Superheroes without special effects look super silly

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The power of visual effects continues to allow film makers to push their visions of what superheros are capable of doing but what happens when you take that away? Superhero films and series are rife with incredible action scenes, and everybody gets in on the fun. Of course, for these scenes, the majority of the fighting sequences are loaded with CGI — we can't actually have Thor or Hulk destroy half of New York City. Also, Thor and Hulk don't actually exist. That we know of. But take out the CGI from the equation and you've still got, well, something entertaining — just not in the way Marvel or DC would of wanted.


Zuzu : Darnit I thought their superpowers were 110% real and not edited

- Name_Taken - : 0:06 "Behold my mighty tornado arms thingy!" **realizes they don't have powers** "We're not gonna win this today."

Anchter Da Benson : a scene without special effects is more satisfying

Wholesome Lad : I would much rather watch a superhero film with no effects now...

evprodstuff : Without effects it looks like Filthy Frank's videos lmao

Ashiee Bae : They really are pros. If i was there i would be laughing nonstop. 😂

LordOf TheBricks : Doesn't look less silly with effects

Justin Y. : You fools! They're making themselves look like fools to deceive the enemy!

Nacho : 0:13 when you try and touch the door frame

Saint LaFlo : Flash just killed me

BigBillyMemes : 0:06 **spinning intensifies**

Kara Miツ : 0:04 When you're hungry but the food is hot.

Atdushi Ezhi : 0:06 look at this dude,uhuhuh,nononono

Ashley Fink : Supergirl: "Well maybe Kara Danvers is tougher than you think." *blows aggressively* Flash: *waves his arms around*

Julian Fish : Me when I was 5

Yasmin : 0:04 AAaa fuUU

Spear Galvan : When someone tried to push you at the pool 0:06

Andrew Choi : So this is why Stan Lee thinks DC is a joke

6ix6ix6ix : All the jokes about 0:06 had me dead

AcidGlow : *Reminds me of all the cosplayers at those local events... Anyone can be a superhero ✅😀*

EuGenius : 0:05 You know we could easily make this the next Dance right? All it takes is for 1 person to go viral doing this to a hot song. Then everybody'll be doing it. Matter of fact....Lets just do it for no reason lol

Jozhfy : dont drink water while watching this..

Sabih Bin Masood : They look funny either way

V Min Kook Stan : 0:06 the flash tho 😂😂😂😂

Chris p : dam. this makes you realise how much real life sucks.

Emmanuel Winston : The comment section is hilarious!!!

sean lester : They get paid for this😂😂😂😂😂

Genes : I’m surprised how bad the effects were.

GarageStudio : Plot Twist: they just did that to fool us and hide their true abilities...


Big Chungus : 0:13 ronaldo in the penalty box

Cooking With Soul : When it's time to go trick or treating but you take your costume too seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Madeline R : Should have flipped the order... Put the special effects first and the unedited cut last

A Vsaucy Boi : ‘Twas buy a ruse! Surely their powers are real, such fallacies

Powah : 0:06 Me trying to turn off the fire alarm.

Hello : They look stupid in the final result aswell

Margeaux Chebat : When you try your best but you don't succeed.....


Physical Manifestation of Cancer : 0:13 my life pretty much...

Hellsw0rth : “What’s your superpower?” “THIS!” *whooshes hands in circles really fast*

Teddychaos : *Blows*|*waves hands In circular motion*|*jumps*

Oki-O : 0:10're not.

Psychedelic Legacy : Ay, when playing make-believe makes for good movies and shows, it doesn't matter how silly you look after the right editors and camera men do their parts correctly. X,D

rohanryan10 : And they call him the flash

O Where Is My Hairbrush : 0:13 when you think you can do it but just can't

Adrian M. : *All this grunting and moaning*

Alondrix06 : Super silly- string

GarageStudio : *Ooh the cringe is alive and well...*

Life Of Cassie : as a kid