Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot—Declassified USAF Footage

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jruiz : 9.1 G's to recover holy balls. That's insane. On the other hand... Good job saving a life engineers

LeemaBean : For those not well versed in military talk: Knock it off: Safety term to end whatever exercise or activity immediately. Anyone involved can say this. Get above the floor: 12,000 ft was the minimum altitude for this and is in place for exactly this reason. The "G counter" is in the top left of the hud right above the speed. Speed is on the left side of the hud in knots. Altitude is on the right. Fun F-16 fact! The cockpit seats are tilted back to allow the pilot to sustain more G's!

Rameez Malik : Absolutely incredible.

Ruri Gokou : Ground Collision Avoidance System living up to the name.

Tyler Schafer : engineers solve problems not politicians.

Ice_wallow_come_ at_nite : Has he never seen chocolate rain don't breath into the mic.

Do a Flip : "Mission failed, we'll get em' next time."

Chris castella : amazing rate of descent....and recovery

ruffryder818 : Wow, he was literally 4 seconds from death. He was at 15k altitude and dropped all the way down to 4K altitude. He was dropping around 1k per second. At that rate he literally only had 4 seconds to live. Amazing technology

Nico Cain : technology working when it's supposed to can really really save lives! he owes his life to ever created that crash avoidance system

Chris Orellana : Is that not freaking incredible?!?! Hats off to the engineers!

XCrimsonPyroX : I love how when it kicks in it says "FLYUP" LOL

Richard Smith : Dropped 12,500 feet in 18 seconds. About 3 more seconds and he would have been dead.

AirTCO : in soviet russia such autopilot is not needed. if fighter crashes, russian woman shall give birth to a new pilot.

TheAz943 : when you are flying a jet in battlefield 4 and your controller dies

Happy Kids : Well here comes another Tom hanks movie Tom Hank is f16

Hawkins Thomas : 9 Gs on the recovery, wow!

Karthik Acharya : That was a little too silent for an F16 inside. Damn. The sound insulations must be insane.

MiamiOle : "Sully" is the appropriate call-sign considering such an amazing life saving system.

Jerad Burns Music : Dropped 8,000 feet in just seconds

m b : Million dollar plane b&w camera

Eugene S : And that's why we're replacing pilots with drones. Humans have limits, he was hitting 8.3gs when he blacked out.

LMGunslinger : im pretty sure knockitoff means cease exercises.

Dean Lotter : looks like a game i used to play on ps1 or ps2 back in th day

Only You Love : Auto-GCAS Saves Unconscious F-16 Pilot—Declassified USAF Footage


Hudson Blanco : RIP headphone users

Atheos : Holy shit that was intense...

PHIL-yes-PLZ : Imagine what its like 'waking up' going 800mph

Luke Weller : I have no idea what I just saw.

ItsMurr : I think this is just an elaborate plug for the new movie Sully.

venky yo : what is behind the blacked out part???

Dr. Love 1987 : Guy clearly blacked out and almost went supersonic. Glad he was able to recover in time.


enter.the.void.II : That's how he became an infantry man, a grunt

J.Fragoso : I know the g force can make inexperienced people pass out but is it common for pilots to pass out?

Felipe Moreira : Thank you Skynet

Joe Mama : Religious people be like, " God saved that Poor Pilot never Technology." 😂

you238 : Losing 10000 ft in 10 seconds...hooo-leeee shit.

DB Montgomery : Is the radar altimeter the "R" box? I think I saw as low as 2,900 AGL if it is. Truly amazing technology, kudos to the engineers and test crew.

goomba008 : Pretty much like Ace Combat

josephpa05 : I would never pass out

Carlos Boozer : Wow what a bad pilot I can do this in Battlefield and I didn't even pass out.

soccerguy2433 : 9G pullup recovery... damn

Matthew McKay : I wonder if the computer put him back to sleep for a bit. What with the 9.1G pull-out.

Gilamon Wildfire : Can someone explain what happened here? I have no knowledge of military codes or pressure stabilizers or aero technology.

GoofyGonzalo OCP : Color please

racingtheweb : I didn't even know that system (AGCAS) exist..

Chris : That feeling when you wake up and see you mysteriously a few miles markers ahead of the last one you just saw on the highway..... Shiver*

Luca Fuoco : What if his head fell down before the computer started pulling 9G? Could it result in a broken neck?