Here's Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth $3 Million

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Riceman : How do I rent Doug out so I can look at his quirks and features?

sebastiano kiniger : after watching 39 min of this my head is now oval shaped

Mathew Edmondson : if everyone who watched this video paid 1 dollar we still couldnt afford this car.

Dardan Ratkoceri : Look at Dougs face from 35:50 - 35:58 and I think that sums up what this car makes you feel. From an uncontrollable smile to awe at the speed and then disbelief of what you just experienced once you ease up.

joneslaakso : That key thing was not that cool.

Thinking Crypto : Doug is the type of guy who uses a Yahoo email address in 2018

Ryan Moyer : I think what i learned from this video is that Horacio Pagani's job is just to sign things for Huayra customers.

Robb 95 : This is a Doug DeMuro, and it is, quite simply, one of the coolest Dougs ever made

willthefuneverstart : Ugh the interior looks like a Winamp skin.

Axton J Cranston : New drinking game: take shot each time he says 'cool'

Bladed Angel : 12 year olds be like, "oH lOoK iT's thE PeGasSI oSiRIS" 36:53 Also he said, "Pagani Freaking Huayra" What a legend!

Stanley Sultanpuss : Is there anything else COOL on this cool car that is cooler than other cool cars? Also It would be really cool if you could make a cool list of the coolest parts that are unique to this cool ride. Other than that, You did a cool job on this cool video about the coolest of cars. As a matter of fact your a cool guy.

Mike Musoki : I love Doug videos but my problem is the camera set-up when he's driving. Pointed to his face all the time while he's having that acceleration orgasm. It would be better be a POV camera showing gauges or from the far end or just pointed to the road would be better. Doug work on that.

pagadqs : 39 minutes ? what is this now - a Netflix series ? wtf

Albi Losha : the key thing is actually the only thing i didnt liked in this

SwiftyGamingRO : Doug, you REALLY should film the driving using a Head-Mounted Action Camera, So We can see the gage cluster with speed and RPM, not Only your face! It is an Advice for an AWESOME Channel!

Adam Cloud : it just a piece of Italian crapulence .it Sucks to drive

Nuwanda84 : doug: "theres a tree. its the coolest thing ever! how about this plastic thingy? coolest thing ever! whoops, theres a fly! coolest thing ever!"

Film Bros : Come on, Doug. How come you didn't notice the stickable part of the key was borrowed from Mercedes-Benz as well. I have one (Mercedes of course, not a Pagani lol) and my key looks exactly the same (and again, only talking about the part that you stick into the ignition). I have to say though, they covered the Mercedes key very nicely, it's barely noticable.

harrr53 : I looks like a Lambo Diablo shagged a Ferrari and they keep this child hidden from the public.

Justin : When Doug makes love to his wife he gets her to dress up like a Pagani Huayra.

MrMethadrine : No car worth $3 million.Thats a bunch of bs.

SPN 1 : 3 MILLION and they DONT MAKE their OWN ENGINE ???

Sabah Abdulameer : Today 10/11/2018 Thursday I saw this car on the 405 Fwy in orange county , but it was hauled on towing truck 😐.

Cali mfk : Looks almost steampunk

FAST Food Pit Stops : Doug the type of guy that makes you binge watch his videos at work

Solo Problemi : cmon doug... how couldnt you give a 10 in styling to the pagani huayra.... smh

Jordan Soukup : Are we just all gonna ignore the fact that the headlights and taillights are mounted to a moving piece of bodywork?

Dying Starz : Lmfao look at the hand brakes😂

Longschlong Dong : Everything on this car looks kinda cheap.. especially that fckng key..

Peak Time Racing : I left a Shmee150 video for Doug and I don't regret it

Adote Azhar : Passion personified; huge respect to Horacio Pagani, the balls on that guy.

Chevy513 : Just a couple of things that I have heard is that the center gauge cluster is milled out of a solid piece of billet aluminum and costs $7000 and even crazier and I don't know if it's actually true, but I tend to believe it is since every bolt in the car has Pagani inscribed on it, is that I have heard all the nuts and bolts in the car combined cost $150,000!

Redpill God : "Quirks and Features"

Chevy513 : When it comes to fit an finish and attention to detail Pagani is second to none, everything in and on the car is super detailed, it is a rolling work of art in my opinion! Oh yeah and not to mention the insane power an performance on top of it all!

Stefan Grubesic : If Huayra isn't 10 for Styling no car is, it's beautiful

RePlayed TV : Horacio Pagani sprays his office with scent of fresh mowed grass for inspiration. True story

Vincenzo : I think he under cut this car on the quality department

Osvaldo Ah : Hurachio must of been smoking crack when choosing the key design for the car.

Lionel Messi : this is beautiful car but i saw chanel "Phantom replica" they have videos of cars they make and sell for affordable price :))

TPD TV : Doug this is the best video I think you’ve ever done. Loved it start to finish. Thanks for sharing

Let's Speak : 9:26 Yes, because everybody needs to use the turn signal when driving on a race track ;) Nice vid Doug, keep it up!

PT JWW : My dream car. Screw Bugatti & co: they're just for filthy rich people showing off. Real (filthy rich...) connoisseurs drive Paganis.

VisioBro : If everyone payed $5, I think the next video would be “Quirks and features of my Pagani Huayra!”

homing pigeon races : SHUT UP AND DRIVE THE DAMN CAR..

ShiftingLanes : Love how this is a better daily than an Integra Type R.

Ed Rawls : Please say quirks three more times. Im almost there lol

ATOMBOMB DAN RADIATION9988 : Fav pagani car

PT JWW : The parking brake is "normal"...except it's made from aluminium and carbon fiber...all very normal for a parking brake. :-)

zeyad abuzied : Don't smoke in your huayra actually never smoke that's a good idea or you'll probably die prematurely at like 40 or something so yeah don't SMOKE