Deep 6 - Zombie Horror Short Film *VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*
Deep 6 Zombie Horror Short Film VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED

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A young girl is ripped out of bed with moments to spare before the infected take over Los Angeles. Directed by: Scott McNamara & Kevin McNamara Executive Produced by: CJ Brion Produced by: Scott McNamara, Kevin McNamara, Kyla E. Druckman, Damien Hedgecoth Cinematography by: Scott & Kevin McNamara Post Production by: 18 Lives Camera Operator: CJ Brion First Assistant Camera: Jonathan Dec Gaffer: Kelly Daniel Key Grip: Sean Sawyer Prop Master: Blake Kniesley Makeup: Brian Barnett Sound Recordist: Jacob Drew Varley Dialogue Mixer: Zack Gray Special Thanks: Lorenzo Harkins, Bryan Brewer, Kevin Marrone An Production Starring: Jessica Brydon Kyla E. Druckman Joe Guilfoyle Ric Linville #Zombies #Horror Zombies, Terrorist Attack, Los Angeles, Movie, Planes, Car, Trapped, News Reporter, Suicide, Herself, Turns, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Shoot, Apocalypse, Gun, Films, Movies, Bloody, Terrorized, RED Dragon, HD, Dead, Day, Night Quarantine, Sleeping, Wakes, Awaken, Window, Smash, Break, Girls, Scary, Two, 2, Noise, Closet, Clock, Neighbor, Keys, Blood, Spit, Pocket, Hot, Scary, Deep Six, Short Film 2016, Two Brothers, Feature Film, Cinematography, Shorts, Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Movie Trailer, Indie, Rage, Fear, 4 Minutes, Clip, Edit, Special FX, Fantasia, Sundance, Film Festival, Feature, Supernatural, Infestation, Outside, House, Apocalypse, Deep Six, Thriller, Terrifying, Paranormal, Malicious Spirits, October, Fall, 31, FX, Edit, Eli Roth, Halloween, Trick ‘r Treat, Blonde, Brunette, Girl, Shot in Head, Back from Dead, Danger, Viral, Blumhouse, El Rey Network, BH Tilt, 28 Days Later, 2018, 2017, Grey Matter, Atomic Monster Production, 28 Weeks Later, Best, Alien Covenant, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Six, Attack, Crypt TV, Eighteen, Producer James Wan, PS4, XBOX, Gaming, NinjaGory, Annabelle, Stories, Award Winner, Biological Warfare Attack, iZombie, Award Winning, Movie, Skit, Conjuring, Story, Pink Shirt, Lights Out, Warning, Red Granite Pictures, Reaction, Action Movie, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Terrorist, Gory, Under 10 Minutes, Under 5 Minutes, Selena Gomez, The Thinning New World Order


Bomber684 : Waiting for the 2hr film....

Lesa Nycole : Damn that was good AF... SE were AMAZING, this should DEFINITELY be a full length movie... damn I hate good shorts lol


Lucian Gray : Damn lmao these guys didnt make it far from the spawn point

بالعربي_ احلا : omg make more, that's the best short film i've ever seen.

Axion Gaming : This is awesome. Well done. Are you planning on making more?

Enaemaehkiw Sanapaw : What camera was used for this short film? It's very awesome quality!

Jessica Lorc : Damn!!!! This is soooo freaking good! I mean, the special effects, color correction, the story, the acting, camera, producer, literally everything... definitely I'm going to share this in my channel, even tho it's in Spanish, people will love it! Great job, excellent job... Really good script and story.

Tpindell : Dope

yingyinglove1 - : Man, that blonde woman is so annoying and stupid. She screams for too long and the position that she is occupying is the closest to the man with the car keys. If she is too scared to go out, at least move so that the black hair woman could come back to the nearest car door decreasing the risk of being outside and drive away. But she just have to stay stuck at the seat not caring whether the black hair woman would die or not. Happy to see she is dead soon after. She wouldn't survive anyway, but would drag others to their death.

Gabe Maisano : The begining is like Dawn of the Dead (remake) and the story is like the Unturned lore. I LOVE IT GUYS!!!

Qfaseful : Please make whole video! I will go to the cinema for sure!!!!

FrnnkEducation : most zombie shorts are usually straight SUPER turds. this was really good. i want mooorrre

warriorprincess 24 : This was a really great zombie short horror film!! :D Please make it into a film!! :D I also loved the song at the end!! What is that song by the way?! :D

Rico Doolsy : This is so good how did you make this

Jason Eads : awesome as hell!! great job, I'd pay to see a whole movie of that..

Jackie Bautista : Wow! this is freaking awesome. Wish it was longer.

RS SACHI Productions : This is awesome...One of the best short zombie films

Sarah M : Loved Loved Loved this short film. Amazing work and very well done to all who made this happen. 👏

philip joseph : jesus. that was awesome

KulciaPro : This is so fcking awesome do full move Pleas guys :3

Graeme Knipe : omg that was scary brilliant short film

Richard Gombert : Wow. That was incredible. Great work!

R. B. : You should do a full-length version of this. So nice. Kudos!

Avebury Eddie : Whoosh !! That was Awesome !! Loved it :) We all ask very timidly....... Please sir....Can we have some more ??? :)

KATE CREATION : That blond chick good lord she doesn't listen and wasted so much time Arrgghh lol. good job guys!!

Cutiefun mom : loved it I wish it was longer please post more

Hell if I know : Holy shit... I watch so many of these shorts and this is by far one of the best. It looked great and the action was amazing. 10 out of 10. Keep up the great work.

George Wallace : Nice! Now for a full-length (slower) feature my brain could truly enjoy and comprehend even longer... ;-)

Rushabh Bhakta : I feel bad, everything about this film was excellent EXCEPT all of the acting :( A good learning experience though for future work.

Cheryl Wallace : I would leave that blonde woman behind because she is going to get the other woman killed.

Myat Thurein Oo : brilliant short film. great craftsmanship. great storytelling within 4 minutes.

blixx66 : Great job! The style and portrayal is fantastic but I feel the zombie/people being monsters thing has been overly exhausted. Looking forward to see some real monster films from you guys.

HourGlassProduction : Wow! Really good job. Love the camera work.

Kenneth Henson : You mind if I use this as the intro to a zombie game I'm putting together?

Mana productions : this is amazing !! def subscribing

MrTrapper21 : need full version

Geoff Burkman : How have I not caught up to this until now? Extremely well done, and I hope you are continuing your work!

Randomstuff3146 : This was the best. Someone should give this person/people a budget from Hollywood and let them make a full feature zombie film.

derek armstrong : brilliant. well done.

d_pikachu : Wait , i expected leads to survive? * creators showing middle finger

Troy Bough : This was totally awesome!!!! Great job

Mark from Leeds : Really enjoyed this; thanks.

slaughter king21 : is this movie out ??? I would love to watch it I'm subscribing

Quentin Marquet : That's awesome. Great job!


Izit Over : Damn! That was scary for real. I made me jump big time.

Patricio Mansfield : wow good short but she screams "I can't I can't" but pulls out pistol and doesn't hesitate to shoot when friends die...

Nishanth Sagar : the best! no words to say :)