Eminem - I'm Not Done (EMINEM MGK Diss Response Pt. 3)

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Lunar Prism : I know that this guy is fake, but this was actually good

RaGe EpiKz : This is now overkill.

Encore Records : "How you been 15 for 3 years in a row"!? 🤣🤣🤣

Chthonian121 : Even an Eminem sound-a-like is better than MGK lmfao so sad

Matt Walker : Bro this fake eminem rap is still so much better than MGK's rap devil

S R : How does this guy sound just like Eminem

king mehdi : The ryhming is so perfect and he sound like young EM

I Drop Them : This went so hard that I didn't even realize it wasn't Em

g chang : Even Eminem biggest fan, STAN, murdered MGK...hahaha

X e d z z zz XB : machine bun jelly 😂😂🛡u best protect ur self Kelly 😂😂

LOGIC ! : Not Em but still dope af.

Anthony C. : The only Clickbait I thoroughly Enjoyed!

Ro bands : He murdered all of them

Sabbir Shahabuddin : Nice job Stan But Will the real slim shady please stand up

Ro bands : And people wonder why im a atheist that shit was tuff

Jimmy Cricket : "Ra ta ta ta " 😂😂🤣🤣🤣💣💥😱💀☠

Puneet Sharma : Hey bro you rap really good don't listen anyone else believe me

Joshua Gary : Stan even better then mgk damn🤦🏽‍♀️

Erion Tsani : I must admit it that was a good one!!!

gz15 MM2 KING : Hey person looking through the comments have a nice day

John Hiltner : For not being Eminem he can diss🔥

Andrey the Gamer : When a fan response before Eminem

rohu792 : So eminem does have illegal babies..LOL😂😁

Typical Player : Better than mgk

SHYEEAA DAWGS : Eminem's fans rap better than mgk lmao

maximo almonte : This is not em but god damm this is fire lol 😂

King Zero : Make a Chanel were u rap weekly called stansgotbar

HezyFoShizy : There's a disclaimer in this Youtuber's about me section saying it's an artist named Denace that's spitting the lyrics. Besides that, if your an Eminem fan you should be able to tell the difference.

James Schutter : "At least I sound like the muthafuckin greatest." Thanks again, Dennis!

Missile pro gaming : I thought murder was illegal

Faextrilla Bruh : did he diss mgk or almost every person thats a famous rapper ? XDD

Adri Graythus : This is Denace, on his channel he and the other Stan made it.....

Eli Leal : Why ain't this on spotify 😢

Kimak Gaming : Ra ta ta ta ta

000 : Dose anyone feel sorry for all the people who think this is real?

Dead pool : this guy need to sign a deal , i tell you that

Youtube Fanatic : 🎵"Woke up to Honkies Sounding like me Never be as Good, Never be as Good"🎵

Elbetle Sisay : Did eminem see this 😂😂😘this is fire

Clinton McNair : took me two beers and a jelly sandwich to write it

ISellHisokaYT : When you realize it's click bait but you kept listen cause it's lowkey 🔥🔥😅🧐

tiny thinker : Jelly sandwich

Unknown Unknown : Imagine this was on em’s album

David N : I with mgk but this is a 3 for 3. Stans killed marshall AND mgk

M K : But who else seen Lizzy during the pepper challenge

Lifeless Gaming : it is good

Jw Nj : This is comedy gold.

thought in my mind : 2:45😂😂😂

Superhero123Kaleb : It was fire and all but once I heard the p.s. I just felt the music so much it has became my favorite song I couldn't relate more

MOODY & MADII : dude. your so talented. just don't pretend to be Eminem. you can be your self and rap like a god. cause u have it in you. make your self known man. I love this