Why Our Joints Now Fail Sooner

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YetAnotherVegan : success story here: My knees, back, elbows, wrists, ankles, feet, hands, and shoulders were always sore and stiff, especially after sleeping... which was supposed to be the time of healing, according to my doctor. After I went vegan, my joints felt better, but were still painful and stiff, and then after I cut out oils and the majority of oily veggies (as well as anything processed), I am pain-free and I even run, which is something I have literally never done before in my life, but I love running now ^_^ I still feel sore after a long run, but it's a muscle soreness instead of a joint soreness, and it goes away after I wake up in the morning. Speaking of running, I am due for a run here in about 3.5 hours... love the channel ^_^

Gaiaisi - Gaia's Eye - Gaia is I : I imagine that more and more of the human population living in concrete jungles must play a role as well. After running the marathon a few years back I vowed never to run again on concrete whenever possible, I wasn't noticeably injured after, but 42 kilometers of pounding your knees and back on concrete will definitely give you an epiphany about being nice to your joints... Great low impact cardio alternatives are biking, Kung Fu/Martial Arts minus the punching bricks, with certain techniques even weight training doubles as good cardio, and if you do run, only ever do so on grass/soil. The concrete jungle is not our natural habitat! Massively useful video once again Mic. had no idea how much of an influence diet had on our all too fragile joints. Teenagers getting these problems, Yeezus!

Chuck Terrell : My mom had bad arthritis in her fingers, hands, wrists. Went vegan and her frikin fingers straightened out! PLUS she she is completely off one blood pressure pill and cut the other dose in half! Yet people I work with think it's a fluke and are convinced KETO is life... facepalm

Strawberrypocky911 : Cow's milk/animal flesh is poisonous for humans. Period. And I actually feel really guilty because, I just finished my 3 weeks work experience at an Aged Care facility for my certificate. Half of the diet consists of cow's milk though, so I honestly felt like "Dr. Death" feeding the elderly food with cow's milk 6+ times a day. Sadly however, I cannot really do anything about it. I highly doubt that I can single-handedly be able to convince the facility's CEO and nurses otherwise. Society just needs to eventually change as a whole and realize the truth about how humans and cow's milk just don't mix. Also, out of 90 resident's, I had only seen one resident there that drank soy milk. It's crazy how people can drink practically a gallon of cow's milk a day, their arthritis or osteoporosis gets even worse... but they still believe that it is healing them when it 100% isn't. One of the most terrifying things that I had seen during my work experience was a resident that had severe Dementia, but she was only 50 years old. She had truly believed that the baby doll that I was holding for her, was her actual baby daughter from 25 years ago. I was just blown away during that time, I felt so incredibly sad. And just from reading a magazine, she couldn't read it accurately. There would be a sentence such as, "Arthritis pills 50% off" and she would read it as: "AAA TTT T pill t 55 o o TTT." I'm super tired of poisonous cow's milk and other animal products destroying not only our bodies, but our minds as well. All of my friends are surprised that I am a Vegan FOR LIFE. They thought that I was just going through a "fad diet", but healthy Vegan is the default human diet for a reason. And I know there are a few comments on this vid saying, "But I'm Vegan and I still have a sore back/bones." Well, there are other factors that come into it as well but if you weren't Vegan imagine how much worse the pain would be. I used to have a sore back every single day before I went Vegan, but now my pain has been cut down by 90%. I only still have a little bit of pain because I'm still overweight but I'm working on it still. But anyways, thanks for this video Mic the Vegan! :)

Eelke Aptroot : Another reason why one might want to avoid bone broth would be that lead seems to accumulate in bones, though lead has a high density I doubt you want that in your bones...

David M.V. : MORE. JOINT. VIDEOS. These are so useful, as an athlete or as someone who just likes to practice sports, joints are so much of a problem and not talked about enough.

