Please don't take my banana away!

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Quartz Universe : Air doggo wants banana

Witte Artistry : I just died of cuteness 😍 aawwwwwww

Gymnast Meghamoo : this looks like a dog with wings

Li Nix : Bruh is it just me or does it looks like a dog just with wings.

Crab Apple : That is the cutest bat I’ve ever seen my god

Elma Handzic : Its unhealthy for my heart how this little creature is cute 😢😢😍😍

Be Nice : So...this is the creature that terrified me as a child, just cuddled up in a blankie, eating a banana. Hmmm, Well don't I feel silly.

Gymnast Meghamoo : this is one of those videos where I wonder why it has so many views

Foxy Fix : Soooo cute ❤❤❤😍😍😍

Amarissa * : *we all know it’s a dog*


FuzzyDancingBear : WHO PUTS BANANAS IN THE FRIDGE goddammit

Ryu Ryu : Flying doggo

Yaiden Dol : THATS A BAT?! I've always viewed these suckas as bloodsucking nuisances due to vampire movies and horror films but this lil guy is adorable

Crimson Bloodwood : What's the most satisfying video? Seeing this bat eating a banana

Elijiah : I thought it was a dog from the thumbnail

Sophia Styles : Wow many people think that bats are scary gross animals but after seeing this I have realized they are actually super cute 💕😃

Travis DuBose : Looks like a winged Doberman.

How do you know I’m not big ? : A lot of people find bats creepy or scary but they are so cute.

Bogdogun : what's that

CherryRibble MyButt : His face reminds me of a dog, I didn't know bats looked liked that

Sebastian Gonazles : He is so cute 😍😍😍😍

How do you know I’m not big ? : This was recommended to me...I’m not complaining.

Aj Nehanda : This makes me laugh and smile so much idk why!!😩😂

How do you know I’m not big ? : Someone will find this comment one day.

Xenoman 123 : Sky pupper

Kaydee Williams : All I can a is awwwwwwww

How do you know I’m not big ? : Bats are so adorable.


cream da floofy macaron : Thumbnail looks like a doge

A Panda's Love : At first I thought it was a dog and then I saw the banana and I was like wow that is either a really tiny dog or a really big banana. But then I realized it was a bat.

Peaches Wilson : 😍😍😍😍😍

*ALL ME* : OH MY GOSH..HES SOO CUTE! aggghh. I can almost not take it..but I'm going to woman up and watch it!!

Tomboy Femboy : What breed of dog is this

sofia nicole : I thought it was a dog😂😂lol

King V O X : we all know BATMAN but do you know BATDOG?

Guadalupe Correa : Que lindooooo!!!!!😍😊😊

Cupcake Swirl : Awwwwwwwh super cute

Jj Gonzalez : Batzilla meets monkey boo?

Tabarek Ali : Omg it looks like my black cat 😂😂😂😍😍

Tocko Licious : Such a sweet boy! 😍 💙

Paul Aniciete : Sky pupper 😍😩 Cute

Suchi Menna : This is the cutest thing

deajay lps : How sweety 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

Legendary Wolf Gaming : It looks so cute :3

Lynneah Harris : Awww to cute

Hiwegara Groove : Winged dog wtf

Oblivion : What kind of dog is that

Melissa Ayala : There was a random bat at my school today

First, Last : And here we have a species of *tiny air doggo*