How to open a door - Finnish instructional video from 1979
How to open a door Finnish instructional video from 1979 Turn CC on

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This video has subtitles. Be sure to enable them if you don't know Finnish. If you want to contribute by translating the subtitles to your language, shoot me a message, and i'll give you the info on how to do it. Thanks go to the following people: - Roy Mackenzie for the French translation - Emmanuel Froissart for also submitting a French translation. Sorry but you were a bit late :) - GothaRsk for the Slovak translation - MrAlievren for the Turkish translation


azzurorso : I'm missing the instructions to open a door that swings towards me. Please post that video ASAP because I am outside now and I can't get back in!!!!

Obi-Wan Kaczynski : Finnish people are very special.

Kuvaajanne : Sivistys tosiaan saapui suomeen hieman myöhemmin....

Ash Swoon : Best video I've ever seen. My life has changed. Thank you.

Eino Forsman : In 1979 there was first doors in Finland and only rich people could get them in their houses before that everyone had to brake a window or go trought the wall with the hammer it was only way to get out back then :c

Philip Goetz : Help! I used this method to get into a room, but now it doesn't work when I try to open the door again to get out. The door handle was on the door's right when I came in, but now it's on the left! What should I do?

CapuRen : "Yhteiskunnalla on Sinulle asiaa." Miks mä nauran tälle lauseelle niin paljon? :D Olispa tommosia välivideota edelleen: Yhteiskuntalla on tärkeä viesti juuri Sinulle!

Andrew Horning : Oh my!  I wish I had seen this sooner! Until now, I'd foolishly been using the very old Danish technique; which, as you know, damages the door, the jamb, and, sometimes, your foot. You have no idea how this has eased the greatest daily frustration for me, and those who know me. (Note; Make sure, if you do not understand Finnish, that you turn on the subtitles. They help you understand not only how to get in through a door, but back out again, as well.)

Ths manas sou : wow, i was doing it wrong all these years!!

Dr. Rosenrosen : Yeah we didn't have any doors before 1979 just reindeer or polar bear pelts to keep the cold out from our huts. They don't call us one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world for nothing.

Jake Duarte : MLG Door Tutorial

Joshua Bamford : This is what I've been learning in Finland.  It all makes so much sense now, although only works in one direction.  In the 2nd class I hope to be able to leave this room.

PierreFin : Tämän jälkeen otetaan harjoitus vielä kerran oppilaat XD

TheSeelOfTime : Instructions not clear, got my shoe lace tied on the door knob

Silver Lobo : This is important!

Kermakastikeritari : I'd love to see a new version of this with Jaakko "Isvaffel" Järvinen doing the dubbed voice or acting as the man opening the door. Or possibly both.

Marco Giulio Camurri : 2984 people have an Internet connected device on this side of the door.

Razster : All these years I've been doing it wrong. Wasted a lot of time in my life.

Kenny Mäkikara : MLG DOOR TUTORIAL

Alex Apilov : Does anyone know what music is playing in the background?

Jai Patel : and to think I've just been banging my head to open doors for years

Fernando Rodriguez : Finally I know how to do it in the right way...

Jutta Inauen : How am I supposed to open a door if the handle is on the left side???

shazb0lt : Frektel Felms brought me here.

ballbarn : beautiful

Ganesha : Will this work on a black door?

eatfrog : fyi, this is satire..

Lou Cozzarius : Handlebar mustache: I trust him already

Antonio Cappa : Ahahhahahhah è vero

se3d : Now we all can finally leave the internet and go outside.

Michael Sørensen : I still dont get how to open a door???

thatmaninblack : Thanks for the upload. Until now I didn't know how to open a door, but after watching this video, I'll be alright.

TheSoppakulho : But what do I do, if the door is pullable?? Just wondering, because I cant get out now when I got in:(

Alessio Buscemi : A 1:14 c'è chiaramente un SUUCA.

pete ahram : Tää on vitsi. Kyllä pitäis se tajuta

pete ahram : Yes they do.

Cytraxi : probably so black that it will steal your wallet.

Jesse Pinkman : I bet you still don't know how to open doors correctly...

Lineste : How did that guy manage to keep a straight face?

Pinja yjfjejfm : nobody in finland doesn't say "perkele" .__.

Raina Baecere : *are. Damnyouautocorrect!

Raina Baecere : The comments ate funnier than the video! LMAO

Kingpin : The funny thing is that these guys take it really seriously.

boiledpotaatti : It is indeed a jolly little video, but being the party pooper that I am, I do sincerely hope no one actually takes it seriously.. It's a sketch from a Finnish tv series called Hepskukkuu which had some bizarre comedy bits.

CookieM0nster76 : Onko tää video tehty vakavin mielin?

Bradley Taylor : i guess this must be a problem for Finnish people...

Perkele : This works as long as you're still sober enough to pick up the vodka bottle again without falling, which is VERY rarely the case here in Finland.

zabetus : This is been here almost two years! When do we got instructions for a door that opens in opposite direction? I haven't been able to use my toilet at my new apartment for six months :(

PARODIAS73 : hahahahahahhahaaaaaahahahahahaha you are god my man!!!!!!!! hahahaahahhaaha