Peter Austin : Thank you. I started a plant-based diet at the beginning of September, it would be splendid if it helped to alleviate my crunchy-knees as well. One request; I suffer from Parkinson's disease, if you encounter any new news or information on this subject with respect to a plant-based diet it would be fabulous if you mentioned it. 8-)

Grandma Meaders : I am 61 and only started my vegan life 16months ago. I am happy to hear I might undo some damage. That would be great. Even if less damage thru my kind and cruelty free life style, aka vegan.

Ann Lamb : Stopped eating meat and dairy after being diagnosed with arthritis in thumb. Huge improvement. Also stopped cooking with oil. Thanks Mic. Great video as usual.

adamaj : I get that there is a diet component. But I've always wondered, do we, especially professional athletes, put stress on our joints that they were never designed (evolved) to take? I'm thinking about modern sports like tennis, basketball, soccer, football, track, or just exercising in general, lifting weights, cardio, etc. Sports played on hard surfaces with lots of running, quick turns and changes of direction putting crazy amounts of torque and torsion on the joints. What about a marathon runner. Are we supposed to run 26 miles? I know some people that run 5+ miles a day. Were our joints made for that day after day for decades? We exercise now because we're very inactive. But our ancestors wouldn't have done anything like this unless they absolutely had to expend the energy to survive. While our ancestors evolved, we mainly just walked around. Look at animals in the wild. They don't expend energy unless they have to. I'm not talking about young playing, etc. I'm talking about an adult moose just being like, "I think I'll go run downstream 20 miles for no reason." Doesn't happen. Most of the exercise animals get is walking, with relatively rare and short bursts of running.

Adam Warlock : I'm already vegan but I know some non-vegans I'm gonna have to show this video to

Ruth Hampton : As someone with a family history of arthritis this is a very interesting topic. Also wanna say that I love the videos Mike! You're really helping this vegetarian transition into a vegan :)

Eighty Bananas : Great video Mic. This Massage Therapist approves, I see this stuff everyday at the Chiropractic office.

That One Mad Scientist : Wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I'm only 17 and I have chronic joint inflammation. I noticed it flaring up more as I started to change my diet to more whole foods, but I did still eat dairy and fish at the time. Now I've been a whole food vegan for about 4 months and my joint inflammation is much worse. My knees crack, my elbows are sore, and my neck is always inflamed. I've been taking large doses of turmeric which has helped it somewhat, but I want to get to the core issue. I'm thinking that I have some pathogenic gut bacteria that is reacting negatively to some of the healthy foods I'm eating and is causing the inflammatory response. I'm seeing a doctor soon about it, but I'm worried that he's going to say that I need to eat meat again (I doubt that would fix anything and it's the last thing I want to do.) I was wondering if anyone had any insight or experience with this? I've reversed my pre-diabetes, hypertension, lowered my triglycerides and blood glucose, and have lost a lot of weight as a whole food vegan, so I have reaped many health benefits, but the joint inflammation is still bothering me.

Ed Tom Bell : "Not those types of joints."

Ro Ku : As one with spinal disc degeneration, my experience has been that its progression  has stopped (proven with MRI and x-rays)  and there has been some improvement of symptoms in the 4 years I have followed a vegan diet.

Manggae Tteokki : Thank you for adressing the bone broth issue. I still hear that argument from virtually everyone in my family and relatives. Now I know how to respond to that riduculousness.

Race Lever : Last... ;-)

Gabriel Flores : First. Although, I really shouldn’t be up this late. Thank you High School HNs and AP level classes, hope to enjoy this video while I do last minute work haha. Keep up the great work Mic, you were one of the few main people besides the plant-based doctor community that drove me to become a vegan!

Iron John : As a longtime vegan with a history of lower back problems, I would contest this to a degree. The idea of blood flow is interesting, but not sure if it's as clearly causative as in conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc. I think sitting (ie driving a car to a desk job every day) is a key culprit here, and probably body weight for a lot of people with knee and hip problems. Not in any way arguing against a proper diet, but the first recourse here (from my experience at least) is postural therapy (there is great content on YouTube like Egoscue or Athlean-X) and more regular movement and exercise to keep the body aligned.

MsAusarian : Okay what about us? Vegan for 13 years. In my 30’s. Why are my knees degenerating? I’m not representing the perfect healthy vegan here.

