Chatting with a Flat Earther

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_ musique : I don't even believe there is an earth.

RileyMoulds : Flat Earther: "Man has not been to the moon." Andrew: "have you told your family and friends about this?"

Roguishly Handsome : Pink Floyd called. They want their shirt back.

stylefieber : I feel a bit sad for this person. He seems to be a nice person and not even that stupid, but he somehow got too deep into it..

Aaron Johansen : The only thing flat earthers fear is sphere itself

sarcasmo57 : God I hope youtube doesn't suggest a bunch of flat Earth crap to me after this.

Chortleclips : His brain is flat

why should I care? 1 : A flat earther wearing a pink floyd dark side of the moon t shirt ,irony at its best : )

A. P. Heffel : This guy is the opposite of Vsauce.

Frank Morrish : So... hi... I’m a flat earther... and basically... I was ignored as a child... and... I kinda need some attention... so... basically... the earth is flat because... it’s not round... and it’s not round because... it’s flat... and uh... that is closely related to 9/11... and.... uh... the moon... because... it is. That is what this guy has achieved in his life so far.

Pro Shooters : Flat earthers are just disenfranchised Americans who have realized their country is a bit evil and make the mistake of extrapolating their mistrust to all human knowledge

Stuart Costello : Show me a picture of the edge.

Jake Lockyer : The guy interviewing always seems so uninterested in what people are saying

Zachary Allen-Thierry : “Planes never go in a straight line.” That’s interesting to hear.

Rima Melikyan : So because the 🌙 landing looked fake that means the earth 🌏 is flat

Arcade : Just got an idea for your show. Next time have a Flat Earther and a Scientist talk about this together. That would make for an interesting video.

lakimens : Shame, I feel like he did a lot of research, it could've been pointed at something productive.

SGR : people like this are stuck in a forever lasting psychosis

Shanlie Blair : Literally all flat-earthers have crazy eyes... and he's got 'em.

ndstrs : 20:04 At this moment he realized the Earth was round.

Darshan uwu : "kind of comes down to 9/11" here we go.

Joel : sounds like he's really trying to believe something, like a bias, so he looks high and low for anything to help confirm it. he says he doesn't trust our sources, but for some reason his are better, and they conveniently prove only that he is right and we are wrong. you'd think if he truly needed to see something to believe it, and didn't trust what anyone else said, he wouldn't lean toward either theory. there's no point debating with him if we aren't supposed to trust any scientific evidence ever, but then some wobbly distorted fisheye photos taken by a company that makes ipad cases is perfectly fine proof. "i won't go into the physics of it" he says, when that's literally the difference between having an arguement or not.

tom jens : seems like a good/friendly guy though

NASA Employee #322 : "as light slows down" - oh yeah, this guy definitely knows what he's talking about...

Guillermo Arriagada : 9:48 is the best part of the vid

Chris P : "I believe that Mars is in Canada and parts of Greenland" *insert X-Files theme song* I applaud this interviewer for his patience.

l love Clem : it's hard to belive he is not acting

Exshire : "I don't believe in NASA photos but I do believe in GoPro photos" lmao. Also when Anthony asks about the Galaxy you can tell he wasn't even prepared for that. He was caught off guard and had to make up an answer on the spot.

Mighty Power : Arguing with a " flat earther" is like playing chess with a pigeon. It'll flap it's wings, knock off all the pieces and declare a victory. LOL.

Isaiah Contreras : This is fucking awesome Andrew! Open discussion around a topic that I've never heard talked about. Even if I do or do not believe in flat earth, it is clear that he really does and hearing him articulate himself in defense of that was awesome!

Anthony Bordignon : Dear brain I'm not going to be needing you today - flat earther

mntnrder : Dude brought up 911 and moon landings as the main keystone of his understanding of the shape of the earth- that’s a unique angle

gogreyhound : "I seen..." ...say no more friend. I get it.

Mikey Wallis : "When did you start to believe it was flat?" "Well it kinda comes down to 9/11" Hahahahaha

Binuwara Bandara : I didn't know 9/11 is related to moon landing until now! 😂🤣🤣

JTsuits : This is exactly what I thought a flat earther would look like

Jacob Peterson : If ice is holding all the water in... Why doesn't the ice melt 🙄

James Alejandro : That guy has some good points though!

Max Ceelen : the golden gate bridge was constructed with the earth's curvature in mind. I guess that's not real too then. I can prove the earth is flat in 10 seconds lol. Ever see a sunset at the beach? Well, lay down on your stomach and wait until the sun goes down. Then, as soon as it's gone, jump up on your feet and you'll watch it set a second time. This proves that the sun disappears behind a CURVED horizon, which can only mean the earth is a sphere.

Astrid von Wolfe : This guy looks like a flat earther.

Bird Plan : Hmmmm, thinks NASA is lying but trusts GoPro with his life. lmao

Gabriel Alaka : I honestly can't tell is this is a parody if the flat earther is being serious......if it's a parody, great job for keeping such a great composure....if he really does believe what he's just plain sad......

Saft Suse : "No planes are flying in a straight line!" Then goes on and shows flight on a cylindrical map projection xD Ahaha. Come on - those bended flights becomes straight once you convert it to a globe!

Crewneck and Shorts : So that's what they look like.

veronica RG : He doesnt have an answer of why the earth is flat. He just believes it. That makes him stubborn.

P.B. Horror Gaming : What do flat earthers believe that the governments have to gain by going to all the trouble convincing everyone that the earth is round ?

John Cena : He don't even believe himself

x hsnan : I really respect the guy 👌🏼 You don't have to believe things certain way just because others do

Ingmar M : OMG I bet he's a Trump voter too.......and he's never been on a QANTAS passenger flight over the south pole. Don't do drugs kids, not even once....

Big 1400 : 9/11 was an inside job if you think otherwise, then you have not done enough research. man has not been on the moon and the greatest part of the moon landing is not the part where man reaches the moon the real question is how they got back to earth now thats the real question. i agree with those 2 points but this flat earth talk is just ridiculous.