Step back I think I'm gonna vomit Original

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Ellie The Cockatiel :3 : "STEP BACK, I THINK IM GONNA VOMIT!!! UUAG-"

TaroTaro TV : When ur 6 and see ur parents kiss

nick do a truck : i cant even be mad at that homophobe bc of how overdramatic and hilarious his reaction is

Aria : The "aw" everyone made makes this video perfect

Cancer at it's finest : The professor looks like the guy from Jurassic Park

Krookodile : I love the guy on the rights face “Hell yeah I just kissed him”

Jewel Meem : I don’t care whether they’re just friends or not but I’ve never shipped two people more in my life.

Katherine Byers : But this left on a cliffhanger...did he vomit???

Aidyn : The kid in the grey immediately went over to him and put his hand up like he was gonna keep kissing him and then hE WAS BLUSHING LOOOOOADS I LOVE HIM

taylor : *_n o h o m o t h o_*

sophie linfitt : his smile makes me smile awhh

Big money : Me discovering that the fic I’m reading is untagged incest vore


BitterVoid : Omg his face turned so red. That was adorable. And maybe they are actually gay because the way he put his arm around the guy in red before he kissed him..

InkaSplatoon : OMG those boys! I love them! They are being themselves and I love that!!!

Asuna Gieto : Any one else see the sign in the background that says "your souls belong to us" ?

Sara Arychuk : They are the only otp in life I ship


Travis Milles Sucks At Skating : I think they are homies and just doing it for the idea.

Killjøy Clique : Why does the one in black look so much like Josh Dun

Potato Biscuit : his smile made me watch it 100 times.

ItsMe Owl : Me after running 2 laps in soccer

GamingUniverse : For everyone who thinks they're together: they're not. In the description of the original the guy says that they did it as a joke and they're just friends.

Giannina Delgado : Who are the 2 guys in this video

guido7095 : Did he actually vomit?

Han Pines : Tag urself I'm the "aww"

dcjonte : What a legend. He should run for president in Sweden, we need someone like him.

Alice x : The one in black is literally josh dun omfg

Paris Nicole : I know they're just friends but I think sweatshirt wants more than friendship the way he put his hand up XD

CharacterOverPride - : When the guy on the right put his hand on the other dudes shoulder I just oh I’m crying.

subscribe to pewdiepie : This is the biggest ship i have in my life. I dont care about any reationship more than this

Hans . : *Some say he actually vomited.*

midnight wolf : That was sooo funny and cute I died laughing 😄😄😄😄

naoiioa : Tbh , gay couples are so cute 😍

Maniak Manners : You could see that on both of their faces, they both started blushing after they kissed. This is so cute 🌈❤

S t a r r : Papyrus and Mettaton: *kiss* Sans: *s t e p b a c k i t h i n k i ' m g o n n a v o m i t*

Elaine F : I just wanna point out that out of ten comments, 3 homophobes. LOVE IS LOVE GUYS.

Yaroslav Tomashevich : XD wtf XD

dylan fry-stone : I think that the guy on the right was leaning in for more of a make out session than a peck on the lips 😂 😂 😂

Jonathan Runion : Professor: “The Bible is very clear...” Boy: “Hey Professor” Kisses another boy 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Professor: “Step back I think I’m gonna vomit” 🤢

TheBlender : This man's a legend.

Karli : i need to know what came from this video. are the boys together in this video? are they together now? were they just friends? is the professor still homophobic? i have an infinite amount of questions and NO ANSWERS

VanityManatee : "All your souls are belong to us"?

Jaemin loves Renjun uwu : If those guys are together, awww....but that guy that said im gonna vomit, he was the one that made ME vomit..

011 011 Make A Wish : *that fetus Josh look alike tho*

Sierra Monroe : My girlfriend and I are basically doing this tonight at her graduation. I can't wait to see how this teacher reacts

TOPGOP TV : They're cute

Trey Ward : I just love the professors response

Sam Darren : The way he said that I laughed so hard than I needed too

Tyrannosaurus Deer : Who could dislike this masterpiece?