[WR] TGM3 SHIRASE(W) 3:53:85

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Pier 21 in Kodaira SHIRASE 日本ハイスコア協会(2018年6月分)申請中。 #tgm_series

Comments from Youtube

Minh Melon : 2:28 Godmode: Enabled

db : this is the best world rule play i have ever seen in my life

Dnalei : Wow!!! Congrats Hebo :D

Skylar the Flygon : Oh my... no way. You beat your previous record which I thought was insane enough! Now I wonder how low the time could go...

Mr. BMY : 一気に更新行きましたねw おめでとうございます!

Kofee : You're still the best Tetris player imo. The first time I saw you was in the Vs Hacker video, it was the first time I had seen someone play like that.

むう むう : 本当に素晴らしい‼ おめでとうございます!! こんなシビれるものを観させていただき大変感謝しております。

zunaki chung : Are you Human? Wow...

Achilles GM : 2018 world record Omg

VinceHD vince231 : Congrats hebo

qwerty77 : holy crap!

Ushiko DX : 記録更新おめでとうございます!!!

みかん粉 : ミスをしたときのリカバリーがとても苦手なのでいつも参考にさせてもらっています。記録更新おめでとうございます!

Manu : Very impressive Record, congratulation !!

げどんこm : とても素晴らしいプレイですね…記録更新おめでとうございます

주원김 : Shirase Clear???? Wow

Yehudah Efrayim : Nice, so amazing ^^

yagami iori : OMG is like tas and I hope you can reach 1000 for 2:28 lol

Agustín Carpanetto : Nice, now for the 3:50

WiLL : Nice WR hebo!! Do you know what the word "shirase" means, I've always wanted to know