Here's Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth $3 Million
Heres Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth 3 Million

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FOLLOW THE PAGANI'S OWNER! The Pagani Huayra is one of the most thrilling, exciting cars in the world. Today I'm reviewing the Pagani Huayra to show you why the Huayra is so special and why Pagani is such an amazing brand. GO READ MY COLUMN! FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - DOUGSCORE CHART:


Bubbas Ernie : This interior is a work of art.

safa tarique : Come on this car needs a 10 on styling.... Its about the beauty..

Criminal Content : Doug the type of guy to "Doug Score" his wife's performance in bed. Every time.

shallwi : Your ordinary lambo is like a prius compared to this

Bruno Bruno : Doug I cant believe you refused to review my 2004 Honda Accord in red and in great condition with sat/nav.

SalveMonesvol : Quality... 7. Because he is worried about long term parts availability. Dude, you should just add a "maintenance" section.

Matthew Borell : Doug, the type of guy to explain a car key for 30 mins.

Resident Autist : Doug DeMuro: You can technically fold the mirrors forward if you're on a narrow street *FOLD THEM IN DOUG* *SHOW US* *SHOW US HOW THEY FOLD FORWARD*

Willems Pierre : Instruction manual should only say, "Goes fast, Be Careful".

urnzwayzmoove : Doug the type of guy to use his turn signals on a racetrack

gratefulRed69 : was wondering how a car could be $3m ......and then he opened the door to expose that interior....and then I'm like, "oh, yeah...I get it now". HOLY SHIT, that interior is hands down the coolest I've ever seen. As others have said it IS truly a masterful piece of art. Every nook and cranny of that thing is just amazing to the eye. So glad that this owner provided his car for you to review. Damn, what a treat to see!!

Kariem Abozyid : I would be too scared to enjoy driving a car this expensive

Mitch ZImmerman : Doug makes a face like he's beholden to some terrible but beautiful ancient knowledge when he accelerates in this thing.

Mass Lass : Dougie his name is pronounced: "Whore-ray-she-o" Pagani. (Horacio!)..Si!

Ethan Hunter : If Apple made a car they would epoxy all the bodywork down.

Davide Davini : Senza Tempo means timeless, literally without time. Just in case someone wanted to know.

Mass Lass : It would just be cheaper to buy a plane than pay 3 million for

Kamen Kunchev : Yes, sir! I would like to smoke in my Huayra!

sebastiano kiniger : after watching 39 min of this my head is now oval shaped

G Deep : You really didn’t give it a 9 in styling smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ just look at it !!! It’s a piece of art

GAMING AND TECH : 3 for comfort???? u dnt see practicality in sports car(for luggage atleast)...may be you should give a score comparing it to the rival cars......

Dhruv Mishra : That is definitely the best hypercar interior I've ever seen. Nice video Doug.

Ling xoxo : Doug is the type of guy to say a girl is a baddie just beautiful gods gift to earth and he's never seen any girl like it before. Rate her 7/10 😶

Epic Wayne : I never thought I’d watch a 40 min long YouTube video. Doug has changed the game

ImBarryScottCSS : Literally the most expensive and luxury interior ever put into a supercar. Entire thing made of carbon titanium or pure billet aluminium. Yeah it gets a 7. Doug out here breaking balls. This is the all time leader in quality. You may be tempted to think something like a rolls is of a higher quality, trust me - it's not. Every single piece on this car is a work of art, people literally compare it to jewellery. This is a tied on 10/10 quality I'm sorry.

Jon Smiths : Wow, I've been sitting on the toilet for 39 mins...I'm not sh*ting around! 😎.

Batman : One of the most beautiful car ever made.

Ammo Alamo : Engine hour meter? Pagani has finally caught up with my riding lawn mower!

Frankie Valentine : Doug the type of guy to borrow your car, change the bass and treble, and give it back to you.

Jason D : Compliments to the pro who is responsible for detailing the car. Every surface was perfect great job. Loved the video doug.

Gopnic Otaku : No shit it's inspired by aviation I'm surprised you didn't start flying in the video.

Theresa Gann : Doug is the type of guy to let you hear the engine revs, all the way to 2,000 rpm...😕

Corpsie : 6:10 talks about perfectly tightening titanium bolts while zooming in on cracked carbon fiber resin

Not : doug is the type of guy that reviews a 3 million dollar car in cargo shorts

Luis Rubio : Doug is the type of guy to wipe before he takes a dump

Natnael Berhane : I've never heard someone say "cool" this many times man. Chill

Raju Chaudhari : Are those side lights would be visible for ants too!!! 28:18

Nic Grove : Pagani was my favorite brand, this video is awesome.

Caoimhín : please koenigsegg owners invite this man to review your cars, it's my dream :D

Bart Simpson : Take a sip every time Doug says "cool", 2 sips when he says "cooler", down your drink when he says "coolest".

Russian bot 1013 : Doug. The type of guy that knows what clarinet keys look like.

Angry Cockatoo : idk why the the transmission lever for some reason is my favorite part of the car

Francisco Fernandez : 370z nismo manual seats adjustments for 47.000$ PUUUUAG 3,000.000 $ beautiful manual lever to move your seats, gorgeous.

The Oddly Seagull : Doug the type of guy that has multimillionaire viewers…

Royce Verus : The Huayra is just a masterpiece.... Never ever loved a car so much as i love the Huayra. I don't want to own one (even if i could) but i just love it i love the design i love the shapes all of it its just a perfection. You just have to respect it for what it is. Thank you Mr.Pagani for giving the world this masterpiece!

Andrew Chen : no cup holder? what about my starbucks? lol

Ibraducreps : Looks like Razer already has competition for an RGB car lmao

8.6M views : Doug drives a $2.4 million car using a $24 camera/microphone set

KriSSeR : Doug is literally the simplest guy on youtube but hands down the best car reviewer