Recharging Alkaline Batteries

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Pdaf E : Cody would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse.

ravemastaj : In the future, for cool stuff like this, please don't skip parts! Removing all of the used innards of the battery is just as cool and instructive as putting it all together again. For example, why didn't you have to do anything to the manganese?

Michael Mast : At first I was planning my comment bashing you for recharging a chemical battery, but you tricked me by doing something cool and "recharging" them correctly. Kudos! Now excuse me while I disable my ad-blocker and reload your video...

EngiMen : Battery manufacturers HATE him! See how he saved over 17,324$ with this simple trick!

TheOtherSteel : No, no! You do not just throw batteries away. You take them to specialty locations that dispose of them properly.

john massey : Wow..! I just learned something i will never forget.....  Has any one made a lantern that you just add powder too....  Like a lantern that has two bins ... one with zinc powder and one with mangenese dioxide....  A powder fueled electrical lantern...?

Clash of Clan - JUMBO (JFG plays) : *breaks the whole battery* ehhhh not that big of a deal

aMondia : Recharge your alkaline batteries! Not really cheap, and only 100 times the hassle! Fun video though!

25greengoblin : So once alkaline batteries are depleted, the zinc oxide maes good sunscreen? Great tip! *heads to the beach sith a box of dead batteries*

SimplyChem : I can't fully express how cool this video is. Thanks for posting!!!!

Kaleb Smith : You should strap a gopro to a hat or use a headband so you can use both your hands!

Husky : Is this really recharging the battery because it seems more like making a new battery with the same case. Love your videos though.

Food Processing : Is there any way I could reduce zinc oxide to zinc? If you know any way that would be great for me. Thanks

Jessie Parker : could you make one fully from scratch?

HipposHateWater : *Sees explicit "do not recharge" warnings on casing* Cody: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!" *Does it anyway*

John Green : May I come live on your ranch when the zombie apocalypse hits?Awesome videos

angryadrien : I don't think this counts as've re-manufactured or refurbished them...and did a great job. Your videos are always fun to watch...maybe you can get a head-mounted camera so both of your hands are free?

flysubcompact : That was actually purty cool.  Thanks for taking the effort to film it.

Chirou : is it possible to refine zinc from zinc oxide ? and if yes it is hard ? neewbie metal refiner here xd

Sid Vicious : this is someone to know when the apocalypse goes down

CoolAsFreya : I'd call this refilling not recharging the batteries

faultyJACK : Good video

umperthay : LED bulbs will burn bright on almost dead batteries.

Corie Holden : Your right it is a helica lot better :) haha.

Matt H : They're not 1.5V because the large majority of the MnO2 was reduced to MnOOH during the initial discharge of the battery. Adding fresh Zinc will give you a tiny bit of extra capacity but not much to a 0.8V endpoint. Cool experiment nonetheless.

ben eichinger : not recharged, refilled. big difference

papanyanz : Probably you had not only to replace the zinc dust, but also recharge the battery before you seal it hermetically, because not only zinc is consumed during discharge process, but also manganese dioxide is reduced to lower oxidation states (+2 and +3 from + 4 and that will explain why you have lower voltage.

lil Chiller : You're mixing up current and voltage. No offense, just saying :)

Ecotech : You didn't chage the manganese oxide that why you got lower voltage, you have mostly Mn2O3 in the dead battery and the Mn(III)/Mn(II) redox pair should increase the voltage to 2.78V but this is not happening so what you have there is the leftover MnO2 reacting with the Zn.

The Herb : 4:17 "but is a hel-heck of a lot better" lmao

BlackShotmanLP : This more like, building your own battery than recharging it. Still awesome.

Dan -Wait for it- Moe : Im an educated man myself, but how the hell do you know so much?? how can anyone keep this much knowledge in their head at once? haha I found your channel a few weeks ago, and Im running through your videos like a starved kid runs through a pack of oreos.

Danny Carbona : A hell-k of a lot better. Good save.

stcredzero : Cody's Lab drinking game: Drink whenever Cody says, "It's not that big of a deal," followed by, "it's only [something] so I can replace it."

With Doom : Maybe the reason why you didn't get the 1.5 volts was because you didn't replace the manganese dioxide too? the MnO2 does consume producing a more reduced state of manganese which might still be able to act as oxidation agent, but would provide less electric potential to the cell than its precursor.

God : V-voltage is not current, you can't say "what kind of current we get" and the measure voltage.

RSA MAN : is that some weird fetish or why is he never using gloves

SysGhost : That's not recharging. I'd call that reloading the batteries.

Jonas : I was going to do this then I got 2 minutes into the vid and I was like, nah i'll just buy some.

bruce wayne : This Dude is the equivalent of a dark ages alchemist. I am very happy i subscribed.

WaluMac : Note to Duracell: People can recharge batteries with zinc play-doh.

Fizalex : I love your channel so much man! I love that there's a channel I can watch for 6 hours and not feel guilt about it because I learn so much

NocturnalNick : 4:17 "helluckava lot better.." lol

ConfusionFusion : Your mind is a thing of beauty Cody. I really hope youtube figures that out soon and stops harassing you. Your content never fails to teach me something cool and often useful. YouTube couldn't ask for better educational videos. They are shooting themselves in the foot by removing your content.

Molly Bennett : Any thing that says "do not do" Cody seems to do it.

slap_my_hand : please....... buy a better microphone! And don't use stereo! The left channel is MUCH louder than the right channel, and because i am using headphones, this is really annoying!

Engin Yeğnidemir : This is not recharging. This is rebuilding.

Iampluto17 4 : sorry i'm not very smart with battery smarts but don't batteries have acid in them?

Lukas : Volts is not the unit of current, but for voltage. Current is Ampere.

Alex D : since when was a 10 year old flashlight "not that old"? xD