Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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In this video i am making a Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium that i melted in my Metal Foundry. This was requested a lot after i posted the 'normal' Japanse Foil Ball video, so here it is ! I hope you like the result, and if you do please consider to give this a thumbs up ! :) contact me :

Comments from Youtube

D M V : 9:40 it looks like a moon

Jake Gaskey : 9:00 the water isn't even touching it😭

The Great Cornholio : Congrats. You made the world's largest door knob.

EsmBeastAimz : Albert Hein Sponsered BTW on ly dutch people will understand

andrius1994111 : Now make aluminium foil out of that ball

Alvin : u sound like the rock guy from thor ragnarok

Rami Lahdo : I am from belgium too im in brussel

Mandrake Sumners : Great but how do I wrap my sandwich in it now?

Unknown : *2 easy steps to make galuim

KARUNAPARV CHURCH MINISTRY : 13:31 this is the end of the video

Can we get to 300 subs with no videos? : 3:46 would be any toddlers dream 😂 let’s be honest

Jasper vlogger : Ik kom uit België. He video's zijn super leuk

Karen Mullen : FYI, Sir Humphrey made a mess of things when he named this product invention 1st calling it alumium in 1807, then aluminum, finally settling upon aluminium in 1812. Classically trained Brits liked -IUM because it rhymes with many other elements sodium, radium, potassium, you get the point [ Historically documented fact]. Alumium was fine with them. Meanwhile back at the ranch in America Noah Webster 1928 put out a dictionary that had only the -NUM form of the word. Whenever anyone sought to use the word and looked it up they found only "aluminum", as popular writings would include this often enough for it to have already become common.

Just Willy 101 : Did anyone else enjoyed the noise of the fast forward? Lol I did

Apoorv Chaturvedi : soundtrack 8.35

its me again! : Ale mineum.,.. it.

いあ : 英語分からないけど笑 日本人がなんちゃらなんちゃらってことは分かった

OnlineYTGaming : Albert Heijn is gewoon een top winkel! Ze hebben er zelfs aluminiumfolie

Jums : The sounds of him flattening the sand was so satisfying

Norma González : It is ok to make it "profesional" but first...the goal is to make it "handmade"... Most of us don't have those equipment unless they are jewelry maker....

George Henderson : Interesting video but what is the purpose of the Japanese Foil Ball? By the way the Japanese call aluminium / aluminum "arumi."

TheShanoGamer : We call it aluminium in australia too

Onio Saiyan : >people say it's cheating >agree >Also see that he put in much more work than some of these others do... >Am amazed.

Blue Blur : When u thought it was clickbait...

Ysis Vroegh : Lol dacht dat Enzoknol grootste NL youtube kanaal was. Dan kom je erachte rdst dit kanaal ook gwn NL is. Waarom wist ik dit niet

ki bi : To jest kurwa polskie ameluninium

Leo 92 : I loved the video

Twan Bosscher : Lekker man mooie video : Nice man great video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Super Scopez : Pffftt. Its not cheating, its pretty smart

roadtriptv_1d : albert hein sponsor XD

Jon Raybon : nice sputnik you have there

UsweetLeilani : Nice Fire Hose ;P

Abby Renee : I love how you are cleaning it on dirt which goes to mud. That really smart. * said sarcastically*!

Stephanie Chen : All I was thinking was ‘I feel bad for the grass’

BLVKQ MUSIC GROUP : idk why I'm watching this.. I don't have a belt grinder or that much aluminum foil smh

GELMODEL # : 2.5 miljoen subs en je komt uit België. gij zijt goe bezig

Operation Blackout fighting against Oh Yeah Yeahs! : This is cool but I think the one that Jedrek29t did is more impressive

Halsey : كبرت وانا نتفرج في هاد فيديو

Andreas Björkman : Well that's just cheating, I'd argue it isn't a foil ball but a cast alu ball. Luckily a cast alu ball is 4x cooler so I'm not against it.

Serpentine M : This was so satisfying to watch, I might restart the video because of it lmao

humblegeorge : my ex-wife would have loved that little stomper :>) he,he,he,he,

Michael Hensley : Why not use a couple of cans and recycle...practically find them everywhere. Would not cost a penny.

Ganimidis : Wat'n werk zeg...Toffe kaplaarse manneke ! (just a question.. what the heck u do with a mirrorball?)

Essa Sulayman Haddad : Before polishing it looked like the Moon

Mr Watto : The maps do it by crunching the ali up by hand and rubbing it for ages. This is the cheats version. Just making a ball.

Sam Dallas : So why foil?? I am ignorant of metal product/processes, so I ask in earnest.... why not just melt an old aluminum window frame?

abeautifulmessage : aluminium - it's a pure health hazard

Beamer Boy : Awesome video👏 Why unlike the video it needs hard wark to make.😡

AlphaOmega : -Japanese- -Foil- Ball