Daniel and Depression

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Pluekward Emz : Thanks for sharing that with us Dan. I’m really glad that your depression has improved over the years and I’m also really proud of you for sharing such an emotional part of your life with us. Love you Dan.

laniefalls : i love you

Phils Eyelash : I'd like to think Phil is like the ray of hope to all of us, especially to Dan.

Salty Satan : Thank you

panic! At the ladydoor : This video has been so helpful for me as someone who suffers from depression and general axienty dan has convinced me to restart therapy and I am feeling so much better Dan has helped me so much I am glad to see he is feeling better he deserves the world he has saved hundreds if not thousands of lifes including mine

Abby : Thanks for sharing this with us, Dan. I had clinical depression throughout high school, and it's comforting to see people succeed in life despite everything in the midst of or after depression.

Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen : Love he doesnt even go outside for the bird poop clip

DaughterofHades _13 : I honestly love how he was talking about something very serious and personal but still had a lot of humor. the skits killed me.

Paige : You helped me a lot Dan. Thanks💖

DaughterofHades _13 : When he said he suffered from depression, I no joke dropped my phone on my face.

Uh Idk : *Seriously though I like Daniel anyway and EVERYWAY*

BulletproofBeardScouts : D stands for: Dan and the daddy kink

Soof : god bless him

FaiFai : Please make the video about therapy. I'm seeing a therapist for the first time next week.

BurgerBandit : The worst part is when you start feeling okay during the day and think you might be getting better and then night rolls around and you go right back to square one.

nepenthe. : "Don't worry, he won't be offended. He's dead." wOW wAY tO LIgHTEN uP tHE mOOD

Gäy Cactus : D~ Depression A~ And N~ Nando’s

kira steiner : *immediately falls in love with everything about Daniel Howell* wat?

Laura Porter : Dan you should be so proud of yourself

MelSpire : I watch this whenever I feel really depressed and it helps me so much when I’m like about to break down so ty

Arooba xxx : Thank you Dan ♥️ this is so true bless

Aisha Rawat : "Don't worry, he won't care. He's dead.. "

Derp The Cringe Attack : I have depression and a lot of my friends have depression or are depressed, so when they say 'i want to die' or 'I hate life' people-including me-say 'no don't say that' or 'you have so much to live for!' But when I say stuff like that people-including my friends' say 'cool' or 'me too!' Because they don't care or are saying 'me too!' Because that want to relate. So everyday I fall deeper and deeper into that hole Dan was talking about and I can't tell anyone because they wouldn't care or i wouldn't feel comfortable telling them. If you read all of this thank you

ItsRainingEmilys : Your depression is very similar to mine and I'm glad you shared this and I'm glad that you made this, its relatable and makes me feel not alone.

kylie your queen : dan is wearing the shirt phil wore when they switched clothes in the new video "giving the people what they want"

Jamie M : "mm really okay well i think i can deal with it"....."i cannot deal with it" spot on

Flox Talk : Can I gat a hug.

4.05 through teary eyes : Have you ever dealt with self harm or suicidal thoughts? If you have could you please make a video. If you don’t mind. It would make a lot of us feel better. I’m particularly depressed these times, I was 3months clear of cutting and I relapsed. Watching your videos is one of the only thing that make me feel good. Keep up the good work. And by the way, I know when you are depressed you don’t think as normally would, still, remember we all love you so much and you helped a lot of us. You are one of the reasons I’m alive, Thank you ❤️

TheCrazyUnicornFan 2 : It's ok Dan we love you ❤

casuallydione : thank you

Allyson Alzate : People keep on telling me that I have depression, but then they tell me again that you don’t have depression so now I don’t know what to think.

Gabby C. : *Extend your spine Dan!*

R : i was holding back my tears until he said "it's not cool or mysterious" people always told me that and some say i should be proud of it because i can keep my feelings idk why they would say that as a good thing when im suffering

Jessaphant05 Goers : Because of how much I relate, I want to lay on the floor with you. WE CAN CRY TOGETHER

Jac : It's odd to see Dan talking about something so serious, but important that he did

Bassist Queen : Yup, Ya Daddy

Elina Karvinen : I am making a presentation on depression in school. All my friends are making presentations on football and dinosaurs.

Melady 1606 : You know what's comforting............. Knowing someone you look up to faces similar problems as young lord 50 likes... thank you all so much!

Camila Dale : I want to give him a hug <3

AlyssaMae : Anyone else just come back to this video when depression is getting you down? I've watched this quite a bit recently, it's comforting

Izzy D : He makes this video to the point and funny at the same time

Felicity Gaming : Club of depressed people <3

randomchicken01 : This is the same stuff my mum keeps saying and I don't... I can't... I can't motivate myself to do any of these things. If I try to plan something, I dread it until it happens. Seriously. If I make plans for next month, I'm worried almost every day until the event has passed. I never do anything because of it. I don't know what to do.

Edward Greenall : "Turns out 'D' stands for 'Depression' AND 'Domino's' Me: AND 'Dan'! me: Wait...

Minty Bliss : Love you Dan 💛💛💛 this video was lighthearted and did a great job explaining such a serious topic

Noelle Nightmare : Thank you so much for this video, Dan. I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression and this video has really helped me realized that I’m not the only one dealing with this and that there is help out there for me. Again, thank you so much.

Emi Clarke : I'm not diagnosed yet but I've had a problem with feeling worthless and losing interest in everything. I've had a problem with cutting that started 2 years ago. I started getting counseling about a month ago, and after watching this I got the courage to tell her about my cutting and my thoughts. Now I'm getting tested in a few days and hopefully will be put on the track I need to be on to feel better. I want to thank Dan for, even though it was directed to more than a million people, giving me courage to open up honestly and not hide in someone I'm not.

CrystalBallon : Most on point video on depression that ive seen so for

Mama Mangos : Thank you

Phanisjesus : I can only imagine that Phil enjoyed pouring popcorn on your face