Please don't take my banana away!

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durianhead : is this dog on red bull edit: red bull gives you wings, this was a joke about how this bat looks like a dog, please stop messaging me about how it's a bat thanks

Austin Inho : Lady: Sorry about the banana it's a bit cold Bat: No worries *smack* *smack* *smack* no worries at all *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* "Doesn't bother me *smack* *smack*

Mehmet Kurucu : I AM THE NIGHT ... also a flying puppy

pine cone : Sometimes a demon comes out really, really wrong and it ends up eating fruit instead or mortal souls and being ridiculously cute instead of terrifying.

Ignacio Celeda : Oh, its a flying chihuahua

Micah Sackey : And here we have a species of *tiny air doggo*

Alpha Bravo CheeseCake : What breed of Banana is that cat?

Uncle Sam100 : This looks like a good spot to hate on fallout 76


Brused Potato’s : Dang those eyes are as deep as my soul.

ziljin : Took me a while to realize it's not a dog.

Akoko : Am I the only one who likes that sound how that bat is licking? 😂😂😂

XxIndigorainxX : I never knew bats were so cute! ❤️ Edit: thx for the likes

MasterZeus : Who else thought it was a dog at first?

Dokkasan : OMG! That thing is so fucking cute!

King V O X : we all know BATMAN but do you know BATDOG?

Steve Clark : Why does this have 1600 dislikes? What is wrong with some humans of today? I must admit, I'm not really a fan of bats, I've always thought that they were a bit freaky to be honest,....probably due to the horror films. This one sure looks cute to me though, good on you for saving/helping it.

Darrell Johnson : I really thought that was a is a cute bat tho

MAX Power Abigail : Its cute when the tip of its tongue sticks out when chewing

RoseColoredIris : The bat is cute. The woman is cute. This whole dagum video is adorable.

Spicy Ramen : At first I thought it was a dog and then I saw the banana and I was like wow that is either a really tiny dog or a really big banana. But then I realized it was a bat.

ツ expensive gurl ツ : Who else thought this was a dog?

Cristian RM : Wooooow this chicken is huge

Paul Smith : Of course his thin, he only eats fruit..

Emily Jeffries : I thought this was a dog at first then I saw the wings I think it is very cute Like if you agree

Elma : Its unhealthy for my heart how this little creature is cute 😢😢😍😍

Joseph Mack : Hollywood really demonetized bats these ain’t nothin but some bird puppies

Gold Plays : Its a hybrid bat dog :3

5277erik : He is so cute

Lisa Sp : Thank you for rescuing this beautiful creature.

RAGNES7 : Is that a *BAT, Man?*

Kalikh Johnson : I hate when I am going through the comments and look at the comments and go "Man I wish I said that"

Nina ._. : es el diaaaa del platanuuuu shí sheñoooool el día del platanuu

amy wohl : I've already liked this video, but I wish I could keep liking!! I love his little nom noms!! ❤❤❤

Corerok Sebastian : That's one weird dog you got there

CherryRibble MyButt : His face reminds me of a dog, I didn't know bats looked liked that

Breezy Cheezy : I thought it was a dog Definitely not a dog....

ladyofwisdom2 : Sorry to sound stupid but I literally thought that was a black puppy wrapped in a blanky... I guess red bull literally gave him wings, lol. He's really pretty. "Smack, smack"❤❤

freakystyley4000 : Flying chihuahua.

Taylor ruiz : Omg at first I thought he was an abused dog

Witte Artistry : I just died of cuteness 😍 aawwwwwww

Micah Hanby : That bat is to dayum cute

Stacey Pereira : *Dracula has left the chat*

german puppy 345 : Such pretty boi much nice boi SUCH DOGGO BOI

rednight the rowolf : awwww. hes so cute!!!


Diogo Sousa : Awwww so cute 😊❤️

Siren Nexus : What a cute fly-y doggo!

Ken Sherman : Tiny air doggo

Life 4 Fire Forever : Hope you're hot vaccinate Those cute creatures are filthy with germs