Daniel and Depression

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Minty Bliss : Love you Dan 💛💛💛 this video was lighthearted and did a great job explaining such a serious topic

depressedshadowed yeemo : I understand Dan...i have issues with mental health and I'm not gonna say it all ways gets better because it doesn't it's bullshit but there are good days and we have to acknowlege them and not see ourselves and lives as one massive failure

Randy Gutierrez : I think most YouTubers take a light sense about this but his words are having a huge impact in a positive way he's helping more people than he thinks Update: I'm crying

The Lost Marauder : I feel a bit better watching this...thank you Dan.

I LOVE PHAN!!!! ! : Dan: *Don't worry he won't be offended. He's dead.* Me: *laughs* Me: *What the actual hell is wrong with Me?!?!?!*

Arooba xxx : Thank you Dan ♥️ this is so true bless

Rosie Stephens : D stands for ... Dan Depression Dominos And DEATH

Dani Raine : Daniel James mother fucking Howell. Thank you💙 seriously.

Madilyn Elizabeth : “your father” “what?” “it’s your dad” “no-“ “yep it’S YoUr *DaDdY* ” it’s kinda funny cause it really was my dad lol

SepticLee : Dan is such a night Howell.....I'll go home..

Spookey Kid : Thank you for sharing this with us, Dan. I understand how it feels to go through depression and it’s not good. I’m happy you’ve got help :)

Random Awkward Person : I can’t help but cry every time I watch this because he finally put it into words

Allison Kitaguchi : I really needed this today. Thank you for sharing this, Dan

storm johnson : Doctor: “I think u may be depressed” Dan: “mmm really ok well I think I can deal with it” *Realizes he can’t deal with it* Dan: “I cannot deal with it”

Jessisverytired : If you're going through something involving mental health, just know that everyone loves you and believes in you! Get well soon fren <3

Diego Rodriguez : "why....and how, I'm inside?" 😂😂😂

Anna Elizabeth Swanner : Why is the food thing so true for me?

Dalien -Human Disguise- : Whoever disliked this is an a hole

Rebecca Von Bruchhaeuser : My whole life is “Rebecca we think you might have issues with depression and anxiety” and my mom going “no the fuck she don’t”

red_sun_dad : “extend your spine dan” my favorite quote ever said by amazingphil

Bria Penn : I swear I started drowning in tears hearing Dan’s story. Keep smiling Dan! You’re doing great things for the world.

Lyne : I really really want to see a video on therapy tbh

notanotherfangirl : Video suggestion: Eating Disorders. Only if you want to but I know a lot of people who struggle with this and could use some advice! <3

Larry Johnson : Everytime I'm depressed, I go to that video. (And talk to my good friends)

Virgile Rider : It sounds like you have functioning depression. You can go out and function like a “normal” human being but still feel very depressed. I have FD (functioning depression) and clinical depression so I know where you are coming from in this video.

mimiHTcat : i'm in tears, thank you so much for sharing this with us. it takes a lot of courage to be this vulnerable so thank you thank you thank you.

Magi Williams : "I will run you the SICKEST bubble bath"

AhNoPos Dinosaurio : Being depressed in a third world country when people aren't so open about this things... doesn't help much.

The Angel Lucifer : I tried telling my mom I was depressed and she told me not to joke about it and started listing off her problems and saying they were my problems too. How do I explain to her that I'm not joking about this?

MaeTheSavage : *yup, yA dADdY*

Sara Troskot : Everyone who feels like that, you are not alone, good luck <3

dan’s kneecap : we watched this in health class and it made me happy☺️

Paige Mcavoy : Please can you make a video about uoir experiencea with therapy because im starting it soon and im v scared

a e s t h e t i c Boi : Can you please make a video about therapy? My mom has been wanting me to go back to therapy because it's 'good for me' but I just couldn't get it to work for me when I first tried it. Maybe if you could explain more about it so that me and other people thinking about therapy could understand it and be more comfortable it could help other people too? By the way, I love your videos and I really enjoyed this one and I think it helped a lot of people understand what you fought through. Thank you for reading, Dan :) <3

