Recharging Alkaline Batteries

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umperthay : LED bulbs will burn bright on almost dead batteries.

NintendoGuy5 : Im gonna save some potassium hydroxide and zinc for the apocalypse now.

Dave B : I'm afraid you didn't consider the dipole anerosity diffusion of the busulphenine colloids. Extracting maleable substrates will exemplify engagement of the lightest electrons and serve to intrude into the permeable dielectric, enabling the dipole amplification. This should raise the single pole voltage to 1.5 and the dipole EMF increases the brightness of the bulb.

Ian Fordyce : Love ya, Cody. :)

Robert Heal : Cody Dawn again.

James Ching : This boy didn't recharge the batteries, he goddamn made his own.

Jeff Beck : Cody is a shill. A disinfo agent. Enjoy.

KaosFireMaker : does it really count as "recharging" if it involves disemboweling the entire thing and replacing all its components?

Gareth Dodd : I'd love to see a tear down of a none rechargeable cell to see what happens when you warm them up to give you that bit of extra charge, or is it simply giving the old batteries a break and a chance of fresh contacts? And how much you can actually increase the voltage if the heat does anything at all

David Prock : Is Recharged the proper word? Isn't it more like Remade!?

EngiMen : Battery manufacturers HATE him! See how he saved over 17,324$ with this simple trick!

jakub rembacz : zinc oxide+ clay = refractory clay

å : how about different batterias?

Matt H : They're not 1.5V because the large majority of the MnO2 was reduced to MnOOH during the initial discharge of the battery. Adding fresh Zinc will give you a tiny bit of extra capacity but not much to a 0.8V endpoint. Cool experiment nonetheless.

Dan Zabo : Cool stuff. But I’ll stick to the store bought new batteries. Too much thinking for me. lol.

Doge : you can do this or easily just buy another pack of rechargeable ones

Benjamin March : Make a EMP shelter then save all your videos on a HDD and SSD and put them inside it for safe keeping.

Kristoffer Persson : i didnt really see what you did with the solution when you dripped that in there but man this was really cool!!

Chris Witzel : standing by for sunscreen from old batteries

zylascope : Why was the voltage lower than 1.5v? Maybe the Manganese Dioxide wasn't wet enough with electrolyte? What liquid did you use to wet the Zinc powder with? Was it Potassium Hydroxide?

Broken Wave : This isn't recharging...

Danupon the Scientist : Yay! I just got an idea from you. Thank you so much and keep on the good work.

Joao Liduario : At the end of the world I wanna be on your team.

Daily Life with Steve : Is it even possible to grind on zinc

scott close : Is it just me or did any one els hear zaping when he was puting the zinc paste in the old batteries?3:25

Molly Bennett : Any thing that says "do not do" Cody seems to do it.

Jay Tucks : I would not sacrifice any of my valuable electronics by doing this due to leakage.. maybe during a zombie apocalypse but that is what insurance is for.

Keith Hearn : With batteries this dead, the only thing you can do is go through their clothes and look for loose change.

Brawl20 : you're probably not allowed on planes.

NocturnalNick : 4:17 "helluckava lot better.." lol

Garrus Vakarian : 4:02 Cody puts the camera in his mouth! lol Cody's the best.

Hrafn Svavarsson : You see people with big hunting knifes doing "zombie survival" videos.. this is a rl survival video

Вадим Туров : mandganese dioxide is partialy turned to manganese oxide-hydroxide so if you take it out and heat for a while on open air it will turn back to dioxide and battery should give more volts

ender_scythe : 1.2 volts is an average battery voltage, 1.45 is common for charged ones, but if you leave them around or use them a bit, they often discharge to 1.2 volts. So I'd say you've done perfect! These might even have a better discharge curve, maybe still having a meaningful capacity at 0.9 volts.

Donald Trump : this dude cheap af

TechyBen : But computer game crafting told me you need a lemon and a tin can only... ;)

Zach Swena : You didn't refresh the oxidizer? It seems like either the purity of the oxidizing agent is reduced because of being partially spent, or the electrolyte you used isn't as conductive as it should be.

Muhammad Waleed : "Its old but not too old. only about 12 years old" im 13 -_-

Jeffrey Pomeroy : Technically you could take the zinc oxide and dissolve it into sodium/potassium hydroxide and make sodium/potassium zincate and then perform electrolysis and then take the zinc spongy material and perform the rest of this process. You could use the sodium/potassium hydroxide after all of the zinc has been removed from the solution as the same electrolyte for the battery.

The Blasphemous Gospel : Cody what's the redox half equations

John Amy : what did you wet the zinc with?

Yeggster Shane : AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gunnar Palic : Said he was gonna recharge un-chargeable batteries. Liked instantly

Robert Pirlot : Interesting but not worth it.

BeGamerSl : Could I use sodium hydroxide? Potassium is hard to get here.

cornz38 : Check out the method of recharging alkaline batteries known as PCR (Periodic Current Reversal). Its quite a simple circuit and I can attest that it does indeed work.

MZ flighter : Cody, make a semiconductor at home please: )

Patrick Owens : Voltage and current are not the same thing

John Abramo : Cody, I think these batteries collected a lot of internal resistance due to rusting and decaying in general. Let U be the nominal voltage (1.5 V) and E be the apparent voltage (1.3 V) We can find the internal resistance R of the battery by applying the formula: U*(1 - 1/R) = E 1.5*(1 - 1/R) = 1.3 1-1/R = 26/30 1/R = 4/30 R = 30/4 = 7.5 Ohms

Coma White : would the thickness of the paper membrane effect the voltage?