Tom Scott vs Irving Finkel: The Royal Game of Ur | PLAYTHROUGH | International Tabletop Day 2017

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The British Museum : It has been a long time in the making, but you can finally bring back the violence and savagery your family gatherings have been missing over the last few 1000 years. The Royal Game of Ur is now back in the shop! And for the first time in the last 2 millennia (not centuries!) you can play the ADVANCED rules. Also, we brought back the drawer! Buy it here: We will be making more videos about the game and how it was made in the future. Subscribe and hit the notification bell to make sure you don't miss out. Cheers for all your support.

PhantomSavage : That may be the single most British man to have lived.

svfutbol20 : 3000 Years from now, some guy is going to explain Magic the Gathering to a random person

Rift Dancer : I busted this out during a D&D game I was running. The players had to win a key from a Lich to continue but each of them could only play once.

Hugh Broderick : Oh wretched visitor! I am the almighty curator of this ancient abode! Thou must beat me at Ur if thou wishest to not have to exit through the accursed gift shop!

Napoleon Bonaparte : 21:46 I nEvEr UsE MaThEMaTiCS!

Tom Scott : This was such a joy to be part of! Thanks so much to everyone involved :)

Levi Brown : "I hope you're not taking this domination seriously." Irving Finkel would make the world a better place just by having a special on history channel.

Borat Sagdiyev : *I thought Dumbledore died in the 6th book*

smithologist : Only 1 minute in, never heard of Irving Finkel, but I love him.

Nico Pulitano : this was a very british video

Fid Fyodor : 2017 Tom Scott vs. 2052 Tom Scott. Time traveller confirmed.

Siren Tao : Irving's charisma, the video's humor, the editing--this is a really great video. I'd love for there to be more of this, haha.

Siberius Wolf : I want this! Tom's last move I disagree with.. he should have given himself the best chance he could get in relation to taking Irving's last piece, by moving the one in the middle off the safe spot.. If Irving got a 4 or a 0.. Tom would be able to knock him off with a 1 or a 2.. If Irving got a 1 or 2 (then anything but a 1), Tom would have more chances again. Plus, Tom then has 2 chances instead of only 1, to get a 2nd turn.. by getting a 3 or 4. So he could of clutched it with the right numbers, and sometimes it takes a while to get the exact number one needs to get off the board. ___ Irving got a 3 anyway, so it didn't matter in the end.. Although no.. because the course of history would have potentially been different as far as outcomes.. he would have shaken the dice slightly different in that alternate version of reality, since the causes leading up to it would be different. We will never know if Tom would have clutched it. Glad Irving won anyway. Seems more fitting I say. This game is very fun.

theaberrantdon : I only really want a replica of the original version. Maybe some people might like a newer version, but I'd say there was probably a reason you sold out of the replica.

Stolas The Great Prince : I expected someone to summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon, or a Charizard.

Elmo : Eh I think it's Ur turn

Olivia Lambert : I absolutely love Irving. His sense of humour is amazing, just subtle enough but stays intelligent the whole way through.

Aslin Fire Safety : This man for the fourteenth Doctor, please

Jarrett Wheatley : Mr. Finkel clearly got his start at the Unseen University before taking his current position at the Museum

Martin Nazario : I want to buy this game. I think it would be a really good idea to make more of them.

ZOMG Gaming! : I love that old guy lol

Trevor Soundas : 24:07 4 and a half centuries ago would be 450 years ago. The game is 4500-ish years old.

Dr. Zoidberg : Hooked from the second that man spoke. Never been more excited about a board game match haha

TheFlerffyBurr : So the oldest board game is just Sorry

Genroy Noisis : Ur mum

Diego Durán Castillo : "I never use mathematics or statistics or calculations or anything at all like that, because I can't do it, so I just hope for the best..." Irving is my spirit museum curator

Alastair McWilliam : I would love the opportunity to buy a replica of this game, especially if endorsed by Irving! Otherwise, I shall have to make my own.

SliceThePi : My heart was racing watching this! Excellent video.

Yinchen Xǔ : In China we have a game simmilar to this, called “飞行棋” (Fēi xíng qí, Aviation Game)

Thunderstorm842 : Tom would've had a better chance if he moved the piece that was on the safe spot 2 spaces instead of the one in the front and then maybe because of how likely it is he could've thrown another 2, but either way very nicely played and a very fun game to watch as well.

g0dbel0w : So this is basically ancient Trouble. Sweet!

mpetersen6 : Oh my God. The Urites (Urians?, Uropeans? , Babylonian wanna be's?) played Sorry in their spare time

Cerius Deluge : " lasted 3.000 years." So it was like playing Risk.

Limit Breaker : I appreciate your method of playing Mr.Scott ! Using probability to calculate your moves and your opponent's was a brilliant way to play. The die used in this game is different than the rest. We can only obtain 2 possible outcomes by throwing one die (i.e) 0 and 1 When we throw 4 dice at the same time we get 16 outcomes 1)The probability of getting 0=1/16=0.0625 2)The probability of getting 1=1/4=0.25 3)The probability of getting 2=3/8=0.375 4)The probability of getting 3=1/4=0.25 5)The probability of getting 4=1/16=0.0625 And your calculation that 2 is the most recurring number must be based on the above.

STUV101 : This looks like a good drinking game

Ryan Schutter : I'll be looking for this on Tabletop Simulator... or making it xD

Hades Kay : The ticker text commenting underneath was what kept me through what otherwise felt like too stretched a video. But that's just me.

J Brax : 0:47 When my little brother introduces me to a game.

Cassiel Aralim : 18:51 hast to be the most sinister laugh I´ve ever heard :DD Oh yes and I´d absolutely love to buy a replica of this game.

Wraithninja1 : Playing a mysterious ancient game against a man who (by the look of him) is obviously a powerful wizard? I think your chances of winding up under a terrible curse are well above acceptable levels of risk.

Felix P. : In austria we have a very simmilar game called "Mensch ärgere dich nict"

MagicMan : You've triggered my trap card!

Tracker 001 : Like Irving Finkels attitude . It would be a hoot to meet him .

Anthony Wolf : You realize this game can be played like hopscotch. Anywhere you have some die. Anything acts as pieces (rocks, statues, discs). And just draw lines in the ground.

Daniel James Martin : The museum should definitely start selling the game again.

syrinx32 : The whole video always brings such a huge smile to my face, no matter how often I watch it. The interaction between the two, and their serious excitement about the game is so heartwarming!

N'haatik : This video had me laughing so hard at the little banners of text and the dialogue between players. Really cool to see such an ancient game played.

speedbumphu : is this the old Harry Potter after becoming the headmaster of Roxfort?

Corl Franco : this guy pulled a 0 thats impossible magic is real