Please don't take my banana away!

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durianhead : is this dog on red bull edit: red bull gives you wings, this was a joke about how this bat looks like a dog, please stop messaging me about how it's a bat thanks

NavaIMTutorial : Since When Dog loves Banana? Oh, *Wait...............*

Delia Arroyo : Bats are like puppies with wings

Kervis Gamer : I thought it was a cute puppy it’s a bat! I didn’t know lol there so cute!!

Mela Binford : *we have discovered a new species* *the dogbat*

ziljin : Took me a while to realize it's not a dog.

chocolate : Wow I never thought a bats face would be like that IT'S A CUTIE

Minako Hiashi : I thought Bats are like mices with wings. That looks more like a dog

Angel M. : That's the cutest bat ever.

Moe Jdg : What kind of Chihuahua is this?

Micah Sackey : And here we have a species of *tiny air doggo*

Tammy Mcpherson : I’m in love with these bats!! They are really amazing animals. Thanks to all of the people who give them tender loving care and help them get back to health.

Dinna Barabino : He is so cute!!! I’m dying

Isabella Adelmann : I love bats so much their so adorable!!❤️

csknives2140 : here we have found a rare: smol air dog

ProtoMario : Strange dog

Tears of Soy : Their like little dogs with wings

okxyroar : IT'S A FLYING DOG. It's a Bat, im well aware xd

NavaIMTutorial : *So....... That is a Bat? Whoelse think this is a Dog for the first time?*

Onestrandedperson : Bats ain’t nothing but some bird puppies

RAGNES7 : Is that a *BAT, Man?*

Astro Awesomeness : I've been getting so many random animal videos in my recommended... 🤔

VGcadawson : Awwww Soo cool and so cute!! ❤️❤️

Angelica Gayle : Does anyone else live for the way Australians say hungry 😂😂

Nicolet : Es un perro? ;-;

Elma Handzic : Its unhealthy for my heart how this little creature is cute 😢😢😍😍

Philthy McNasty : The Chihuahua finally evolved..into a gargoyle!

Juliana Santana : EU QUERO! ❤❤❤❤

Max Ay : Batdog

Gadnuk Breaker of Worlds : The voices of the rescuers that work at the rescue and sanctuary are some of the most relaxing and calming I've ever heard on YouTube. The bats are lucky to have such nice hoomans on their side looking out for them! 😄

King V O X : we all know BATMAN but do you know BATDOG?

321 123 : My name says it all

wavyy_kaii : Awwww😍😍 this so adorable. I can't 😣😣

Rhyan ;3 : I neeeeeeed it

Rawany Souza Camren Jaurello : Own so cute 😁❤❤

Spicy Ramen : At first I thought it was a dog and then I saw the banana and I was like wow that is either a really tiny dog or a really big banana. But then I realized it was a bat.

Cain DB : *Like one of the Minions* BAAANNAAANNAAA

MegaAppleshit : Do they have rough cat tongues or more dog like ones? I get the feeling that they have cat tongues.

S. James : Gosh he's just so precious. I think I would love to work at a sanctuary like this, but I would probably have a breakdown anytime I lost one. Bravo to all the hard workers there.

Bryan Nome : Never looked this up. But they are very cute. Did not know that

CherryRibble MyButt : His face reminds me of a dog, I didn't know bats looked liked that

Папа Может Больше : вообще не маргает

Рендето : This flying doggo want banana

chriscoolTV : Trop mignon j'ai envie de lui faire un zoubi

N_ L : who else was thinking it was a dog 🤔????


Jennifer Coleman : I just never get tired of seeing your bats eat their yummy bananas. So cute

Mx Lx : Look at his eyes light up over that banana! Too cute.

nimo hobbs : Such a cutie pie..

reni macintosh : Does it go any cuter? Dont think so !!!