Tom S : Thank you for making this very important video. While my perspective is from Northern Europe where 70-80 years ago we didn't have enough vitamin D I do knowledge all other aspects you mention in your video as well. In my opinion this is such an important topic you could make another video on this. Edit: my grandmother who was 80+ when she passed away had bad osteoporosis due to not having vitamin D in her whole life. But this 'new phenomena' of people with joint problems I have difficulty to understand. As a 46 yo man who has had problems with joints - they all have healed. Then again I have always eaten more or less healthy diet. Vegetarian from 1995 and mow vegan from 2016.

Elise Nieuwe : It's not just about food but stress and sedentary lifestyle as well. Yin yoga helps the joints and against stress and even increases the length of telomeres. Yin yoga is about long lasting, gentle stretches and therefore is an inherently different way of stretching then how most people stretch. The long stretches work on the facia and the inner 'liquid' of your body.

S O N J A : No more whips, no more nae nae 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for watching that video of bone having a hole drilled in it for us 😭

YetAnotherVegan : notification squad!

hipb23 : Hey Mic...how about a video on gout? I can't seem to find anything in your library. My father in law is suffering and I want to show him it's his diet high in meat & dairy and not whatever he thinks is causing it. Thanks!

Cin : although thats great and all and bone/joint degeneration probably isnt a good thing - structural abnormalities and actual pain as a symptom arent highly correlated. So just bc in an MRI there is something „broken“ or „optimally intact“ doesnt mean you have or dont have pain.

another troubled person : My brain: You really should eat healthier like more whole foods and greens and stuff. Me: Yeah, but I can’t give up cheese IT‘S SO GOOD. Everyone: What aren‘t you vegan? Me: Yeah I mean vegan cheese IT‘S SO GOOD. Everyone: blearrrghubl disgusting If I leave anything with the word ‚vegan‘ on it in the fridge at my boyfriends place his siblings won’t touch it. Convenient. So go vegan! Noone will eat your food anymore!

dighyfveirfuveifbuv : I dislocated my knee last year but I'm a vegan so I just walked it off.

Jesse Forget : Ironically, my joints got worse after I went vegan. I don't know if it's because I'm lacking certain vits/nutrients or if I have an actual illness, but over the past year, things have been cracking a lot more. And I'm only 24. It started with clicking in my jaw that ended up getting worse, and eventually my toe and knee joints were affected as well. I've been trying to eat more zinc/magnesium to help collagen production, but it doesn't seem to be working. I even tried Maca and Moringa powder (for Vit C>Collagen production), but those didn't seem to help either. Perhaps I didn't take them long enough for any effect to be had. I live in Canada, and so have free access to health care, but it's not a doctor I'd like, it's a naturopath or something similar. Doctors treat symptoms and then the disease. Alternative docs look at everything and treat the underlying issues right away

VJ D : Hey Mike 😄 thanks for the great work as ever 👍

dan barry : thumbs up if you like soy sauce

Deathless Zero : Icy hot ad right before this vid, lol

Sara Anne : THANK YOU. I have joint problems at 25. My upper back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers. My doctor cannot figure out what's wrong with me. No inflammation, nothing wrong with blood tests. They chopped it up to Fibromyalgia. I'm in so much pain. I've been vegan for almost 2 years. I don't get it, I don't know what to do anymore :(

Carol Schwers : Prior to going vegan I suffered from Arthritis in my fingers and sore ankles in the morning. Six months into eating a healthy WFPB diet I had no pain. My reasons for the lifestyle change initiated from high cholesterol, which took a nose dive, and is now normal. I also suffered from embarrassing hotflashes at all times of the day and night and those are completely gone!!

Eco Mal : I hope carnists break all their bones.

Matthew Brosnan : What nutrients are most important for joint health/repair?

IJ OP : How about Hcl glucosamine? Even has been shown to extend life span in humans. Cissus quadrangularis can also help with joints

Plant Based Senior : Great video. I'm a 65 year old guy who's been vegan 10 years now. Managing scoliosis and arthritis with diet and yoga.

