Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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PressTube : So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

Jaiden Stylez : How do I always end up laying in bed watching these videos when i should be sleeping ??

Vereronun 231 : I think this is cheating.

Wuxia Princess : And here I am again, watching a recommended video. I dun even have a workshop to begin with. Let alone interested in aluminum ball. 🤷😂😂

• proballer5 : *”nice shiny balls.”*

AlphaOmega : -Japanese- -Foil- Ball

ハリーぽんたー : カーレースに例えるならロケットに乗って「どう?俺速いだろ?」って自慢しているようなもんだ。

Nevaeh Gamer : When the ball wasnt polished yet, it looked like you made the moon smaller and ur holding it. 😂

たぐ : 日本人👍

Jackabox Tv : I really want to touch the molten aluminuim

chandra danuarta : Rip grass

Christopher C. : Even as an American I think aluminium sounds better. It just makes sense considering all the other metals that end with an "ium".

just1certifiable : I like the soil. Where I'm at I would have had two buckets of rocks to get half a bucket of soil.

Lucky Thakur : I also think this is cheating

Pan Tostado : even chuan the lo mardefenz degrani karquecure genius su rontou di manns

andrius1994111 : Now make aluminium foil out of that ball

Reflection YT : who is watching this in august or september

똥 똥 : 딸근...

Alex John : Extra dik😂😂

Alex Hunt : not clickbait i'm impresed :-0

electronicsNmore : This trend is as stupid as the fidget spinners. That being said, you did a great job making that ball.

Burning Ice : I have every tool possible in my house...... Let's make one useless metal ball by wasting 8 hours of my own and 15 mins of others

Relzsox : ¿Algún español? ☺

Somporn Sampa : OMG Verry Good

citilll : Aluminiumfolie is german

Youtube Hero Level 5 : Why is this recommended to me i don't need aluminium Bolls

Gioda 00 : At first the ball seems the moon

docdecker : But is a hole in the Ball

Devon Christini : anyone else satisfied at 4:18?

cain : So glad to see another person who pronounces aluminium correctly.

Team 974 : German engineering vs Japanese engineering Update: Mission accomplished

FortRoyale : AH :)


Red Night Scoper : kunt u alstublieft nederlands praten in één van uw video's.

Cute Togekiss PL : In my country we spell Aluminium too. I'm from Poland by the way

Perfumezz : Did anyone else enjoyed the noise of the fast forward? Lol I did

Nat Medhisuwakul : I'm from 🇹🇭 I wanted you a alluminiam ball.

10171981 : Can you just add borax flux to the aluminium to de-gas it ?

Elizabete silva : Oi meu nome e ifftzheyxwtywje8s

Venu Kaushik : Will uplease make a video of casting of your own logo of press tube pls pls pla pls plz plz plz

Le PicBois : Don’t worry my friend. We say Aluminium here too! 🤣

asupara : 本気出しすぎ


Derrick Frost : 8:40 No wonder they make bonsais and use synthetic garden there..

mo to : 日本語訳ほしい

Stephanie Chen : All I was thinking was ‘I feel bad for the grass’

Ron8 Ceran : Ben je belgies

Niko Bellic : This is the reason why Japan Lives in 5018 and we are living in 1018

MateoRey2016 Niggas : OMG

Pugsley Enoch : In England we say aluminium to