Paul McCartney Visits James Corden's Offices

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Linda Wellington : Oh my! A one hour documentary of the legend that is Sir Paul McCartney 😳 Wow, you just know it’s gonna be brilliant with Paul’s back catalogue of music 😍

Emily's got talent : So sweet having Paul McCartney

ndsıpǝ poʍu : I saw Paul MCartney I click

Jeff Apellido : With a gig like this, this Paul guy could get pretty big.

Charlie Haze : Looks like McCartney finally stopped dying his hair and came on with his natural gray. Hell,he's 76,,,who cares...and he looks fine with it anyway.

Leann Kennedy : Finally...a GREAT reason to look forward to Monday!

Darcean : PAUL WE LOVE YOU OMG!! I’m a 15 year old fan!! So happy omg omg!! August 20th!!

Raffy Inning : Sir Paul McCartney is a LIVING LEGEND. Hoping someday to see perform LIVE, that would be a DREAM COME TRUE.

Agent Carter : I love what a good sport Paul McCartney is with James Corden. Paul is a legend in the flesh, the brightest star, and he plays around with James Corden. Love it!

Tefain : More Paul McCartney videos pleaseee

Vicke Bajen : It is impossible to not love this man!

Mia7189 : Loving the fact that Paul is no longer dying his hair. The grey makes him handsomer, IMO.

Saadman Tareq : Paul still sharp as hell today, as he was in the 70s

Jesse Hernandez : Wthhhhh, I was literally singing a Beatles song and think of them, and this just came out. I love you Paul

Hailey Rowe : Wooooo! Aug 20th?! Best birthday present ever!!!!

Carol P : Great sense of humor........ Hahaha Hahahaha. Very, very funny. James, you are great. A wonderful appearance even next to Paul...... Paul's white hair fits perfectly. Please leave it like that. Your charisma is amazing! Great respect I am sending to you. Keep rocking! ✌️🤗



dimitreze : love the white hair please don't dye anymore you look like a really tired teenager when you do it

Pathumi Ratnayake : 2018 IS MCCARTNEY YEAR

Marx Romero : What a man, what gentleman! Sir Paul McCartney

Fredrik Ros : Didn't know Paul was such a great actor.

HollyBlueAgitated : if you want some more McCartney/Corden goodness but can't wait until Monday or you've watched the Carpool Karaoke a million times, watch the episode of The Graham Norton Show from 2013 when they were on together

Dagless Scran : Paul McLegend

NaTaLiE343 : AHAAAAA HE’S BACK PM and JC is everything I needed 😄😄

The Winspear : Why is there a beatle in my office?

Jenn'sCrazyLife : Paul can’t be bothered 😂

Brendan Hayden : Hope it's not only on CBS I hope it's on YouTube

NaTaLiE343 : And ahhhhh I’m so watching that on August 20!!!

STEPHEN BARRIE : A few years ago I sent a letter to Paul McCartneys company MPL, about been a fan of his & attended many of his fantastic concerts in the past, & all I wanted was a signed autographed photo, only to be very disappointed the following week in the post a photo card with missing autograph, surely he doesn't want a disappointed fan, with all his wealth he could of just did it for me, In 1998 I wrote to George Harrison, & this gentleman sent me signed photographs & in 1987 Granada TV produced the Beatles It was 20 years ago today, the press office sent me a colour press folder & I posted it to my friend George Harrison, two days later I received it back when I opened it, I couldn't believe that George drawn two doodles one was a church with the cross symbol & the other was a Hindu temple with the Hindu omn symbol, I still have all this to my day in my collection, YOU LOST A FAN WILLIAM CAMPBELL SHEARS.

Jay Louis : I love both these guys they're genuinely great people

KING Mercury's QUEEN : James, you've given us pure magic experience with that Carpool Karaoke with Sir Paul and now... THIS! "When Corden Met McCartney". 1 hour documentary film! THANK YOU!!! ❤❤❤ 🙏

Sheikh : I knew the Carpool Karaoke wasn't the whole story.

muggedinmadrid : i think god when we meet him will be very similar to paul macartney - creative, brilliant, patient, mannered, accepting, loving, timeless, well-humoured and compassionate.

Daniela Casas Ocañas : Paul i love you...😭❤

Harmony Mooney : This is being released on my birthday?! One of the best birthday surprises ever?

Kid Synthian : Man, Paul looks great

WillCarr 91 : Macca is back 👐🤘

Skye_Full _Of_Clouds : I aspire to be on this show

Tina Arias : YAAASSSS!!! So excited for this! 😍

ChubbyChecker182 : The Real Paul McCartney would never appear on such TV shows. Also this is not the real James Corden.

Brenda Aspey : This was really funny 😂 Look forward to the doco

rock er : Omg Paul is legend!

Tam S : I'm glad Paul isn't coloring his hair anymore

NATS : Omg its so exciting


Christian Appelt : Paul seems to be totally bored

David Price : This was without a doubt the best karaoke. Only James Cordon could have helped pull this one! Seeing the happiness in peoples faces to see and hear Paul was amazing. The Beatles music, and the Beatles themselves represent something special in the lives of millions. More than can be expressed, or understood by even the Beatles themselves.

Jojo T : Is it Monday yet?

Richard Agins : We finally see Sir Paul with gray hair. It's appropriate, as he's 75, and still handsome and famous. If his wife likes it, that's all that counts.