Daniel and Depression

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AndCrapLikeThat -GGA_13 : This is exactly how I feel. I cut myself and my mom made me go to parkwood. I'm out now, but I'm not better. You'll get thru this. I love you! My antidepressants are shit! I have anxiety! I talk to my crush when I get depressed! I exercise a lot and my body is constantly in pain because of it! Wohoooooo! 😒

Sadie Degroot-Henderson : Here for you, buddy! Totally know how I feel cuz I'm practically going through the same thing.

no - thank : thank you for sharing this with us ^^

Tilly Kenny : Where. The. Fuck. Is. Spooky. Week?

Tucker Doom : I love you Dan!

Tom-A D-d-d : Dan, youre not alone.... I feel the same, but I feel much pain, I keep most of the pain outside by being numb....

Rachel Walker : I've been avoiding this video cause I didn't want to cry and I didn't want to notice things about myself or something I honestly don't know but I'm here and he said he'd make it funny right can't be too bad...... Edit: I was wrong

superwholockphan : i wish you luck on your journey Dan💜

Fandoms : You've inspired me to take a long, warm shower, draw/ listen to music, and just sit back and continue on YouTube xoxo

Elisa Valeska : I am actually in tears. I'm so proud of you Dan for doing this. It's really brave to talk about your illness like this. It touched me.

The Otp Sailor : I want to watch this video so much but because I am currently struggling with my mental health I try to only see, read and hear as many happy things as I can and just surround myself with positivity as much as I hate it

Zorro Zaki : How do you know if you need help?

Bryoni Carter : this has has answered the question I have wondered since I was 6 me: ugh friend:whats wrong me:i just cant think of a logical explanation of why dan never uploads, its been six years and I just don't know. friend: oh just watch his new video. me: ARE YOU SERIOUS AND HE SHOULD HAVE UPLOADED THIS 6 FUCKIN YEARS AGO THIS HAS PUT ME IN PHYSICAL DESPASPERATION. friend: your over exaggerating me: I am aren't I

JosieAndTheMagnificent : I put off watching this because I was afraid of it being any form of mirror. I also needed to watch this. Thank-you.

Lightning Gal : Hey Dan, Deppression sucks! I agree!

Nat : I love you

Finlay Dunsmore : “Struggling with my identity” dan?

Livvy Cooper : Be strong Danny <3

Sherya Thakur : ExtEnD yOuR spIne DAn

Mayakibz Macay : I have anxiety

celesti03 : some people think you can just crack a joke and depression just disappears lol

harper h : my BABY BOY this is so. good and it makes me so happy that you’re talking about it 💖💖💖

Reka Manton : this entire video is a Big Mood (I don't think I have clinical depression but I do have ADHD which comes with Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria which was formerly known as Atypical Depression so every once in a while someone does or says something which almost certainly means nothing but my brain interprets it as They Hate You Now and i just get depressed for anywhere from a few hours to a few days) but yeah therapy and medication is the shit man

spiralluv9797 : Watching this made me acknowledge that I have had/still have depressive periods. Im in an ok spot right now but I can feel myself slipping slightly... Im going to see if I can find myself a therapist..Thanks Dan

NeonSkittlezXD : Its okay. I am a furry too xD

Honey Boi : I hate when people are like “why be depressed, life is amazing!” Like oh yeah Johnny you’re right, why didn’t I think of that before, my depression is cured!

Kylee Shea : you are such a wonderful human and im so glad you shared your story. it helps to know that im not alone in this struggle, wishing you the best. <3

Sarcastic_realistic_nerd johnson : I personally am not depressed or maybe I am but who knows. I have a friend who is and I am there when she needs me and when they don't want to talk I'll just sit there with them in silence because she says even without me talking just my presence helps.

dark rose of shadow : i just witched from escitalpram to latuda because i have depression and anxiety and you have no idea how happy it made me to see this video. no offence but im pretty sure many of us could tell you werent the happiest all the time dan. we love you anyways honestly.

Bridget Boyle : I'm scheduling my first therapy appointment, after watching this. Thank you.

Shauna O Brien : World mental health day in the background

Rose Lumpkin : I just started therapy. Watching this video made me gain some hope. Thank you Dan

J Will : I have had generalized anxiety (passed down from my moms side) for about two years now which at times can cause me to be depressed as well. It really sucks, but I'm currently on medications and I am soon starting therapy. If you do have any sort of anxiety or depression, please talk to a parent, a doctor, a friend, whatever. It's a terrible thing to deal with a mental illness by yourself and having a support system and someone to vent to will help, even if just slightly.

Gabrielle Rader : "D stands for: Depression and Domino's!"--- he forgot Dan.

The ASMR Rose : Can you please do a video on therapy?

Nadia Tenorio : Last year I was dignosed with clinical depression, I can say that I'm able to deal with it, but I do have depressive episodes. I showed this video to my mom, who has supported me since the begining, but I always sensed that she didn't quite get it. And at the end she told me: "I understand you so much better now. I thought you were faking it, when you told me that you felt bad 'cause with your meds you should be fine by now" (I've been on meds for a year now) So thank you, Dan. You helped me, and I won't ever forget that.

Katherine Hernandez : i love this video.

Jess P : Very proud of you for sharing Dan, video was pretty inspiring and it's nice to see how many people are relating to this video and getting help from it. I myself suffer not from depression but from OCD and BPD and I've recently just been reaching out for help and getting CBT therapy and on medications. Thank you for the video.

Native Barney : My therapist “you’ve been feeling depressed.. there must be a reason” Me “I don’t know the reason.. I’m just depressed” Him “there has to be a reason think” Me “-inside- I don’t need a reason you’re a therapist you should know how some people have depression -outside- I don’t know” My therapist thinks I don’t need therapy anymore but right now my life’s getting worse and he’s like “you’re good” I had to rant I’m so sorry bye ✌🏻

Random Ranters : I don’t know why but I actually felt pain when Dan actually talks about his depression seriously because it makes me realise this isn’t a joke (as he normally shows it in a jokey way) and it hurts to know what he’s been through 😢

UselessDood : I'm so tempted to send this to my parents (or at least part of it)

LadyPennyroyal : as a counselor currently working in a residential facility, there are a million and one things i could say. but all i really WANT to say is this: i love you, dan. and i'm so SO proud of you for getting the help you needed. it takes courage to ask for help. and... yeah... we love you... and junk. lol

T.Kai : Not even a minute in and im so so so glad Dan covered this

JustBekah : Thank you for sharing this. It gave me the push to go seek help

YurioDaFurio WOOP : I’m not even surprised, your personality is similar to mine, and I have (and still am) suffered depression. I’ve seen it happen to many too, like people have now realized how amazing like is, and gotten ready to be as weird as is physically possible And I can relate to literally everything here, especially the bed, food, and head part *coughs* Yes Good amounts of sleep *browses memes instead*

Taylor Lowenstein : i think i might have depression and anxiety, and im going to see someone and talk about it. thank you so much for sharing, dan. <3

Seraphina Edan : Thank you for sharing this with us Dan. I’m glad to know you’re doing better in terms of handling your depression. This really helped me with thinking of my own mental health, and going to a therapist and possibly going onto medication. It helps knowing that someone I’ve looked up to for a few years now has gone through similar experiences. ❤️

TheTechnista : I'm happy to see you opening up about this. I know it can be difficult to do, especially getting help for it.

Elise Tibbits : Thank you

Bleach PlEAsE : The way that I look at life is that I was just born, and yes sometimes I do get very, very sad but that's the way life is