Pulling the Head/Servicing Short Block

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Following one of Robert Hight's qualifying runs in Norwalk, Ohio, Auto Club of Southern California crewmember Sam Fabiano shows from his point of view how quickly he can pull the head and service the short block for the next run.

Comments from Youtube

bmp3091 MMR : It's amazing how they work so fast😂

John Case : @JohnForceRacing lm very interested in applying for a pit crew position to work on one of your race cars what Credentials and/or Qualifications would l need to apply?

Master Chief 00117 : I got so good at replacing my 1975 Camaro head gaskets. I could do the whole job alone in 1.5 hours. As I had every tool memorized... I spent the rest of the day telling stories. Drinking beer and chasing girls...Only thing I catch now. Is hay fever...

Timothy Steen : Always cool watching that in the pits wish it was that easy on my engine

Seeking TKO : i like the extra bolts for the heads ...keeps the head stabilized 2:30

Rolando Escobar : I LOVE IT!!!

Anything Dragracing : Akimbo impacts that’s incredible

Romans909 : i wish my mechanic worked like that

commentator : My head is a blur.