Google Translate Sings: "Africa" by Toto

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Translator Fails : Y'ALL LOVE LETTER COMES OUT TOMORROW and some of you can already hear it because time zones but OMG!! Pre-order here if you haven't already, I cannot WAIT to share this with you. xxx

AaronTheBlackDragon : Stealing lunch, eating ice cream and getting drunk. Count me in.

PastelMagpie : Just a friendly reminder: Don't eat dogs.

Digi Biscuit : Before: Gradually watermelon After: Diabetic watermelon

Dorothy S. : Google translate: You cannot seduce hundreds of people. Malinda: Watch me.

Yandere Alchemist : “I pray to Auckland for the rain” “Thank you for the rain of the USA” “I like the snow in Africa” Me: Apparently Google Translate wants it to snow in Africa. Also, Auckland is now a rain god in charge of the rain in the USA.

Lyn : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk." That's just me after work every day

Metal Octive : Yeah there are 3 Madagascars Madagascar Madagascar escape 2 Africa Madagascar Europe's most wanted

Ashley S. : "You cannot seduce hundreds of people" My guy friend definitely skipped this class

Totoro : Two important lessons: Don't eat dogs. Always be greatful for the snow of Africa and the rain of the usa

DaveBob : 0:23 How in the actual hell did "But she only hears whispers of some quiet conversation" turn into "Anime, cristemopois diasomia dibesi compressed diabetic watermelon"? also *watermelon*

Tips trips and DIY : "I will take your lunch away from you" bad move, google. Don't you dare

Devon Rogers : I bless the ice cream down in Africa. Wait a second...

Louthinator : 1:11 "you can't seduce hundreds of people" these lyrics are lies!

Deadly Death : 0:53 google translator becomes self aware

Art Kittens 4ever : Do Badly translated usernames, you could pick some of your subscribers to translate.

Ryan True : Go away I want to sleep is me every single morning but this song definitely made today better!

Someone : "You cannot seduce hundreds of people" Is that a challenge

wowplants : How does one get Auckland from Africa? I think Toto strayed a liiiittle too far from Kansas 😂

Grace Wilbourn : "I will take your lunch away from you" "I'm having ice cream" "I just want to sleep" "I did nothing" me literally every day tho...

Richard Thompson : I think there's still snow on Kilimanjaro* (not as much as before the climate change began, but still...) (*which rises like Olympus above the Serengeti)

Lauren Brown : "I want to sleep" Don't we all? 😂

logan leone : Don’t eat dogs. That killed me. You earned yourself a sub random girl I found!

CRAFTASTIC DIY : 'There are multiple Madagascars?' *'Yeah.'*

TwIsTed : *I liked the part when google translated the lyrics.*

BladeOfFlames Productions : 1:52 Ali-A is very popular these days.....

cramer floro : 0:12 "All of the African languages"?... Oh my, we're in for a good one

Humowus Asmr : This is probably my 6th time watching


Isabella Maillet : “You cannot seduce hundreds of people.” Malinda, you already have.

Phoebe Thien : I will take ur lunch away from you😂😂😂😂

Aaron Juan : 2430 feathers, the best thriller film, only in cinemas.

HydesR01 : When you make the line "Don't Eat Dogs" an acronym, you get ded, which is what that dog would be if you ate it. DON'T EAT DOGS


Omega R'bal-Deijai : "I'm having ice cream. Time to get drunk" keeps coming back to my head, days after watching this. What a chorus!

linusblanket32's epic music channel : I'd love to see a google translated airplane safety demonstration!!

Daniël Fuhres : I loved the ''I'm having Ice Cream'' one more. xD lol Also, is it just me or does Watermelon keep dropping into these translations? xD You are haunted by Watermelons!! xD

Clara Araújo : You can't seduce a hundred of people... Yeah, I think She can 😂😂😂

wesley ross : *D I A B E T I C W A T E R M E L O N*

Ultra Blaster 2391 : 1:41 Don't eat dogz Me:Oh.. Me:spits out doggo

Zoey Cahill : I will take you lunch away from you Mood

Sawny クイーン : 100 year old students. That’s gonna be me at 100.

Patch : 1:43 Mood

David Leader : I preferred her early works that didn’t sell out to the alcohol and ice cream industries. I’m glad she’s at least promoting the learning and fighting capacity of older people.

xxxgothgirlsxxx : compressed diabetic watermelon gradually watermelon

inkblotCrisis : "And the subtitles will be written." *IT KNOWS*

Riley Upperman : "time to get drunk" that's me on every Monday.

Alpha Kretin : I’m so glad this popped up in my recommended

ClearWaters : I translated it and got this Listen in the afternoon But listen to this. 00:30 I found an asterisk on the calendar. so We want you and old music. Return to the word "wait time" list list I have 100 students Thank you for a degree in the United States. Remember the bridge for consciousness. tonight So they needed a new home. I have the right to change Show the page I tried to call her list list I have 100 students Thank you for a degree in the United States. Remember the bridge for consciousness. wait list list I have 100 students Thank you for a degree in the United States. Thank you for a degree in the United States. rain Thank you for a degree in the United States. rain Thank you for a degree in the United States. Thank you for a degree in the United States. (Yes, time has come) Remember the bridge for consciousness.

Aidan Chalut : 1:11 thats where youre wrong kiddo