Apple iPhone X first look

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Dr. Furter : Iphone X trick: To screen grab you need the face detect feature. You need to blink 3 times followed by a duck face.

Sergio Flores : Can't wait until the iPhone LXIX: Screen sold separately, no charging ability. Phone will last a maximum of 8.45217 hours before running out of battery, and you need to buy a new phone. Only for 2 easy payments of $3,500.99 And people would still buy it

Myles MAN : Seems like I'd get to frustrated trying to get the side menus to open. Sometimes I can't get the control panel up. Moral of the story is #kony2012

jt243 : No home button wtf

Smmxmx Mxmxmx : hhhhhh

Sami : $1000? This phone better be taking me on holiday when i turn it on airplane mode smh

ItzDaredevilCC : iPhone 11 = No Power Button?

Rock Crystal : Let's take a stand ppl, I can afford this phone but Apple is getting out of control so no longer will I support them!

Pete S. : I love how it looks from the back, I imagine it looks better in real life.

Lazy Jai : Here the future goes! It arrived get ready!!!!

ISURU THIWANKA : copied from samsung every day. apple cant do any thing without copying samsung...

Artūrs Šmitiņš : The bezels are still huge.

Gaohli Kong : For security reasons = KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED!!! LOL

Kingslayer : *Apple makes a 10th anniversary iPhone. Arrives on its 11th anniversary.* Apple really knows how to celebrate special years with production delays and being lazy. When I celebrate my 10-year wedding anniversary with my wife, I will make sure to buy her an anniversary present six months after the date. Thanks for the idea, Apple.

HangOutLate : Yo fellas watch out for your girl if you have a side chick now. All your girl has to do is hold the iPhone X in front of your face while your sleeping and she’ll tap you to wake you up and once you open your eyes 👀 your phone is unlocked... 😆😂🤣 Oh yea, your welcome ladies... 😜😜😜

David Dreiling : It looks just like my LG K20

Gym Carrey : how you meant to unlock your phone then if you in bed and its completely pitch black ?

Ghaffar Ejaz : Does Iphone x recognize party makeup face of any girl???

PapíDimmi : Yay, now Apple can sell my face to other companies!

Zain Jifri : I phone before was best.. because they are released yearly one model only.. now it’s coming same like other mobiles.. going to cheap

Kevin James : This is not a groundbreaking statement, but Jesus Christ Apple is milking their idiot fan base. iPhones 7 through X have all been idiotic

Yoshida Shingo : Wtf. Iphone plagiarized japan again! United state always say plagiarisms is illegal and this is what they do... Pathetic.

Matt Ward : Cannot wait to see the first cracked screen of these.

amet buddy : This is that futuristic stuff ay?

kaung khantsan : Face ID must unlock at once like in fingerprint ID. We will have to swipe up to get home screen even Face ID has unlocked. This is weird.

Samuel Egger : nonetheless statistics delicate locate bed welfare recent deny you

Peter James : I am totally disaopinted in apple the i phone x is basically a samsung & steve jobbs would be highly upset with his company. How come they are not leading the industry with inovative features anymore all thdy have are gimics with an outragious price. Samsung has surpasses them in everyway. Everything Samsung has already done apple is now implementing it's real sad.

Parksville Can : Well not much to say about the iPhone 10. The display is awesome because it's supplied by Samsung. The iPhone 10 is not a edge to edge display. There is a bezel all the way around the device with a chunky bezel at the top which looks terrible. The face unlock is nothing new and is questionable which was a fail at the Apple event. The price of the iPhone 10 is ridiculous.

Haddy Duh : “then i shoot him”..........

Blockyplayz : *punches a whole in the wall*

Jordan Obina (262JorObin) : But what if you have an identical twin? Wouldn't that mess up the face Id crap

punisher 2000 : So i wear sunglasses alot do i have to take them off every time i want to unlock the phone

Zac : I don't know if everyone is KenM or if KenM is just as real as everyone. . .

Waves On Swim : So no ones going to mention how much they look like Samsung's now? Minus that home button

Octavio Flores : So their idea is to remove everything you loved

Kingchaos 101 : Steve Jobs Died for this....

Ahlaam Al Busaidy : How do you unlock it in the dark??

HisDukeNess : I don't like it..

N Singh : So you need to open your eyes for it to work. What if someone's drunk or high? 🤔

spot will : what does it cost to actually really make it

Hexalina : So if you get robbed and they are trying to unlock the phone make shore you close your eyes.

Tengoken : Oooooh 2 hours extra battery life. Wait $1000?? With the p2 having better all around specs for $230? Yeah no thanks.

YesBro! : Jobs Steve Jobs destroyed

Ian : What about 8 and 9

Al Lone : Apple funds slavery. Titanium for batteries mined in Africa by children

nrlatty22 : This phone just screams, "scratch me", "shatter me". I dont care what ppl say about its glass strength. A bad angle fall will have a the same result as any other phone, especially a full glass exterior

JustAdames : I rather spend those $1000 on a down payment for a car or rent. It mimicked galaxy phones and Snapchat filters. Nothing new, just combination of things.

Wayne Jayne : Pooh I'll stay with my s4

Matas _ : It looks retro for sure. Some ppl will really appreciate

Droid Explorer : The iPhone X is so beautiful! It's a hottest one.