A Commenter : So uh Dan... I dunno the symptoms of depression but to be honest I hate myself, I think I'm not good enough and I've been considering self harm all because of school. In school I do metalwork but it is horrible, it has made me consider self harm and I've been close to doing it because of metalwork. I am so bad at metalwork that I really hate myself for it, I need to get away from that toxic subject in school but I can't because I'm 14 and it's a whole 3 years until I can leave something that makes me actually consider self harm. The teacher is sexist and hates me because I'm bad at the subject. All of this makes me really want to... what do I do in this situation? I need a therapist but I'm 14 and I am not telling my parents no matter what nor am I telling the school counseler because they will tell my parents. I really need to know what to do and the internet is the only place where people won't tell my parents.

ihavesomanysubscriberscauseofmylongchannelname : proud of you for making this❤

jdcupcake 040904 : So I’m 13, and I think I’m depressed. The way Dan described his depression is almost exactly like how I’ve been feeling. I would have depressive episodes about once a week, but I’ve been in this consistent low mood for almost two months now. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve become suicidal and self-harmed. I didn’t think life was worth living anymore and, as a result, I now have a scar on my arm that will remind me of this for the rest of my life. I have spoken to my friends, parents and members of school staff about it, so I’m trying to get help, and hopefully I will go to my schools Student Nurse to see what’s up. My only concern is that, because I’m 13 and my hormones are everywhere, I will be told that I’m fine and that it’s all apart of growing up, but I feel as if it’s more than that. In the meantime though my teachers are going to monitor me to see how I’m doing and see if there’s anything they can do. I’m getting help, and that never would’ve happened if I didn’t open up about my mental health, and I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have opened up about my mental health if it wasn’t for you Dan, so thank you. You are helping me get better. You are helping so many people get better. Thank you thank you thank you!! Please keep raising the awareness of mental health, and keep being awesome!! ❤️❤️❤️ (Ps- see you and Phil in London for II!! Hopefully I will be in a better mental state there, even if it’s just the slightest change)

Nixon Lewis : I like memes wanna be friends

Theatric_Musician : I'm always coming back to this video. Thank you again Dan. I'm not diagnosed with depression but I'm diagnosed with three different types of anxiety. It's being ruling my life for as long as I can remember and I experience mental health issues differently than you, but it's nice to see someone who I look up to share their story. I've always been told to hide my experiences with anxiety or else people will hate me, but seeing how someone can openly share and have such a positive response is so touching. Thank you Dan, thank you so much. I'm in theatre and it's really emotionally involved but I spoke up about my anxiety and everyone has been so supportive. A bunch of people have their own struggles and I even feel my anxiety being less scary because I'm acknowledging it and people know I'm working through it. I actually use to pass out because my anxiety is so bad and I haven't passed out in months. The simple action of discussing my anxiety has made it less scary and is helping me work through it. So thank you. Honestly, I can't thank you enough. I really look up to you even more now. I'm glad you have people who are there for you.

Savanna Universe : I will find and murder the people who disliked

Alice K : *Seriously though I like Daniel anyway and EVERYWAY*

Holly Thomason : I watch this whenever it gets particularly bad, it helps, thank you

Libby Abadee : Thank you so much Dan for sharing your story! 💛 you honestly have made me feel like I am not insane, that it’s completely normal. I am still on the path to getting better thank you for being so honest. Love you always Dan. 💛💛💛 Libs xox

Jay is pan : I relate to this video so much I want to go to therapy and I asked my mom but she just kept asking why I don't want to give her my self digonious. I don't know what to do if anyone has any advise please let me know.

KillingItz Freya : It’s ok dan, I suffer depression 💖

smøl acc : dan you helped me go through years of depression

Annabel Lundgren : I don't know if you know how much this video helps people... I can't breath right now. Because of anxeity. Thank you for this video. It helps. Hope U are well. 💕🥕

ChelseaHague : Im depressed, so this helped me out Thanks Dan!!!

Kaneki Ken : I've never been diagnosed with depression but I think that I have it. Almost everything Dan says that he feels when he's depressed, I think on a regular basis.

Aaliyah Monson : This was great!!! I feel like I can open up more now too my therapist I have depression/anxiety and I'm suicidal (I'm also only 11 which sucks sometimes)