Scientology's music is crazier than Scientology itself

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ponyphonic : ♪ Take the route... of auditing ♪ ... I don't even know how to respond to this.

Raúl Pérez : To be honest the Apollo Stars were actually good

Kenzye Davis : Scientology is the onision of religion

DharmaMidget : That horse song is fucking GOLD!

Evan Abbott : Oh my god...their music gives me the most uncomfortable feeling...

CurtisAlfeld : Scientology Rock "This next song is called "Drink the Kool Aid."

Honkyhomeboy5000 : so basicly Hubbard made his own religion got rich and took everybody for a ride . he still ain't got shit on Mohammed .

joseph stanton : this is a crazy persons religion

Ocodo : Rick and Morty feature more believable religions then this shit.

Longboard _Music_N64 : Lol Scientology is a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

theneedledrop : whaaaaaaaaa? thanks for this, sam.

Kelo gii : Creepy af

Harriet Hoyt : Can I say it's sounded really stupid? I mean I love music and this is by far the worst I have ever heard in my 27 years of being alive....I'm gonna go and listen to better music before my ears bleed XD awesome video though ^=^

Neil Henry : Lol these are the worst pieces of crap I've ever heard

Queef Micester : Scientologists are just trolls

Apsis Motion Pictures : Totally had an ad for Scientology play before this.

Jason Rotbergs : It's creepy

MeltedPearls : Doug E Fresh and Chef are dead to me now.

Gylden Glor : Scientology is the closest approximation to cancer in a macroscopic form.

Yah You ! : He was actually a black man, and his real name is L. Ron Hoyabembe

Scott Spencer : S P A C E J A Z Z

Brian Whatsun : Space jazz lol wtf

Timothy Lee : A better question is, "is any of that really music?"

09nedly09 : The early shit was Good!

Saturnine : LRH trolled the world. I almost want to tip my tinfoil hat.

troy rogalinski : W.t.f

William Calhoun : No better or worse than the Jesus People music from the '60's on. Wicca has had some pretty tacky stuff to. But guess it sounds different if you're a believer.

Disquietude : I just had my ears surgically removed

Daniel Alm : people are strange

Charles Harris : Did anyone else see a legit ad for scientology before this vid? lol

Akseli Ruokonen : well i like that im atheist

jennybugsification13 : 5:51 gratuitous junk thrust...

cross : So, if I break a window and use a long piece of glass to dig the insides out of my ears, will the pain stop? Or do I just have to swallow the glass and bleed out?

Thats Nodildo : it is as bad if not worse as Christian rock

S.A K. : Would be so cool to teleport all scientologist to the middle east,it would be cool to how the bs floats there lol

Michael Camarda : music doesnt start till 1:27. before that is just babble.

No No No No! : only good Scientologist musician is Beck

Greg Poen : Ectomorphs of Xenu... (Or whatever the fuck they're calling them) ATTACK!!

Hjärnan Masken : Poor people. All that wasted potential.

Anthony Goalsetter : L. Ron Hubbard reminds me of D. J. Trump in so many ways... as do the followers.

Dominik Hartung : After Listening to this I have to listen to Burzum!

Peeper McBeeper : 2:10 sounds like runescape

Jan Christian Frodahl : MEDIOCRE! MAL! MAL! NO ES BUENO!

Alan Postscript : 3:04 L. Ron's signature looks like Satan Hubbard lol.

Spin-C TV ASMR : For anyone getting a Scientology ad before this video is; because whoever created and paid Google for the ad, selected 1 of 3 options Google offers, which would show the ad to only people who are looking at or searching something dealing with Scientology. The way Google knows what your looking at is based on the keywords in the metadata. So since Scientology is in the title, keywords, and description a ad plays about it since Scientology is creating and paying Google to play their ads on specific terms.

THE KiNK TV SHoW : funny songs, im a scientologists, been one for years, its great, not a church member though, independent scientology is where its at

legolas76524 : Is the thumbnail a picture of John travolta? 😂 lmao

Hakim Abdul : Good music is a music that will always stuck in your head. Ugly music does. U see the point?

Opinunate ted : I want to put out a CD called "Cult classics." It would include some of this, plus songs from the people's temple, children of God, Harri Krishnas Charles Manson, moonies, and whenever else I can find.

Randy Kirkham : i hallucinating?