Daniel and Depression

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Jac : It's odd to see Dan talking about something so serious, but important that he did

AlyssaMae : Anyone else just come back to this video when depression is getting you down? I've watched this quite a bit recently, it's comforting

starry grimes : oh yeah I’m depressed

HellOnEarth : As serious as this topic is, I love how friendly he's made the video. It's a terrible thing to have and talk about, but he makes the video..."fun"? It's not hard to watch or rough to listen to. It makes you understand his struggle and depression in an interesting and intriguing way. Thank you Dan.

karen dunn : I know no one will see this cause it's been 4 months,but I'm in an episode™ rn and jesus this hit home more than anything.

Pluekward Emz : Thanks for sharing that with us Dan. I’m really glad that your depression has improved over the years and I’m also really proud of you for sharing such an emotional part of your life with us. Love you Dan.

Sophia Kleven : you may say he's a Night Howell.

laniefalls : i love you

figure skater sandi : I'd go to your laptop party...

Maddy Kent : Dans LED board has world mental health day written on it😊

based upon the picture of me yesterday. : "Don't worry, he won't be offended. He's dead." wOW wAY tO LIgHTEN uP tHE mOOD


Merry Lake : Don’t worry he won’t be offended - oh good He’s dead - nooo dan

N o : Does anyone else watch this video every time you have a depressive episode?

Orinta Staskonytė : Tbh I’d rather tell people I don’t know that I’m depressed than my friends or family..

Abby : Thanks for sharing this with us, Dan. I had clinical depression throughout high school, and it's comforting to see people succeed in life despite everything in the midst of or after depression.

James Fleming : I wanna comment something but I have no words to say about this but thanks dan 🖤

EpicCatt : i keep coming back to rewatch this video because it’s the only depression video thats actually pretty funny and doesn’t make me feel worse.

Here comes The sun doo doo : I'm stuck with my phone because it takes away my thoughts .-.

Alicia Kitchens : no showed up for my laptops birthday party either...

Arooba xxx : Thank you Dan ♥️ this is so true bless

Raluk En : I have never experienced any type of depresive episodes, I am literally the positivity itself, but I know people who suffer from depression and it really is a tough thing. I'm so glad and proud of you that you overcome this! Thank you for this video, for giving others and example and courage to talk about it! We love you Dan! Always remember that! You are not alone! Not even in that f*cked up hole.

Blake Weaver : Also “Morld Wental Health Day” in the background?

Tehreem Edit’s : I don’t know if Dan will see this. But you helped me to be open about my vulnerabilities. Because of you, on Friday I went to seek advice from a school counsellor and today I went to the doctors and was diagnosed. Things are getting better. Thank you so much. I love you.❤️

Layla person : Thank you so much for this video dan it caused one of my best friends to tell me and her family about her self harm and that’s how they found out about her depression. All I can say is thanks.

Uh Idk : *Seriously though I like Daniel anyway and EVERYWAY*

Shaley : Thank you!! I am so proud that you have managed to say about it because we all joke around but something serious like this shows exactly why you are my idol x💖

TIRAMCAT : I have a friend WHO I thought was really happy but then ONE day during Our school break When we Eat lunch, he Pulled down his sleave AND SHOWED me cuts AND bruses all over his arm... He started texting me in the middle of the night sending me photos of HIM harming himself AND i was scared for his life. He told me that I couldn’t TELL anyone BUT I WASNT HAVING ANY OF IT . I told his parents (wich Are divorced WITH makes iT even more sad) AND he started talking TO a therapist ABOUT iT.... Well Thats MY story I asked IF I could post this AND he sead Yes so Its fine❤️ Dont mension MY shitty English, Im Dutch😂 Love, Marit

Yoongi Three Dollar Swag : I don't know if I'm depressed. It sounds silly but I literally don't know how I feel. I always feel so empty but there are times when I can be the happiest person and then I fall back into a dark hole moments later. I never tell anyone because I feel like half of me is just making an excuse and I don't want to worry others with nonsense. I know no one at all will read this but it helps to get this off my chest. Thank you Dan💜

