Please don't take my banana away!

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Witte Artistry : I just died of cuteness 😍 aawwwwwww

10,000 Subscribers no videos? : *Cave doggo*

Abdellah Ait El Cadi : Okay fine youtube ? I finally watched the video you've been recommending for a month so please stop 😐😐

Catmanjoe : Who else thinks this is true love at first sight? 😍

NavaIMTutorial : *So....... That is a Bat? Whoelse think this is a Dog for the first time?*

bring cocoa : Sky pupper

Onyx1916 : Bats play a very important role in the ecosystem. They're wonderful at pest control. Especially mosquitoes, which have killed WAY more people than bat-carried diseases. The Rabies thing gets really over-hyped. It's usually only a few individuals in a population of many thousands of. The benefits of having bats around far outweigh any risks. But most importantly... D'AAAWW!! SOOOOO CUUUUTE!!!!

NSN Yung : Does air doggo bork?

Shelby : Australian accent: ohh hellarrr

TheTruthIsGonnaHurt : Wtf, I was expecting more. I thought the banana was going to be taken away and the bat was going to lose his shit, start biting people, or turn into a vampire. This was underwhelming. 😑

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? : That's a bat I'm not scared of

puppy lover : OMG YOUR DOG IS SO ADORABLE AND CUTE💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗

Morgan Lynn : Who else wants a bat now?

Isabella Adelmann : I love bats so much their so adorable!!❤️

Kav Alex : Nom nom nom

King V O X : we all know BATMAN but do you know BATDOG?

LORD CHARLES : Not supposed to feed dogs bananas tho. 😐

Aurelio Guerra : Im a scientist that works for dogs and im pretty sure that's a pitbull

JazeGaming : WTF is that looks like a bat/dog!!!

N. Calhoun : Interesting, they have a VERY similar tongue to a cat with the bards, fascinating.

Danny Vestal : What a cuttie!! Did not know a bat could be a cute little toot like That! Gives me a whole different thought on bats!!

JayJay s4 : It looks like a dog, but it's more cute than a dog... So cute! These black eyes are so sweet, and I am even saying that as a man. ☺️

silica cute mate : Aww he so cute

Canal Amandasamm Vibes : So cute 😍😍


Spicy Ramen : At first I thought it was a dog and then I saw the banana and I was like wow that is either a really tiny dog or a really big banana. But then I realized it was a bat.

ControlAlt Hillarysemails : Air doog want ban

luis gonzalez : Wtf you doing you should have stomped that thing

Mr. robmine YT : cute.....

Jasmin Holenstein : This Video just made my day a lot better

Elzeta : My kind of pet

Arianne Ragoo : I thought it was a dog 😂

chriscoolTV : Trop mignon j'ai envie de lui faire un zoubi

nimo hobbs : Such a cutie pie..

Victoria : What kind of dog is this?

CherryRibble MyButt : His face reminds me of a dog, I didn't know bats looked liked that

Patricia Belibruce : Me encanta😍😍😍

Samy's World : Is this a dog? A bat? A what? I'm sorry, I'm so confused

Sworn Royal : Is that a bat?

Carla B : I’m in love I want a bat!!! 🦇

Elma Handzic : Its unhealthy for my heart how this little creature is cute 😢😢😍😍

Onestrandedperson : Bats ain’t nothing but some bird puppies

i love doggos : My name says it all

VGcadawson : Awwww Soo cool and so cute!! ❤️❤️

Nacomi : I thought its a cat xD


Marisol Mantilla : Che patato😍

Kervis Gamer : I thought it was a cute puppy it’s a bat! I didn’t know lol there so cute!!

Max Ay : Batdog

Barry John : That's a weird looking cat