Scientology's music is crazier than Scientology itself

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theneedledrop : whaaaaaaaaa? thanks for this, sam.

Ly M : John Travolta let his son die because of this stupid religion.

brubeck_108 : science fiction writer , says it all.

omgsolikevalleygirl : stop calling Scientology a "religion" - it's a criminal and abusive mafia-like scam business. Only calls itself a religion because of the tax/legal benefits.

Black Death 1347 : Their music gives me erectile dysfunction.

111455 : the sound track of mental illness

mwarnken1234 : when i was a teen i wandered into a scientology office in our town just out of curiosity and naively signed up... the next day my older brother, who was much more interested in picking on me usually, took me down there and ripped them a new ass and demanded my name be taken off their list... i was baffled, but was fine with it because it wasn't anything more than a lark to me, i didn't know! lol! i will always be grateful to my jerky older bro for that, in spite of the endless teasing and sibling garbage...

Raúl Pérez : To be honest the Apollo Stars were actually good

Raymond Miller : I would rather listen to Cthulu chants 😂

Michael Parker : I still haven't decided if Scientology is a real or a troll religion.

Longboard_fixe_bike_619 _Music_N64 : Lol Scientology is a joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Disquietude : I just had my ears surgically removed

The Satyr : Thank God I'm an atheist

European Ünity World Wide : Satan has a voice now in my head and it’s L Ron Hubbard singing

CurtisAlfeld : Scientology Rock "This next song is called "Drink the Kool Aid."

Brian Whatsun : Space jazz lol wtf

Dominik Hartung : After Listening to this I have to listen to Burzum!

Shane Dickson : My plan in life is to get a job building a church without correct scaffolding permits so I can stage a fall injury and defraud the church for millions. After I get established in Aruba I'll go back to that church and do confession. The priest won't be able to tell anyone but he'll know, oh he'll know. I'll wait a few more years then buy the property next to the church and build a strawberry field that spans at least 2 Acres. The influx of berries will cause more air traffic from birds, making the church their new place of residency. It should only take a few months for the structural integrity to begin to give out, but the church with its lack of funds due to the lawsuit and legal fees will be unable to hire a new construction company to fix their problems. Angered by this the priest will surely take renovation into his own hands during his off hours, alone. Roughly a week into the repairs the priest will be on a leaning ladder, without a spotter, doing some minor paint work to cover the bird feces which have eroded the paint due to the increased acidity provided by the berries. I will then wait for him to climb a little too high to the point where the ladder is no longer stable. At that moment I will rush to his aid and save him from falling. He's sure to thank me and I will ask him "why didn't you hire a construction company?" he will respond "We cannot afford one due to your actions" I will respond with "that's a shame, this kind of work is so much safer with Scaffolding". At that exact moment I will put on sunglasses, knock over the ladder, and say "you gotta know when to hold em' and you gotta know when to Scaffold them, father". That's my goal. I got more father issues than a truck full of strippers. Were you satisfied with the ending of Shrek 2?

Meichel Jorden : sciencetology is catholism on meth. really dangerous cult

ponyphonic : ♪ Take the route... of auditing ♪ ... I don't even know how to respond to this.

boob72 : It's ear vomit...

P0WERHE4D : some insanely low notes sung by Hubbard

Spin-C TV ASMR : For anyone getting a Scientology ad before this video is; because whoever created and paid Google for the ad, selected 1 of 3 options Google offers, which would show the ad to only people who are looking at or searching something dealing with Scientology. The way Google knows what your looking at is based on the keywords in the metadata. So since Scientology is in the title, keywords, and description a ad plays about it since Scientology is creating and paying Google to play their ads on specific terms.

swindonbadger : There are places where only people of certain religion are allowed to go, I really hope we get a place on this earth where religious people can't enter in return , a safe haven from the lunatics ^^

Saturnine : LRH trolled the world. I almost want to tip my tinfoil hat.

Luka Music : Scientology music is as bad as Christian music

Chris Thomas : Scientology is a cult

Taina Amayi : The music is like most sung by some pop artists, singing barely intelligible lyrics, but in this case promoting a dark, evil, exploitative cult, founded by a schizophrenic Navy veteran with a penchant for writing bad books, and pulling a "religion" out of dark pits of deviancies beneath the lowest levels of understanding.

Peeper McBeeper : 2:10 sounds like runescape

Opinunate ted : I want to put out a CD called "Cult classics." It would include some of this, plus songs from the people's temple, children of God, Harri Krishnas Charles Manson, moonies, and whenever else I can find.

shuliun : It is a cult not religion

Twisted Prism : His music is a hit.......on a different planet!

hatednyc : This is all horrible horrible music

Lovely Human : I've never cringed so hard in my life

joujou264 : Wait, Battlefield Earth was written by a Scientology dude? That explains why it's so awful.

S.A K. : Would be so cool to teleport all scientologist to the middle east,it would be cool to how the bs floats there lol

John Smith : Every religion sounds just as insane when you say what it claims out loud (And the music always feels weird), and the only reason we know how goofy the founder of this particular religion was, is because he was alive in a time period when modern-level record-keeping and phone books, police records, photography, audio and video recording, public libraries, watch dog groups, and all the other documentation of today that we totally take for granted exists. Also the public is FAR more informed and savvy than anyone living around the time of the founding of other religions, which creates a resistance to scientology's new ideas. Imagine if we had any of this around Jesus's time. You'll notice that we don't know jack about him or what he was doing for 33 years before being executed. He just sort of appears and dies. Imagine if we could watch video of his parents and look at his birth certificate and what hospital he was born in or hear his real views (Not just the surviving writings of what his followers claimed his views were) on subjects in a podcast, and watch his interviews and even look at his school records (because if he were born today in a modern country, he'd have gone to school), etc. It's not surprising that we see scientology as a fraud, because when we think of its creator, we aren't using our child-brain imaginations. We see that he's a real person bound by reality. Not a childhood character in a storybook our mommy and daddy read to us, who has amazing powers and rules a magical kingdom in the sky and defends the world from an evil man who lives in the Earth. It's the same thing. We just think of it very differently.

Jan Christian Frodahl : MEDIOCRE! MAL! MAL! NO ES BUENO!

Alan O Brien : The toxic no sence of scientology makes high time to tax all religion out of financial existence

Kenzye Davis : Scientology is the onision of religion

BytemeVV - : Cringetology 🤪

James Hicks : I grew up in a Protestant Christian church in the US. I should also say that I don't have a background in Scientology. I am, however, a musician and to me, this music seems exactly the same level of sold out as 95% of Christian music. It's just an advertisement for a product. I'm not mad at it. I'm American. I love commercials but I do know one when I see it. Doesn't really matter if it's selling Jesus or Transformers. It's an advertisement. No more, no less.

No No No No! : only good Scientologist musician is Beck

Randy Kirkham : i hallucinating?

Federico Olivares : Whenever your religion begins with "created by science fiction writer...." that the cue to get out..

Victor PONCE : they need to commit mass suicide like the other cults. Hooray!

legolas76524 : Is the thumbnail a picture of John travolta? 😂 lmao

Rommel Fuentes : For our Lord Satan

Maria Ford : When Hubbard was singing, it was like the brown noise from South Park LOL😂

Frank Horrors : Scientology Is Cool.