Here's Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth $3 Million

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Thinking Crypto : Doug is the type of guy who uses a Yahoo email address in 2018

Anonymous : 9:20 I hate it when I have to indicate whilst racing

amal raashid : Doug the type of guy to receive an email to play with a Pagani and reply with a "yeah"

ricky v : Of course the car is elegant. I am not surprised by anything Doug said about this car. It is absolutely amazing and the few people that own them must really enjoy them. What I was surprised with was that I truly was entertained for almost 45 minutes of video about a car. Wow! Good video production Doug is running here. Glad, I watched this video.

Nick N : Alright, I have saved money all my life.. now I can buy a Pagani.. floormat.

Riceman : How do I rent Doug out so I can look at his quirks and features?

Kuulolaite : This car has the most beautiful interior ever made

Andrew Chedid : If I had a dollar for every view there is on this video I'd have one Pagani Huayra

Powerstroke Diesel : The holes in the seats look like a Pagani oval

amrit prusty : This is the most elegant interior in any supercar .

Bladed Angel : 12 year olds be like, "oH lOoK iT's thE PeGasSI oSiRIS" 36:53 Also he said, "Pagani Freaking Huayra" What a legend!

Matt Johnson : Was anyone else triggered by Doug messing with the guys bass and treble settings??

Latin Ace : The key looks like something Homer Simpson would think of

tharindu perera : You dont have to praise everything since it is a $3 mil car. for an example that key is the stupidest and most useless key iv seen in any car.

Mikkel .Scheufens : "It's worth every bit of $3 million", and it gets a 6 of 10 in value? - Great video!

Justin : When Doug makes love to his wife he gets her to dress up like a Pagani Huayra.

Dave P : That key is not cool.

Anders Svensson : He says the word "cool" 478 times in 39 minutes !

Julian Jay : I'd nut all over this damn car.....

mati petolanza : 7/10 in quality.. In a f*cking Pagani???? Really???? It was a really good vid, you have my thumbs up.. But 7/10???!!!!???? REALLY??? NO WAY JOSÉ NO WAY.. The focus of the entire car was in the quality. Titanium, carbon fiber and the best leather in the world.. This car has been tested under really stressed situations for severals hundreds miles, it must be the most reliable hyper car in the world.. Look at the Zonda, some of them have more km than a Camry.. It was build to last. Pd. Sorry for my english, i do my best.

SwiftyGamingRO : Doug, you REALLY should film the driving using a Head-Mounted Action Camera, So We can see the gage cluster with speed and RPM, not Only your face! It is an Advice for an AWESOME Channel!

Joe Lee : He missed the fact that the speakers and aircon are shaped like a jet engine

Apoorv Surana : And they say money can't buy happiness

joneslaakso : That is about the cheapest looking key ever..

Sahal Sharil : The right pedal is like a shower

A Glimpse Inside : I’m glad he chose “ovals” instead of “hexagons”

Rishab Mishra : Conclusion: Everything is so cool.😁

Zack Ludwig : The most beautiful car ever made

Nathan Drake : Attention to detail he says? That's a crack in the carbon fiber panel encompassing that titanium bolt. 6:06. They over tightened that bolt ("all tightened ever so perfectly"). Looks like they forgot to use a torque wrench on that titanium bolt.

Kyle Dillard : If I was rich and buying a hyper car, I would buy this car because it’s truly gorgeous.

Amom Nandaraj : its a beautiful peace of art and engeenering man!! Italians are really artistic

Pepperoni Productions Plushie Movies : My friends say Lamborghinis and Ferrari’s are cool...not as cool as this car. My dream car right here.

Bruno Altobello : The car is great, but I'm not fond of that steampunk interior nor the oval fetish, or the hideous font for the control labels. But it is an engineering masterpiece, I'll give it that. BTW, the emergency door unlocker is not a fallback in case the opening handle doesn't work (any car having that would be screaming to the entire world that it is crap), it's a door release for emergency situations (i.e. how do you get out of a car with gullwing doors that flipped over and is resting on its roof?)

Melanie Falconer : How much horsepower dose Doug have?

Kurt B Moore : I enjoy your reviews and the cars you have featured lately have been incredible, but the one thing lacking in all of your videos is a view looking out the front window. I do not get the sense of what it feels like to ride in the car. The Performance Data Recorder ( PDR) in the Chevy Corvette & Camaro can really give the viewer a good sense of being in the car. Seeing your reaction to the acceleration is OK, but the segment feels incomplete and I am left hanging. It might be a liability or privacy matter, which is understandable. Great work, thank you, and I have to say that you have an envious job!

Stefan Grubesic : If Huayra isn't 10 for Styling no car is, it's beautiful

Robert Murphy : Please stop making these videos. I have to work...

Jonnyreverb : Honestly, I think it's tacky.

Michaela Volfová : Now I have a game for you! Have a shot everytime Doug says: Cool. .. :D

The Whitmore's : Great car...but no power seats? For 3 million! LOl

FAST Food Pit Stops : Doug the type of guy that makes you binge watch his videos at work

BMWMED1 : Doug's the type of guy to scratch his hands with his balls and then smell his balls to see what his hands smell like.

Eric David : Thats one lucky cow that got made into the seats of a Huayra

Will Loveless : "normal"? That parking brake looks like a dildo😂

Gustavo Nunez : I’ve always thought the interior was hideous. Too much going on..

under90seconds : Styling 9, c'mon Doug... There is nothing else in style that comes even close to Huayra.

Arush Pathak : New drinking game: Drink every time Doug says ‘cool’

Nathan Drake : The guage cluster is to busy on the eyes. Theres also too much glare from the glass enclosure over the guages. The glare accompanied by the red glow in the guages is a hard look.

Bigo Live World : Amazing car!!

slickporsche : Doug you did a wonderful, and very thorough description of the gorgeous interior and its features. Wow