Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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PressTube : So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

Adrian13 Vlogs : Make your own youtube channel logo by casting it

Bitplex : The melting phase was so supremely satisfying to watch.

N Aditya : A Big Like For Your Hardwork..!!👍

ノブ千鳥 : あるみほいる

Syarif Al Anwar : Indonesian say alumunium too... 😊

Le PicBois : Don’t worry my friend. We say Aluminium here too! 🤣

Olivia Gianelloni : Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment Cause no one will do

Gaming & Music : World Wide is Aluminium, Aluminum is only in US.

David awesomeface : x2 speed. Like to let others know.

Ezzan Hazeq : Imagine dipping our hand into that melted hot aluminium

Team 974 : German engineering vs Japanese engineering Update: Mission accomplished

Apollo of the Sun : Everywhere in the world say Aluminium with the I'. The US is the only place where we say "aluminum". Aluminium is the correct way to say it.

Rafa Aljamel : اجل كره قصدير شفته في حياتي 😙😙🤤🤤🌹🌹

Joseph Sungkawa : Well it is aluminium in proper English Only Americans say Aluminun because Americans can't speak english Ale in 't Engels is't ook Aluminium Nie alleen in 't Nederlands alleen Amerikanen zeggen 't anders want Amerikanen kennen ginne Engels nie

Hasan Teknaz : İsraf amk

SAK- SOON : I have no idea why this ball thing is trending now days...🤔 I really appreciate the amount of effort that people put into this ball thing😶. But... Why..????😐😐😐

Druid : you say other people only Americans say aluminum

Efe Oyunda Pro : Omg😮😮

I'm Trouble : BELGIE!!

Mortal Kaka : Why is it when someone forges something like this it turns me on??

Bony the doge : Soooo satisfying

공주영이내꺼 : 와우 👍대박

太鼓の松茸 : 溶かすのはずるいやろw

PhilippSt : Are you from Germany?

黒飴男 : ago, many japanese especially youtuber beated aluminium foil to make the ball in a frenzy. once I tryed to make it but failed. and i lost some holidays. for everyone look this comment, "just try"

WhatEverMan _ : You missed the point. Its about real labor not a cheap Belgium Chinese knock off. Its not foil if you melt it. Its just aluminum at that point. But a true foil ball will always be foil just hand hammered and rolled and polished. Cheap Belgium/Chinese knock off!!!! But still pretty cool man. Just kidding with the Belgium stuff. I do respect the your chocolate all to hell.

Flausenkopf : Was it really necessary to spoil 100 literes of water to cool down the ball?!

Terron Herring : Cool

Sabrina Freitas : Eu gostei só acho que devia ter legenda para outros paises

Youtube Hero Level 5 : Why is this recommended to me i don't need aluminium Bolls

Amy Hensley : wow! how long did that take?

JoKer TM : Cooles video xD

Cristina Di Giambattista : Wow

DBZ Evolution : How much grass you have to kill,to wash one ball

Martincillo equisdexd : Like si te dan ganas de tocarlo xD

Adhyayan Mehra : Ultimately satisfing video....😍😍

ᴅᴏɢ ᴘᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴛʀᴀɴsᴘᴏʀᴛ ᴊᴇʀsᴇᴛ : Is that reddish orange thing clay or not?

Amccordford : How/why does the de-gassing process work? I've dabbled a tiny bit in smithing, but never with casting. I think this seems so neat!

محمد احمد : وين العرب دس ﻻيك

Perfumezz : Did anyone else enjoyed the noise of the fast forward? Lol I did

Hera Bear : Dang, that’s awesome but what do u plan on doing with it?

ASLAN Futbolcu 11 : Rip graas

Berke Sekeroglu : It looks like moon

Ninon Evanno : 20/20

AlphaOmega : -Japanese- -Foil- Ball

Red Night Scoper : kunt u alstublieft nederlands praten in één van uw video's.

MeXn VI : Juden

Khải phạm : sủa :)

Adriana Arrue : I love