Respect Waman : I'll buy it for a high price

Neurotripsicks : Ahh yes I also do my Christmas shopping at a pawn shop

Ddos Dragon : This reminds me of David Mitchell's library skit.

Trinidad Ogas : I was picturing the mob scene from the dark knight

TheDanielmeeks : This episode came out back in 2013.

SaturdayNightSamuel : Basically...”do you do poison”

Ryan Ito : “I’ll take my chances...with Christmas!” 😂😂😊

AgentMcQueen : Their own channel? *YEAAAHHHH!*

Chicken Guru : Do you do poison?

Alex Morton : wish everyone who sold weapons was this smart and diligent.

DIX FOR DONIE : Haha funny

MandemJNR : *How do Key & Peele suit every role they play. I still think Meegan’s a real woman* 👀

Paint_It_Red 034 : Oh yea yea

MysteriousHood : Never thought I'd take the time to actually watch a 3 minute ad, this was halarious

Lyro92 : Not really funny.. He should have ended by telling him it would be easier just to blow into the buildings side with these, and give him some explosives. Or we find out he wasn't really planning any of that.

Daniel Seglsten : oh yeah yeah

Silver Lining : Love these two men. They can literally pull off any characters.

Any And Everything : Either of them could literally play as anyone

hdmat101 : It's April and not Christmas 😂😂😂

Rolling Ormond : Like a MAGA guy going shopping...

ImChrisDuke : junk

rajwashot : I was hoping at the end we'd see his grandma playing with a zipline, his newphew playing with the bow and arrow.

Ladykyra101 : Etcetera and what not...🤣🤣🤣! Keegan's expression at 2:26! 😂😂😂

rwest1833_MGTOW : "I'll take my chances...... *with Christmas* 😂😂😂

Gravity Shock : I was thinking it was gonna be a plot twist! Where the man working there wouldn’t let him buy the items! Because, he thought he was gonna rob a bank! But in reality the Costumer was actually trying to buy these items for his family. Which unfortunately didn’t happen lmao.... If ya kno what I mean?! 🤫🤔