Chatting with a Flat Earther

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_ musique : I don't even believe there is an earth.

Michael Albano : This guy is actually very respectful, compared to other flat earthers.

HyperSonic : The Flat Earth Society has members around the *_globe._*

Zapper Zapped : I'm pretty sure flat earthers use Internet Explorer.

JustTahmid : Flat-Earther: "You got Antarctica that goes all *around* the globe... oh wait, that doesn't work" Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Arcade : Just got an idea for your show. Next time have a Flat Earther and a Scientist talk about this together. That would make for an interesting video.

Yoosuf Mughal : 7:46 is the most satisfying reaction i have ever witnessed.

mattcain18 : “Flat Earther” is the new politically correct term for Idiot.

Bad At Pseudoscience : Its interesting to listen to this discussion. He seams to follow the same pattern as many other conspiracy theorists. He got started on one conspiracy and that was a gateway into others. Now his belief system is full of unjustifiable extreme ideas.

Heather B : This is painful to watch.

Pro Shooters : Flat earthers are just disenfranchised Americans who have realized their country is a bit evil and make the mistake of extrapolating their mistrust to all human knowledge

EyzHD : This flat earther is freaking stupid, especially at 12:11. "Where do you see a plane that flies in a straight line", the lines are bend in that picture because thats a flattened picture of earth, thats why. If you could somehow see from a globe how planes fly from A to B you would find out that they fly in a straight line.

Sledzeppelin : It's profoundly frustrating to me that it's impossible to get through to people like this.

Vishnu Soni : Pls dont drag Albert Einstein in this pls

GRPLiningServices : I hope the guy was offered some help after this interview.

JTsuits : This is exactly what I thought a flat earther would look like

BC96078 : Why did he have to be wearing a Pink Floyd shirt... any other shirt...

Francisco Mariño : _Why do they call it "Ovaltine"? The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it "Roundtine"._

Lucas Gilomen : The Earth is inside out

Jeffries : Thank God at least this guy believes Pink Floyd existed

sarcasmo57 : God I hope youtube doesn't suggest a bunch of flat Earth crap to me after this.

Machine Geek : "I dropped out of kindergarten and Jackass wouldn't hire me"

per pedesen : He said that reason that we cant see spain from america is because light is affected by gravity... But i didnt think that flat eathers belived in gravity???

Vishnu Soni : 16:21 this is painful to watch as a student of relativity

Name at Random : On his flat earth , to fly from Australia to South Africa will take you over The Great Wall of China , most of the Middle East , including the pyramids in Egypt.

Darshan uwu : "kind of comes down to 9/11" here we go.

Tobblesmash : I’m sorry I can’t watch the whole thing my brain hurts, did he explain how satellites work? He said he would and the completely changed the topic.

Black Star : Regardless of him being right or wrong, I love open minded people.

stanley oleyte : This guy looks like he’s done more drugs then the druggies that have been interviewed after him.

Leonardo Morconi : embarrassment to us pink floyd fans...

Christopher Powers : "I believe that Mars is in Canada and parts of Greenland" *insert X-Files theme song* I applaud this interviewer for his patience.

Luis Cancino : He's the next Elon Musk.

Tom Smith : "when was the last time that people were suggesting that another group of people should commit suicide?" I guess this guy has never played an online game before...

Anoraak : Planes don't need to go over Antarctic. It's just longer.

Cağdaş Cem Özkan : Whoever could completely watch this video till the end, is natural born super hero

Jacob Wolfman : I bet his parents were proud that he graduated middle school.

Hig Daddy : He seems like a nice guy. Very stupid, but nice.

Vishnu Soni : 911 to moon landing to flat earth to pls kill me

mattcain18 : Mythbusters debunked the moon landing conspiracy years ago. Some people just refuse to be rational about things. Its funny how these people tend to believe that every conspiracy theory is true. Going to the moon was insanely expensive and dangerous. They only did it a handful of times for that reason. The Apollo mission cost 25.4 billion back then. Today that translates to 150 billion, and NASA’s yearly budget in 2018 was just under 20 billion. Its pretty obvious why we only went to the moon in that one period of time. They cant afford to spend 8 times the normal budget just to go back and collect rocks.

Zhenyu Lu : I've never been to Spain and all I've seen is just some photos and videos that could be photoshopped. So Spain does not exists, and everyone that claims Spain exists is either lying or being lied by officials. This is the main point the flat earthers use to claim that the Earth is flat, because they never saw a round or sphere Earth with their own eyes. But neither did they saw an Earth that is a disk in full from space, so claiming the Earth is flat actually contradict with their reason of believing it.

P.B. Horror Gaming : What do flat earthers believe that the governments have to gain by going to all the trouble convincing everyone that the earth is round ?

Hugh Jass : according to this genius most people who work in space agencies are just a bunch of pen pushers who dont even understand what data theyre looking at. its as breathtakingly arrogant as it is ignorant

Kris Rifa : This guy keeps contradicting himself so many times in this video it's not even funny!

Siddharth Yadav : The moment i saw the thumbnail ....i came down scrolling for sarcastic comments😂

andy maddox : You should rename this to “chatting with a moron”

Trevor L : I don’t agree with a word this man says , however I’m not going to ridicule him and call him stupid , as he doesn’t seem like a bad person just misinformed .

The Beeper : 1:22 America is a continent.

Lennon So : Why would NASA and the government lie about the shape of the Earth?

Douglas Mawer : I don't think these people realize that every sailor in the world would have to be in on this conspiracy also or else you'd run into and ice wall no matter which direction you sail in.

CR True64 : So .... you aren't REALLY a software engineer..... you use graphic tools, with drag and drop, to build some mobile apps. That HARDLY makes you a software engineer. It makes you a mobile app developer.