Chatting with a Flat Earther

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_ musique : I don't even believe there is an earth.

Aaron Johansen : The only thing flat earthers fear is sphere itself

Duckncover motherducker : A flat earther wearing a pink floyd dark side of the moon t shirt ,irony at its best : )

A. P. Heffel : This guy is the opposite of Vsauce.

mntnrder : Dude brought up 911 and moon landings as the main keystone of his understanding of the shape of the earth- that’s a unique angle

sarcasmo57 : God I hope youtube doesn't suggest a bunch of flat Earth crap to me after this.

NASA Employee #322 : "as light slows down" - oh yeah, this guy definitely knows what he's talking about...

Smartiiii3003 : He seems nice. He's allowed to believe that the world is flat and like he said he's not trying to force his believes. Be nice everyone, he just a human with his reality, everyone's reality is different. Live and let live.

Mighty Power : Arguing with a " flat earther" is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll flap it's wings, knock off all the pieces and declare a victory. LOL.

Guillermo Arriagada : 9:48 is the best part of the vid

Pro Shooters : Flat earthers are just disenfranchised Americans who have realized their country is a bit evil and make the mistake of extrapolating their mistrust to all human knowledge

John Cena : He don't even believe himself

Bad At Pseudoscience : Its interesting to listen to this discussion. He seams to follow the same pattern as many other conspiracy theorists. He got started on one conspiracy and that was a gateway into others. Now his belief system is full of unjustifiable extreme ideas.

sl3ptsolong : He makes sense from the idea that we are all walking around with a high level of faith that things are the way they are. But you need this in order to function otherwise you'll be walking around with an enormous level of anxiety. It's why we take our kids to the doctor to get vaccinated after all. Most of us have not proven the science ourselves but we trust others at the top of their game have.

Zachary Allen-Thierry : “Planes never go in a straight line.” That’s interesting to hear.

Arcade : Just got an idea for your show. Next time have a Flat Earther and a Scientist talk about this together. That would make for an interesting video.

Rico Myint : Kudos to the interviewer for being able to stifle some giggles

Danny Avila : this mans sources are: go pro, an iPad case company, Einstein, and Christopher Columbus

gogreyhound : "I seen..." ...say no more friend. I get it.

Yteenxo : "I am not 100% convinced that the earth i flat, but I believe. It comes down to faith", also "I think religion and science should be separated"

JTsuits : This is exactly what I thought a flat earther would look like

Saft Suse : "No planes are flying in a straight line!" Then goes on and shows flight on a cylindrical map projection xD Ahaha. Come on - those bended flights becomes straight once you convert it to a globe!

Astrid von Wolfe : This guy looks like a flat earther.

Isaiah Contreras : This is fucking awesome Andrew! Open discussion around a topic that I've never heard talked about. Even if I do or do not believe in flat earth, it is clear that he really does and hearing him articulate himself in defense of that was awesome!

Juuso Tiirakari : "i'm not going to get to the physics of it..." Yeah, because he doesn't understand the physics of it. Man, that guy is hilarious - like all flat-earthers XD LMAO

Christopher Powers : "I believe that Mars is in Canada and parts of Greenland" *insert X-Files theme song* I applaud this interviewer for his patience.

wingedpearloyster : How do flat earthers explain the presence of the Arctic and Antarctic ? In normal Earth Science the Earth is a sphere that circles around the Sun while spinning on it's own axis that is tilted. The presence of ice caps is due to the fact that those parts of the Earth are furthest from the Sun's rays. The position of the Earth relative to the Sun as the Earth orbits around the Sun also explains the seasons. How do flat earthers explain the seasons?

ndstrs : 20:04 At this moment he realized the Earth was round.

Daniel Critchley : The problem is if we sent a load of flat earthers in a rocket into space so they could observe the earth being a sphere they would still say it's fake and that there being tricked

Rima Melikyan : So because the 🌙 landing looked fake that means the earth 🌏 is flat

Darshan uwu : "kind of comes down to 9/11" here we go.

Exshire : "I don't believe in NASA photos but I do believe in GoPro photos" lmao. Also when Anthony asks about the Galaxy you can tell he wasn't even prepared for that. He was caught off guard and had to make up an answer on the spot.

lakimens : Shame, I feel like he did a lot of research, it could've been pointed at something productive.

1brigalow : NOTICE TO ALL WOMEN: please do not breed with this man.

J Loren : "As light slows down" OMG

Anthony Bordignon : Dear brain I'm not going to be needing you today - flat earther

GFreeXevery1 : 8:52 Curb your enthusiasm theme start playing

EyzHD : This flat earther is freaking stupid, especially at 12:11. "Where do you see a plane that flies in a straight line", the lines are bend in that picture because thats a flattened picture of earth, thats why. If you could somehow see from a globe how planes fly from A to B you would find out that they fly in a straight line.

mattcain18 : “Flat Earther” is the new politically correct term for Idiot.

Vishnu Soni : 16:21 this is painful to watch as a student of relativity

P.B. Horror Gaming : What do flat earthers believe that the governments have to gain by going to all the trouble convincing everyone that the earth is round ?

Darth Bacon : he didn't want to be just another brick in the wall, insidently he's dumb like one.

Vishnu Soni : Pls dont drag Albert Einstein in this pls

Vishnu Soni : 911 to moon landing to flat earth to pls kill me

James Alejandro : That guy has some good points though!

Captain Jack Sparrow : "They go around the globe...wait a minute that doesn't work" Lmfao

Rustem Subashi : drugs effect are in the face, symptoms in the words

Machine Geek : "I dropped out of kindergarten and Jackass wouldn't hire me"

Robert S : "-flat earth society has members all around the globe" "-say that again, but slowly" XD ~ tribute to Sci-Tech Universe

JustTahmid : Flat-Earther: "You got Antarctica that goes all *around* the globe... oh wait, that doesn't work" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