Scientology's music is crazier than Scientology itself

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Comments from Youtube

omgsolikevalleygirl : stop calling Scientology a "religion" - it's a criminal and abusive mafia-like scam business. Only calls itself a religion because of the tax/legal benefits.

Black Death 1347 : Their music gives me erectile dysfunction.

111455 : the sound track of mental illness

Raymond Miller : I would rather listen to Cthulu chants 😂

Michael Parker : I still haven't decided if Scientology is a real or a troll religion.

mwarnken1234 : when i was a teen i wandered into a scientology office in our town just out of curiosity and naively signed up... the next day my older brother, who was much more interested in picking on me usually, took me down there and ripped them a new ass and demanded my name be taken off their list... i was baffled, but was fine with it because it wasn't anything more than a lark to me, i didn't know! lol! i will always be grateful to my jerky older bro for that, in spite of the endless teasing and sibling garbage...

Disquietude : I just had my ears surgically removed

brubeck_108 : science fiction writer , says it all.

European Ünity World Wide : Satan has a voice now in my head and it’s L Ron Hubbard singing

boob72 : It's ear vomit...

Lovely Human : I've never cringed so hard in my life

P0WERHE4D : some insanely low notes sung by Hubbard

Troy Evitt : Mission Earth was funny as fuck. I have ZERO interest in Scientology, but Mission Earth had a Douglas-Adams-like quality to it.

Saturnine : LRH trolled the world. I almost want to tip my tinfoil hat.

Evel Spice : His music is a hit.......on a different planet!

H P : Wait..wait.. Was that a horse taking lead vocals?? Sweet!!

hatednyc : This is all horrible horrible music

Peeper McBeeper : 2:10 sounds like runescape

Spin-C TV ASMR : For anyone getting a Scientology ad before this video is; because whoever created and paid Google for the ad, selected 1 of 3 options Google offers, which would show the ad to only people who are looking at or searching something dealing with Scientology. The way Google knows what your looking at is based on the keywords in the metadata. So since Scientology is in the title, keywords, and description a ad plays about it since Scientology is creating and paying Google to play their ads on specific terms.

TheMotz55 : When I heard Hubbard in his own voice, I thought wow...he sounds like Sinatra after a drunken Vegas brawl. He should have been a member of the Rat Pack.

Chris Thomas : Scientology is a cult

Lord JeSith : Show me what you got. Scientologists turn up. Earth dies

Kenzye Davis : Scientology is the onision of religion

Raúl Pérez : To be honest the Apollo Stars were actually good

Dark Proud Boy 13 Set : Scientology is like shit ice cream, it might be wonderful, but I'll never try it.

HEY OTTO GREAT SONG * YEAH I WROTE IT MYSELF : BECK is related to L.Ron Hubbard. He even credits the COS symphony orchestra on one of his albums..

Ever Life : I accidently walked into the Church of Scientology and almost didn't make it out o.o

hold 'er Newt, shes rearin' ? : i hallucinating?

legolas76524 : Is the thumbnail a picture of John travolta? 😂 lmao

AntonioKowatsch : "The Road To Freedom" is actually a pretty good album. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jeff Bingaman : So you're telling me Robin Trower song Roads to Freedom is about Ron L Hubbard Scientology. I'm glad I think differently. I thought it was about getting rid of control like government religion popularity and whatnot

ponyphonic : ♪ Take the route... of auditing ♪ ... I don't even know how to respond to this.

You Know Those Dudes? : This music is the negative equivalent of kemotherapy

Nocturnal Neko : I went into ED and saw a quote from a Scientology interview, He was talking about hentai. This is real look it up.

James Hicks : I grew up in a Protestant Christian church in the US. I should also say that I don't have a background in Scientology. I am, however, a musician and to me, this music seems exactly the same level of sold out as 95% of Christian music. It's just an advertisement for a product. I'm not mad at it. I'm American. I love commercials but I do know one when I see it. Doesn't really matter if it's selling Jesus or Transformers. It's an advertisement. No more, no less.

Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin : @5:50 - Was that dude gently humping air while singing?

TheDarkXn : I am a Scientologist and this makes ME cringe.... P.S. We do NOT worship nor believe in this character named Xenu - after 16yrs in Scientology I still can't figure out where THAT rumour got started!

Jeremy Carnes : "Homophobic space cult" Hubbard was notoriously gay, dude.

Taina Amayi: She-Cries-Her-Songs : The music is like most sung by some pop artists, singing barely intelligible lyrics, but in this case promoting a dark, evil, exploitative cult, founded by a schizophrenic Navy veteran with a penchant for writing bad books, and pulling a "religion" out of dark pits of deviancies beneath the lowest levels of understanding.

Day Man : I think I saw the Appollo Stars play at Monsters of Rock in '86. They played after Scorpions and before Def Leppard.

joujou264 : Wait, Battlefield Earth was written by a Scientology dude? That explains why it's so awful.

Michael Gogick : So... gospel but funky, funky gospel, gospel funk. *Lightbulb*


Evan Wade : I watched at 1.5x speed and almost cracked a smile. I suspect, like Catholicism, Scientology is used by pedophiles... Thank you. Health, peace, love, truth, justice and liberty to and for all.

kung Few : I believe they use this music to torture prisoners at Gitmo!

theneedledrop : whaaaaaaaaa? thanks for this, sam.

Ilan Goldenberg : At first I was thinking to myself: "god bless anonymous". then, remembering we were talking about religion, I lol'd.

YO : Totally gay....

Dracopol : 3:50 L.Ron Hubbard's own voice! He sounds like Burl Ives doing the Grinch song...