Casting Mirror Polished Japanese Foil Ball from Molten Aluminium

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PressTube : So, there has been this trend of a mirror polished foil ball? Let's take it to the next level by melting the foil first :) Who liked this video??? :-) PressTube OuT !

Le PicBois : Don’t worry my friend. We say Aluminium here too! 🤣

ViajAnte Do Tempo : Vlad versão gringa

Martincillo equisdexd : Like si te dan ganas de tocarlo xD

EP Nico : ASMR

Jay _ : First time the thumbnail of the ball is actually reflective in the video good work : In the name of science *we thank you.* Now we can make metal balls of steel sparkle with reflections.

SUPER Panda : I Got an aluminum foil ad for this video😂😂

Super Scopez : Pffftt. Its not cheating, its pretty smart

DANIELSMEDIAS : the non japanease people have caught on, everybody leave.

Powerbounce : Am i the only one who cannot get over the hole he made on the ball :/ (*OCD alert*)

Prakhar Mathur : EXTRA DIK LMFAO

Roziléia Rute : Show de bola

DLK : That’s cheating

Canal Brothers : sou brasileiro mais achei top like

basjojogaming : like als je Nederlands bent

andrius1994111 : Now make aluminium foil out of that ball

amauri souza : Sou do Brasil

Ella O’Brien : Poor grass

Regiblox Gamer : How beat the system 101

William Weightman : Fininaly someone who says the metal correctly, instead of alooooooooooominum

Jetman640 : can you really call it an aluminum foil ball at this point 🤔

Shaira Abshire : Now I want to own a melting furnace.

The Miniature Gamer : PressTube can u make WWE Championship out of copper. Love your videos


1465chard : Waste of water.

electronicsNmore : This trend is as stupid as the fidget spinners. That being said, you did a great job making that ball.

JeeffHard Hardizon : cd os br ?

bokkey45 : Let me just get out my aluminum melting chamber, liquid metal de-gasser and 12th century blacksmith molten lava tongs and repeat the same thing

Daan Klein : I laughed when you said you bought it from the Albert Heijn! I live in the Netherlands so I know that supermarket😂😂😎

Tec Expert【ツ】 : Like from brazil👍

PsyChotic : can you make aluminium cube ? that's going to be a challenging one :)

kim namdad s : THAT IS SMOOTH 😍😍

abdoo223 : Also In my country we say aluminium

QLF DLL : Gg 👍

るろろりょりょ : 違う。そうじゃない

bilibob rut : This guys got a mini firehose 😂😂😂

Miraç Mert Canbolat : He was so bright he took his eyes

ᄋᄋ. : It's real Al Ball hahahaha

GD fhewi : Burning pooper

Bibilosca : OMG

Vishwadeep Sonawane : I'm from India,and we pronounce it the same you did. :/

AnitaFq 10 : This gave me ASMR Lol 😂❤ (Tan solo un comentario en español pasando lo aquí :v)


Gustav Spangby : Make the before in the left in the thumbnail next time please

새콤이 : very dangerous....

mike litoris : lol your aluminium has extra dik

Christopher Landas : What is the brown soil did you use for metal casting

AlvaLovesCookies YT : Oh my bejesus 😂👏🏻👏🏻 dedication

Fakz : Je bent Nederlands omgg