Paul Liepmann : is my life over???

Shane Baird : The reason Western doctors don't think joints can heal themselves is because the Pharmaceuticals they prescribe block the body's ability to repair its own joints and cartilage.

heymisterderp : Synovial fluid is composed of filtered blood plasma so to say that blood doesn't get to certain joints isn't correct. It transports oxygen and nutrients to the joint and removes wastes. So yes, the joint can regenerate. A joint that moves is a joint that heals. A lot of joint injuries are compression injuries. Decompress and move. First load the boat with nutrients. Getting the blood healthy --> Getting the synovial fluid healthy.

truefuschniken : Love this- thank you sooo much!!!

The Bearded Bros : Mic, can you please do a video on upper back pain? I’m a vegan college student, and I’m already having back pain. I have a feeling it’s related to sitting in a desk, wearing my backpack weirdly, and/or maybe shrugging my shoulders from stress. Very informative video as usual 😊

willanderson1983 : I legit had to have total hip replacement of both hips at age 34. Diagnosis: Avascular Necrosis of femoral head. Causes: high fat diet, alcohol consumption and/or major trauma in youth. What is AVN? Clogging of tiny blood vessels in the hip with lipids (fat).

erickfernando18 : Hey bro, why you look so pale? Take care And good vid !

BeatOutsideTheBox1 : Joint degeneration in general IS NORMAL. It's a part of normal aging and is not correlated with pain. Telling people their 'abnormalities' on scans are the cause of their pain is part of the problem that is contributing to chronic pain.

Mara Jade : So, I am 31 now, and have been having knee issues since 24-25. Seen a lot of doctors, MRIs, all sorts of tests etc, finally found a doctor who told me I have two genetic causes and the third would be lack of movement. Yey to desk work. Also, 6 years of handball and voleyball took their toll on my knees. Basically both my cartilages are wearing thin and it's not yet arthrosis, but thats the logical path. Been a year and so since cut our every single animal product and overall I feel sooo much better. I had tendinitis as well, my right mouse hand, so to speak, still have some trauma and the need to roll the wrist a lot, but the improvement is tangible. My bf lifts 5 days a week and his wrists don't hurt anymore since he changed the diet. Cannot be placebo because we had no idea until couple of months in and we studied a lot and educated ourselves and realized all the acidic cheese and meat we were eating. I'm struggling to get my dad to do smth with his knees and lower back, but he is such a lazy person. Improvement in my condition could also be due to the fact that I started training my knees, got physiotherapy, an acid injection in my right knee ( the one which is a bit ahead with the erosion). So all in all, a cocktail of good things for my body. And a complementary plants diet.

kbkesq : Hard to believe stats on knees over the years. Things changed so much with the running craze of the 1970’s and that affected backs as well as knees. People are far more active after 30 now than in previous decades. Weight lifting was almost never done even by professional athletes and now is done in every sport from golf to basketball to table tennis. That leads to greater forces on joints during the athletic motions themselves. The point about atherosclerosis of arteries in the spine is certainly interesting. But I know from playing various sports that biomechanics explains low back pain- golfers get disc herniations far more than boxers for example. Sedentary lifestyles - lots of sitting, women in the workforce in desk jobs with long hours- something that was quite rare before the 1980’s- that’s why we see so much LBP. and most sports are bad for joints and kids start playing all of them much younger now. Sorry it’s like climate change being blamed for every hurricane- you’re really stretching to blame LBP on meat eating. There’s plenty enough reasons to go vegan.

Frodojack : Really appreciate these investigative videos you've been doing. Here's some ideas: (1) Comparison of different sugars and sugar substitutes and their effects on blood sugar levels, taste, use in baking, and health side effects (if any); (2) Comparison of different mushrooms and health benefits, especially regarding claims for improving intelligence, respiration, heart health, anti-cancer activity, and immune enhancement; (3) Best hack for weight loss on a vegan diet; (4) Comparison of plant-based milks for health value, calories and taste; (5) Best hacks for fighting colds and enhancing immune resistance.