2013 Firestone Indy Lights Close Finish! Freedom 100 4 Wide Finish

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God : not even a racing fan and this was amazing


besweeeet2 : Mmm... Glorious 60FPS.

Stoyan Madanzhiev : If it was a movie, I would say it's too unrealistic !

Chequered Flag : Madness. I'm a massive fan of F1, but this is crazy on a whole new level.

WakeEffectz : This is so much better than a last lap crash.


TheCheesyProductions : The ultimate clutch. 4th to 1st in one turn

ChrisK : You know the Race is awesome, when You hear the Crowd

schumi246 : Just imagine if that happened in the Indy 500.

Canadian Indy : People who are saying this is boring are jealous that F1 will never achieve something as awesome as this

Storm : If the racing is close and passes are constantly being made. Why does it matter that they are going in circle?

Victor Rad : Two hours ago this was demoted to second-closest winning margin in the history of IMS. By 0.0002 seconds.


Excited James Aleks : 0:32 oh baby a triple

Coke Dinosaur : they have formula 1 in america? but they still only drive in circles? laughing tears right now.

kepong23 : whether it's in a circular course or a circuit, that finish was exciting. 

Matt Leary : That is extreme skill for none of those four drivers to collide! Would have been an almighty shunt if any of them had made a mistake...

20racingfan : All the ignorant F1 fans that are complaining saying this is stupid are just jealous that F1 will NEVER be this exciting.

TheBobbyDare : This is probably the best finish in all of racing

Sam Hood : Carlos Munoz... Always so close to winning at Indy...

splintertavish : Did the commentators ejaculate ?

jgonascar : now THAT is called a great finish

SuperNavMon : Wow...60 dislikes? My head fills with a multitude of interrogatories. Only thing that makes reasonable sense is they were forced at gunpoint to give a thumbs down. Have to thank the brave racers for such a daring show of excellence; that was one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

ChopsticksAngel : I wish f1 was like this :(

Jimmy Smith : This is the greatest motorsports finish of all time. There, I said it.

Supreme Salv : I came here from Oh Long Johnson

ThePolandball : Greg Moore is smiling somewhere. Absolute professionalism from essentially rookies, close as all hell, and no idiotic wrecking. Reminds me of Villeneuve and Arnoux at Dijon in '79...and talk about intelligent racing from Dempsey. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

L.GH. Djoetma : Great stuff man. I wish Indy was world wide. The cars look great, drivers are willing to fight, and nu stupid trickery like KERS and DRS; just racing.  This is so much more fun than F1. Some better drivers, car manufacturer involvement and it will push off F1 with ease. 

wow : This is one of the most amazing finishes in motor racing. Now if only this was the indy 500 finish...

xtlm : How is it that Karam, Chavez, Munoz and Veach (2nd-5th) got a shot at Indycar but the race winner Dempsey never did???

Hachi Roku : i hear a crowd, i hear clapping but i dont see anyone

navblue20 : I want to see an INDY 500 FINISH like that.

Bubbajay : i could watch this a 100 times a day. what an awesome sight.

Clint H : The positions flipped on the last lap!

Noah Coleman : "DEMPSEY!!!!" LOL

phil whitesell : never gets old

RoyaleX sascha : who is here frommen "oh long johnsonn" ?

drivethefive : This is why indy car is the best motorsport.

John Deer : it's all about the best if Dempsey didn't make that final move he wouldn't be FIRST. Dempsey you the BEST. he was like I'll show you how fast i am LOL

Virdeo : i consider F1 bit boring for my tastes but this was AMAZING

Joe Maggi : For an avid fan of racing I would imagine this would be like getting blown by Jessica Alba and Megan Fox at the same time.

Atsadawut Jungwat : Thug life Dempsey

MJY5 THE RACING GAMER : Just wow 4 wide

José Berenz : Play the video and put eurobeat music in the same time, feel the orgasm.

Ezra Kenicott : I love how everyone is bitching about F1 here like they've never heard of this place before....

# Jìdhú : Who is watching this after seeing oh long Johnson

Anish Pol : Seemed like Scripted! Too good to be true...

Máté Ágoston : If F1 wants as brilliant races as this, then they don't need ovals. They need the 14 km long Spa-Francorchamps, Le Mans with the layout until 1967, Monza with the layout until 1971, Schottenring. :)

MaFd0n : This is why I love indycars just as much as I love F1, sick close finishes