Superheroes without special effects look super silly

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Tyler Alex : When your making a 6 figure salary. You would do it too.

Zuzu : Darnit I thought their superpowers were 110% real and not edited

Anchter Da Benson : a scene without special effects is more satisfying

Justin Y. : You fools! They're making themselves look like fools to deceive the enemy!

LordOf TheBricks : Doesn't look less silly with effects

Chris p : dam. this makes you realise how much real life sucks.

- Name_Taken - : 0:06 "Behold my mighty tornado arms thingy!" **realizes they don't have powers** "We're not gonna win this today."

Ashiee Bae : They really are pros. If i was there i would be laughing nonstop. 😂

iPettyNote : 0:06 When you try to swim

BigBillyMemes : 0:06 **spinning intensifies**

AcidGlow : *Reminds me of all the cosplayers at those local events... Anyone can be a superhero ✅😀*

Nacho : 0:13 when you try and touch the door frame

Ashley Fink : Supergirl: "Well maybe Kara Danvers is tougher than you think." *blows aggressively* Flash: *waves his arms around*

That1dude : Every second of this can be captioned

Atdushi Ezhi : 0:06 look at this dude,uhuhuh,nononono

SamahLama : I dunno if you've seen flash but the special effects still make it look pretty silly

Wholesome Lad : I would much rather watch a superhero film with no effects now...

A Vsaucy Boi : ‘Twas buy a ruse! Surely their powers are real, such fallacies

Kara Miツ : 0:04 When you're hungry but the food is hot.

Andrew Choi : So this is why Stan Lee thinks DC is a joke

Yasmin : 0:04 AAaa fuUU

Sabih Bin Masood : They look funny either way

itsJozh : dont drink water while watching this..

Emmanuel Winston : The comment section is hilarious!!!

Sumukh : Okay I'm doing this in my bedroom 😆

V Min Kook Stan : 0:06 the flash tho 😂😂😂😂

-Genes- : I’m surprised how bad the effects were.

PotNoodle Head : 0:13 ronaldo in the penalty box

Greigames : They look silly even with the special effects

PowahSlap Entertainmint : 0:06 Me trying to turn off the fire alarm.

Coconut Kookie : All the jokes about 0:06 had me dead

Cooking With Soul : When it's time to go trick or treating but you take your costume too seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Alondrix06 : Super silly- string

Radith R.A.N : Looks like that they doesn't puberty yet

OxyElite : I felt that blow all the way from here.

PlutoTheGod : how do they not laugh their asses off

Teddychaos : *Blows*|*waves hands In circular motion*|*jumps*

Sinan Alay : Looks silly also with effects

resellworld : 0:05 You know we could easily make this the next Dance right? All it takes is for 1 person to go viral doing this to a hot song. Then everybody'll be doing it. Matter of fact....Lets just do it for no reason lol

Margeaux Vlogs : When you try your best but you don't succeed.....

Psychedelic Legacy : Ay, when playing make-believe makes for good movies and shows, it doesn't matter how silly you look after the right editors and camera men do their parts correctly. X,D

Oki-O : 0:10're not.

Spear Galvan : When someone tried to push you at the pool 0:06

Miguel Maravilla : I would've probably been laughing the whole time 😂 but hey they make it work 👏

Life Of Cassie : as a kid

rohanryan10 : And they call him the flash


kttsflips : They look stupid in the final result aswell

Tolg TheTenacious : "We're not gonna *wind* this today!"

KHek Spla : Expectations VS Reality