Pulling the Head/Servicing Short Block

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Timothy Steen : Always cool watching that in the pits wish it was that easy on my engine

Part-Time Fabrication : Sweet!!! Where's the rest of the journey? PART2 PLEASE!

Mini Monster Racing : It's amazing how they work so fast😂

Anything Dragracing : Akimbo impacts that’s incredible

Master Chief 00117 : I got so good at replacing my 1975 Camaro head gaskets. I could do the whole job alone in 1.5 hours. As I had every tool memorized... I spent the rest of the day telling stories. Drinking beer and chasing girls...Only thing I catch now. Is hay fever...

Rolando Escobar : I LOVE IT!!!

Seeking TKO : i like the extra bolts for the heads ...keeps the head stabilized 2:30

Romans909 : i wish my mechanic worked like that

Robert : My head is a blur.