Google Translate Sings: "Africa" by Toto

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Linus' Epic Music Channel : I'd love to see a google translated airplane safety demonstration!!

wesley ross : *D I A B E T I C W A T E R M E L O N*

Grace Wilbourn : "I will take your lunch away from you" "I'm having ice cream" "I just want to sleep" "I did nothing" me literally every day tho...

A Demigod Ravenclaw : “TIME TO GET DRUNK” Google, I’m pretty sure you already did that

Lanie : "Be angry and stand there." Protesting in a nutshell.

Bob Herald : Stages of watermelon: Gradually, and diabetic

Angel Art : “I just want to sleep” Relatable

Alphys The Royal Scientist : "There are multiple Madagascars? Yeah, there's three movies!

Microraptor zhaoianus : "African hydropower I pray to Auckland for the rain Thank you for the rain of the USA I like snow in Africa" LOL.

Ultra Blaster 2391 : 1:41 Don't eat dogz Me:Oh.. Me:spits out doggo

CapnBrowncoat : "You can not seduce hundreds of people" Well sure, not with that attitude.

CharChar Animations : *Anime Cristemopois Diasomia Dibesi Compressed Diabetic Watermelon*

Gildarts Winters : The lunch that you take away from me, does that involve watermelon? Because, if so, I hope the taking of my lunch is gradual.

Visible Confusion : *Compressed Diabetic Watermelon*

MsHanna : "You cannot seduce hundreds of people" Um.. Malinda that is exactly what you're doing

Allenor : Song: "I can't seduce hundreds of people" Malinda: "hold my ice cream"

angel_with a_shotgun : I just want to sleep. My life in 5 words

eloisevinicombee : when you try to sing the actual song but you start singing the translated version :I

Lord Sivler : 0:35 wars...

Seal Bucket : 1:06 NOOO DON'T I LOVE MY FOOOOD

Sawny クイーン : 100 year old students. That’s gonna be me at 100.

Alicia Browne : Just Remember *_I Will Take Your Lunch Away From You._*

Three Tone Rebel : Hwo the hell does "I bless the rains down in Africa" become, what 7 different things?

Lyn : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk." That's just me after work every day

Calum Drury Kane : This is literally in one of my playlists Satan will take you to the pasta

NPC : I am having icecream, time to get drunk? I thought you were going to sing africa not my autobiography

Jasher Fox : Haha I just discovered this and am loving it.

NoBannerFlags : C O M P R E S S E D D I A B E T I C W A T E R M E L O N S

Tips trips and DIY : "I will take your lunch away from you" bad move, google. Don't you dare

it Tinins : Return of the watermelons

max_._ml : You said you couldn’t seduce 100 people. But you just did with this song ;P

Sean Conlan : My friend comes up to me and goes: going to take your lunch away frae you. Now i understand

ABU FZR MAN : Imagine if someone come and said "Don't eat dogs" then he slept straight away lol I'm dying 🤣

Ervia Tangerine : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk." "I just want to sleep" "I did nothing" this song sounds like my life

Kawaii CookieKun : “You cannot seduce hundreds of people” Bet

Barbara Rizzo : the end is beautiful

Hydroid : i translated ''i bless the rains down in africa'' a bunch of times.. *Soon they will die in Africa.*

Llama Boi : I know Ali is doing a good job (Insert Ali-A intro here)

AaronTheBlackDragon : Stealing lunch, eating ice cream and getting drunk. Count me in.

Wolfpak\/\/ave : This reminds me WAAAYY too much of my sister, not sure if I like that...

Kiara Snapper : 0:58 MOOOD 2:49 is me after a long day

Elise Weatherford : Love this song thx for making my day!🤣❤

Nobody : I try! To feel deep about myself. Wow that’s me but I don’t even try... I just always feel deep about myself.

Nemesiz416 : Taking someone's lunch, seducing hundreds of people, having ice cream, and getting drunk. Sounds like a pretty normal Tuesday.

tsundxre : "I'm having ice cream" Wow so disrespectful of you to eat their lunch. Especially the ice cream!

girl power : Everytime i Heat the Original Song I think now "i will take your lunch away from you"🙈🤣🤣🤣

Persian Mapper : 2:45 Actually, In countries like Lesotho which have incredibly high elevation, Snow comes several times every year.

Daniel David : Teacher: What did you do over the summer? Me: 2:50

Sara Brenna : So the watermelon gradually became diabetic. It's all connected, i see.