Greengiraffes 128 : The sign in the background says "World wental health day"

casuallydione : thank you

Ruby Bodle : I’ve felt like this for about 6 months and I didn’t think it was anything until I saw this video. Thanks so much for making this video so I can understand a bit more about it. I haven’t been wanting to get up, and I’m just drained of all happiness and energy and I just don’t want to do anything. I haven’t felt as though I could tell anyone, because I feel as though people will just say, “Yeah, I get sad too,” and not really get that I’m not sad, I’m not anything. I’m just empty. I have had suicidal thoughts and just thought “Why am I alive if I feel no will to be?” But you inspired me to talk to my best friend about how I feel, and she was so nice and listened to what I said so I feel like I might be able to tell people what’s happening in my mind. Thank you so much for helping me understand what’s happening. 😊😊

Dan and Phil Edits : I’m 13 and I also go through depression and u make me feel much happier but when it gets worse sometimes I just don’t move for ages and before I didn’t eat for 2 weeks and I didn’t talk to anyone 😭😭😭💖💖💖🖤🖤🖤 I ALWAYS USED TO GET BULLIED EVERYDAY TOO AND I STILL DO BUT NO ONE GIVES A CRAP 💩🖤🖤💖💖😭😭😭😭

Vaishnavi Vanteru : I have ADD. And recently it has been making life hell again because my medication dosage isn’t enough for me now and I’m really stressed and lost, I have really low self esteem and have a constant sad feeling. It’s like eighth grade all over again. I know this comment won’t be noticed but if you happen to read it what gets me through is trying to stay calm and not freak out because people are people and sometimes the world seems to be against you but really it’s just you fighting against yourself and your own thoughts towards things that occur. Changing you mindset changes everything. Love and positivity always wins ❤️

Tyler Hodnett : I think I should see a therapist

Minty Bliss : Love you Dan 💛💛💛 this video was lighthearted and did a great job explaining such a serious topic

Katja U : Hey Dan. I know that it's been months since you posted this video and you probably won't see this but I feel like I have to put this out there. First of all I'm so proud of you for sharing your story. Thank you. You may not be able to singlehandedly cure mental illnesses but just making this video has helped so many people including myself. I'd known for a while that I'm in a really good mental state, I mean I knew I didn't have a mental illness, but only after watching your video did I get "inspired" (if i can say that idk english isn't my first language) to tell my mum to ask a psychotherapist if I could have therapy. And now a few months later I've had therapy three times and I already feel better (it could be placebo but who cares as long as i'm better), it feels really great to talk some things out. So yeah. Thanks again. Hope you're doing well.

ImJustMeh : I went to three different psychologist and 5 therapists all diagnosed me with depression.starting meds soon.. this video really helps

Weirdo SW : At least you make me laugh cuz I'd rather be on the internet than be at school. I literally spent three hours at my friend's house to avoid my dad. Unfortunately, you can't stay here forever...

another person in a fandom : When Youtubers talk about their mental health issues it makes me feel less alone. Edit: (Sorry if this seems cheesy)

smøl acc : dan you helped me go through years of depression

Ella Maynard : who the hell are the 1K that disliked this video?!? i will find you.

102 M views : hey broo I am suffering from depression.....,.

Dan trash #1 : Okay, so I am twelve and I have severe depression and anxiety, so bad that I tried to kill my self and when I saw this, I cried and was amazed that I wasn't alone. I love you so much, keep going. And I'm actual garbage❤️❤️

bakax satomi : Im crying right now... I watch this video again and again anddd ı cry

Phanisjesus : I can only imagine that Phil enjoyed pouring popcorn on your face

Abigail Murray : I don't know... But basically I've had surgery on my spine and my recovery time is 6 weeks and not all my friends aren't talking to me except my boyfriend and my 3 good friends . I feel isolated I cry at nights cause no one is talking to me. They are all ignoring me. Even though I can go outside and sit in my wheelchair. I don't want to. I want to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix. If u do get any visitors I want to turn them away. My mam suffers from many mental illnesses Am I depressed?? Or just sad

in a tree : Bless your soul, I started crying because I related so hard

sasha chisholm : Hey Dan, I hope you’re doing well

aimee warner : i always feel upset for no reason at all and when people ask why i say im tired then their like oh get more sleep then its like well i get enough sleep and tbh im not actually tired AND I JUS IDK WHY IM UPSET but no one understands and jus aghhhhhhhhhhhh