The Jim Cornette Dairy Queen Incident
Wrestling legend Jim Cornette with a carload of wrestlers absolutely loses his shit while in a Dairy Queen drive through

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After a Smoky Mountain Wrestling show in 1994 6 Hungry Men Jimmy Del Rey, Jim Cornette, The Thrillseekers (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm), J.R. Benson, and Ron Hed set out on a journey for food reaching there destination.....Dairy Queen. They order food and wait in line for 20 minutes to learn that the workers have not fixed there food yet because they thought it was a rib and Corny goes off.


juicer67 : I love to hear Jericho stir the shit.

CSFLChampion : Jericho stoking the fire lol

Dozz Record : How is this not the most watched thing on YouTube?

Max Onemillion : They should make a bronze statue of Corny leaning in through the window

Drake Galicia : that dairy queen just made the list.

Vincent Pulizzi : A mad Cornette = a happy me

Iron Dragon : Chris is a shit starter lmbo

William Cullen : imagine the people inside, "We ordered the shit", with corny's face busting thru the window!

Kenneth Means : "We wouldn't have ordered it if we didn't want it fixed! Goddamn!"

Chris Bishop : This is how I order my food at DQ.

Gene Short : "I can imagine you don't get many orders if you don't fix the food!"

Eden of Enoch : His shirt tucked into his Zubaz.

sirroxalot : I met Cornette in person and he was super nice and very respectful. I guess certain things just set him off.

mark yerex : Jericho just stirring the pot

Chubby Catfish : The best part is Cornette has since acknowledged that he wouldn't have gotten so pissed off if he realized the woman was cussing at Jericho and not him at the time.

Midnight Owl : For the record, Jim and Lance have come to an agreement, this whole incident was Jericho's fault! 

fluffhead : They DEFINITELY spit in their food

SouthOx : This is the best video in existence.

Robert Walker : Yea, Y2J is who popped it all off. Lol

playinragz : I hoped they liked the X' tra ingredients, on the house!

TBONE2004 : Alright! You know what happens when you screw up our order, don't you? HUH?! _YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS?! DAIRY QUEEN.........._ *_YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!!!!!!!_*

Gordon Mckay : LMAO, this is hilarious every single time

Travis W : I like Chris Jericho but this was a good 70% Jericho's fault, he knows how Jim Cornette is and he had encourage him and keep egging him on, Jim Cornette had a good argument though if I paid for fucking food and wait in a long line for it i'm gonna be pissed if they think it's a fucking prank, do your job and don't worry if it's a prank or not if it is you can figure it out later but you aren't being paid to think rather or not something is a rib.

cheetara25 : Bruce Prichard show got me here! Wow that's all I have to say lmao

Chuck B : Jericho gets the banana and grilled chicken! lol

Gaming Palooza Empire : Don't mess a man when he's HANGRY.

Jon : 2:07 "I'll kill somebody" LMAO

SDallstar : ..... and if they can't do their only reason for existence.... then god damn!

the80sguy : This was F*in AWESOME! Jericho mentions this in his book. Thanks for posting...

Maximus DreivinX : OK, so that was 1 snot burger with extra loogie, 1 ball sweat supreme with a drop of pubic hair, 1 ass wipe sandwich, hold the dingle berries ..... and 4 diet Pepsi's without the syrup.

William Cullen : who is here due to the something to wrestle podcast with bruce Prichard?

Raoul Duke : I would love to see Chris Canndido and Tammy's faces inside ordering when corny starts his promo.

SharksRule86 : Two people you don’t want to piss off at a fast food restaurant: Jim Cornette and Ken Patera.

Bryce Sanders : Is Jericho the one filming? Whoever it is give that man an award cause this is the greatest thing ever captured ever

Matt Bentzley : Corny opening the window and screaming at them makes me laugh every time.

Pikkon89 : Watching this again, that women was chastising Jericho not Cornette and he still went off anyway.

ir10031981 : 3:31 their only function is to take orders and serve food, that's their only reason to exist in this (DQ) building, and if they can't do their only reason for existence, then God damn!

Chris Bishop : I really want some Dairy Queen right now.

Michael Reed : If they can’t do their only reason for existence..then goddamn LMAO. This never gets old.

Rick B. : You did not cuss the people that fix your food.

LB 2.0. : This video never gets old lol

_atlas_ : I wish more videos like this existed lol

Blahammad Ali : As soon as Jericho stirs the pot, Corney erupted

Alfie213 : DOUBLE CHEESE, DOUBLE ONIONS!!! Thank you Bruce Prichard show

TheJaviferrol : Cornette opens window: "HERE'S CORNYYYYY!!!"

Chico Peebles : Biggie Smalls said it best: "I've been in this game for years, and it's made me an animal." Give 'em hell Cornie.

Gene Rogers : I had no idea this existed.

SigmaTV : Jericho was vlogging before it was even a thing.

Сода Попински : So this is how capitalist American "fast" food services work in your country? The great Soda Popinski is not impressed! Go Comrade Jimmy!