Apple iPhone X first look

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Rigby : Techrax is gonna have fun with this one

Elijah Weinstein : How do you screenshot lmao

Void : What happens if your twins? You know. The face ID.

i’m clout af : I bet the wireless charger is half the price of the phone itself.

BestAMV23 : But can I make phone calls?

Daryn C : Lmfao am i gunna be able to get into my phone in the middle of the night if my eyes are squinted?

The Dank Sloth : apple is just tricking us with the face ID so they can scan the face of criminals

S a d S u c c : There is going to be a time in the future, where I could go on ebay and buy this for like 50 dollars

xander j. : Iphone 5s wins

Justin Bieber : iPhone 7: no headphones iPhone 8: no new features iPhone 9: no phone iPhone 10: no home button

L Games : Looks like they put a big red X on all the features we used to have!

Li am : Why no longer Touch ID?! Because they already have all the info they need?

Tayyab : Iphone Xpensive

Kevin G : my 6s slays this

omegajbmb : So now when you get arrested, cops can now unlock your phone by pointing it at your face while you are in handcuffs, thanks Apple.

Joe Capo : Everybody say it with me: ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS

ace cannon : That's just a samsung with an apple on the back :|

BaxStarShot : I phone 7: No headphone jack I phone 8: No home button I phone 11 No Screen

Just Sayin : iPhones are for simple people.

cameroncall007 : 0:14 Yep, I already hate it. One of the things that has always bugged me about iPhones is the absence of a back button. Now they don't have any button at all! Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

Dat : "this poor gentlemen from apple" XD

SUAVG8D : y'all would probably pay 1,000 for a phone than to pay y'alls own bills lol. Stop letting this companies fool and control y'all. They know y'all are gonna pay and was bold enough to put that price on there because it's an I phone.. you're not paying for the phone, you're paying for the brand. Don't let these companies control y'all

Kevin Franco : I don't think Steve Jobs would've came up with any of these new stupid ideas/features. I have the 7 & I want my headphone jack back!

FARXYO BELLO : I still have iPhone 5s 😭...

Malcom Shakur Garvey : I seriously question the intelligence of anyone that keeps buying this garbage year after year. I just came here to not pass judgement without giving it a quick glance.

L Games : IPhone Xpensive

holland yes like the country : i like my home button 😂

skelterdevil : I love the reactions here from all the android fans. What in gods name are you doing on an Iphone review video when you love android so much? I am an apple fanboy and you don't see me watching or commenting on samsung videos

Justin Bieber : Friend:Did you know,there isn't any Iphone 9 after Iphone 8 but 10? Me:Yeah,It's because the 7 *ate* 9😂

SsjTrunksGaming : Ravioli Ravioli Give Me the IPHONE XOli

Defec Tec : bros if this phone's 1k then how much is the iphone 8 gonna be?

Kai Dabner Films : Ok great but still no headphone jack so f*** off.

ItzDaredevilCC : iPhone 11 = No Power Button?

venky G : This is a piece of crap overall.

Cloud : Damn $1000 bucks

Darkness Prevails : I'm gonna need Rule 34 of this STAT.

OPEX NATION : Impressed? Not! This wave is so not worth it anymore... I say we the people invest elsewhere until Apple comes with something noteworthy again. In my opinion Apple is so deep into themselves they don't know what to do next!!! Roman numerals now!!!

Sam : Am i the only one who thinks this is cool?

Yesh : Inside the classroom Apple : i forgot to do my homework Can i borrow yours? Samsung: ok here it is but dont copy everything so our teacher wont notice its obvious! Apple : iphoneX

Rise : Firstly my hands sweat a lot so more touch screen sucks. And face ID is old and a huawei had that ages ago

The Daily Dan : Will this one finally be water proof?

TelFiRE : "Security issues to work through" wtf?! You hanging around with people who would steal your phone and maliciously try to get into it is the real security issue.

Karan Vora : Watching this on iPhone 29

Sami : $1000? This phone better be taking me on holiday when i turn it on airplane mode smh


Okay : What in xtarnation..

Uz 123 : IPHONE XPENSIVE AF. I'll stick with my 7 for now thank u very much. Unless a kind person is willing to buy it for me lmao

Gym Carrey : how you meant to unlock your phone then if you in bed and its completely pitch black ?

Sam Huxtable : I love the way Apple disabled comments for their introductory video for this, because they knew they'd get fully roasted in the comments XD They got 49,000 dislikes and for good reason, because what's the point of making new phones if they're just going to remove the good bits from the OLD phones? Suckers who buy this should be ashamed, put the money to a better cause and stop pouring your money into Apple's wallet

Meme Man : iPhone 7: No headphone jack iPhone X: No home button iPhone 20 Plus: No phone