Google Translate Sings: "Africa" by Toto

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Translator Fails : Y'ALL LOVE LETTER COMES OUT TOMORROW and some of you can already hear it because time zones but OMG!! Pre-order here if you haven't already, I cannot WAIT to share this with you. xxx

Lyn : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk." That's just me after work every day

AaronTheBlackDragon : Stealing lunch, eating ice cream and getting drunk. Count me in.

Mertsa 61 : Of the creators of "Gradually Watermelon" now coming to cinemas: "Diabetic Watermelon, a thrilling sequel".

Garrielle Sinclair : "be angry and stand there" "I will take your lunch away from you" "I'm having ice cream" "Time to get drunk" "I just want to sleep" "I try to feel deep about myself" "I did nothing" This is the biggest mood ever

diamond crusher3 : "one hundred year old students" JESUS CHRIST HOW MANY TIMES HAVE THEY FAILED MATH?!

Susan Williams : This song is literally ALL about being 20-something. Don't believe me? Well there's the obvious drunk-ice-cream, and trying to feel deep about yourself. And of course slightly questionable geographic knowledge. But think about the other lines... Most of us still slogging through a degree feel like hundred-year-old students. And who hasn't tried to create social change, but been defeated by an old man in power? And if "I think the words have been written and the subtitles have been written" isn't trying to meet a word count, I don't know what is. Okay a couple of things don't really make sense, but that is the epitome of being twenty. And of course, at the end of your twenties you realise "I did nothing"

Alakitty : Is this what a mid life crisis sounds like

Swordterranean40 : I'm eating ice cream African hydropower (nope) I pray to Auckland for the rain (wrong continent) Thank you for the rain of the USA (still wrong continent) I like the snow in Africa (wrong precipitation) Completely lost it there XD

Christina Vernon : "I just want to sleep" Every adult and school person ever

Tips trips and DIY : "I will take your lunch away from you" bad move, google. Don't you dare

Doggy101 : I LOVE how she adds gradually watermelon!!! I CANT EVEN😂

Corvus Nine : And yeah, EVERYTHING goes back to watermelon. Watermelon y'all!

jelle b : 2:50 when you have a schoolasignment and the teacher asks how far you are

Leonidius20 : "I know Ali is doing a great job" *ALI-A INTRO STARTS PLAYING*

Ryan True : Go away I want to sleep is me every single morning but this song definitely made today better!

Jose Sanchez : *Go home Google Translator, you're drunk.*

Allie Silver : "I know Ali is doing a good job" I know my name is spelled differently, but that was nice to hear :)

Sea Pearl : "I did nothing" me after an unproductive day aka every day

RocknRollGirl : "time to get drunk" That explains the subtitles lol

Lauren Brown : "I want to sleep" Don't we all? 😂

BrowngooseRedhen : So many t-shirt slogans...

MarineVanguard : But if it's snowing in Africa, why are you having ice cream? Oh, who am I kidding, I'd do it too.

DarkMasterofCupcakes : Honestly, I think pretty much any of the remaining songs from Hamilton would be great as translations, with the ones I'd probably most want to hear being either "Satisfied", "Wait for It", "Guns and Ships", or "It's Quiet Uptown". Possibly the last one the most, just because I want to see just if Google can make possibly the saddest song of the musical hilarious.

Lina Bee : Ok but.... Diabetic watermelon!! It needs to be a T-shirt to continue the watermelon saga!

cramer floro : 0:12 "All of the African languages"?... Oh my, we're in for a good one

Francisco Moreno : 0:29 Name a more iconic duo of words related to a watermelon. I’ll wait.

Creeper Cake : And there we have it, GRADUALLY WATERMELON :D buy the merch now!

jesssssie : Ive never been so happy about someone saying “gradually watermelon” in my entire life. It was actually the reason I subscribed!

LandAhoy : So it sounds like she is a geeky scientist doing research and buying Star Wars merch, then on her way she meets this old (probably senile) man, and starting from 0:56 these are all his words.

inkblotCrisis : "And the subtitles will be written." *IT KNOWS*

Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7 : Africa by Toto is so good they named a continent after it. And Malinda Kathleen Reese is so good she made a Google Translate parody out of it. (And then after Google Translating the above comment in Afrikaans, Amharic, Hausa, Igbo, Malagasy, Sesotho, Shona, Somali, Swahili, Xhosa, Yoruba and Zulu - all of which are African languages...) Africa, called Africa, is right in Tucson. Russell Always ready to create a Google page.

Dark Emperor Gamer : "African Hydropower" *nope.*

Xman Roberson : Lol i pray to Auckland for the rain

Seth Smith : I just wanna sleep is a big mood for me!!! 😹😹😹

Ervia Tangerine : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk." "I just want to sleep" "I did nothing" this song sounds like my life

LBS Sax Guy : *Gradually Watermelon* OH BOY, IM DYING OF LAUGHTER (Didn’t follow that instructional video)

Tailslover13 : I honestly thank Family Guy for letting me learn about the song Africa, because really I hadn't exactly known about it up to the episode where it was featured. And, it's now become of my favorite songs ever; just sucks I never learned about it earlier. So, yeah, no surprise that this parody was hilarious and awesome. A great song, with funny translated lyrics!

unfabgirl : "I know Ali is doing a good job." Aw, thank you!

Dark Emperor Gamer : *"Don't eat dogs."*

linusblanket32's epic music channel : I'd love to see a google translated airplane safety demonstration!!

Adam Uhrynuk : Ice Cream and day drinking? I think that seduced hundreds of people

Nathalie Hanna : Why watermelons everywhere?! LOL Edit: I was eating watermelons while watching this

MoonDustShine : Diabetic watermelon? Heh heh heh HEH *GRADUALLY WATERMELON* :D

InzeklordBBG101 : I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk... Someone had a breakup or something lol

CapnBrowncoat : "You can not seduce hundreds of people" Well sure, not with that attitude.

guinealover6674 !!! : Parents: So, did you do any of your chores? Me: I DID NOTHING.

Merry A : 0:27 Damn Malinda, back at it again with gradually watermelon 😂 🍉

skydemon101 : *_i was defeated by an old man_* XDDDD I'm dying lmao

JMelliee J : 2:50 me being a little bit too proud of my answer to what I've done this year so far but then realizing that it's not a good thing.