The Evolution of Football Helmets
The Evolution of Football Helmets

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Get $25 off your first order now at ----------------------------------------------------------------------- An exploration into the history of American Football and how helmets have changed over 100+ years. PATREON - INSTAGRAM - @adamtinius TWITTER - @EntertainTheElk WEBSITE - MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: "Black Heat" by Ross Bugden - Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Link: "Buddha" by Kontekst Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library "Home Song" by Ross Bugden - Music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Link:


Dirk Diggler : Pants are coming off for this one

Dr. apostasy : The increase in concussions is the evolution of man. Athletes are bigger stronger and faster of that in the 1920s. It's palpable that new helmets won't prevent a 275 pound athlete running at 20 mph from giving you a concussion.

Alpha Jay 3.0 : Helmets are really becoming more advance technologically. I wonder how more advanced they'll be in the future

Film Radar : Entertaining and informative, I'd love to see more videos like this! Design fascinates me, the history of the football helmet is something I knew very little about but it has a much deeper history than I could have imagined!

Kolajer : Really enjoyed the video, despite being from across the pond, completely ignorant about and utterly indifferent to football. A good indicator of how good your content is.

BlueFluffles3232 : Please do more videos like this!

Continuity Check : I expected "Football helmets" to be a writing technique. I was pleasantly surprised.

David Kolb : Nfl: Hey! Wear these leather hats, their totally safe! Player: damn right! I’ll take one! *CONCUSSION* *LATER* Nfl: Hey! Wear these helmets, their also totally safe Players: really? Nfl: yes Players: Ok, I’ll take one! *CONCUSSION*

Josh Buzzcock : this is it chief

Joel Wood : This video engaged me so much and I was so surprised how interested I was (not that your videos are ever bad or boring). It managed to hit your high quality and I've learnt so much being from England and not knowing much about football. I really enjoyed it and thanks again! I can't wait to see the next topic you chose to talk about

Tony Zan : To me the argument that football helmets increase the risk of nfl players ignores the economic incentives of playing the game. The basic argument is helmets make players feel safer so they launch into their opponents with reckless abandon and if they didn't wear helmets they would be more careful. This totally ignores the economic incentives present in the nfl. Imagine you are a 195 lb cornerback. Imagine you have marginal skills (by nfl standards). You don't have a guaranteed contract, but are making 2 million per year. You didn't finish college and have no other method of making anywhere close to this amount. You told your mother to quit her job as a maid and bought your mom her first house. You are still making mortgage payments on it and your own house. You are funding your younger siblings through school and have financed the business venture of a beloved uncle. You need to stay in the league for a few more years to lift all of your extended family out of generations of poverty. A 230 lb running back has broken out into the open field towards you. You have no chance of form tackling this man. If you don't stop him you will give up a touchdown lose this game and probably ensure your team loses its division. The only chance you have is to dive at the RBs legs. You do so because you fear being cut from the team for not being able to tackle. You dive and his knee goes into your skull. If you have a helmet the damage is much less. If you don't wear a helmet you still need to make this tackle for your livelihood.

Bent Ice : Very hard to solve this issue, you see it happens when the brain bounces around inside the skull, a helmet may not protect you fully from that, if it does than wow that’s amazing

ElectricStrider1 : Ya know, I was complaining about the new helmets because I did not like all of the contours. Knowing now that they provide extra protection for the players, I'll shut up now. This is a great video!

That random Person : would be safer to go back to leather wait..., i know i sound crazy but it may stop the urge to drive their head into someone especially since the person your hitting may not have your gold studded 6000$ helmet - my experience

Phil Email : Its probably done more harm than good. You cant go across the body, face to the ball without helmets. Those hits dont happen in rugby and they dont do head to head either, generally.

Hayden Navy : Thank you I was actually really curious about all of this.

NeptuneGuy78 : You've earned yourself one more subscriber.

9ramthebuffs9 : Improved helmets enable bigger more concussive hits. They don't prevent injury.

Tyrannosaurus rex : Great video !!(as always) Waiting for South Park (TDD series)

Laygónian 489 : Ok I watched the video YouTube! Are you happy now?!

Septimus Pretorius : Excellent Job!!!! Your video was not only entertaining, but highly informative. Thanks for uploading this.

vvavyGlovv : Loved the video and the intro hah keep up the goog work man ☺

Führer Lenny : Great essay, love the straight-to-the-point style of yours.

Chaos Creates : Hell, the first helmets were closer to a rugby scrum cap.

Saluted Firestarter : Helmets back then: Barbaric Helmets now: Mega Giga Barbaric

JevaughnSmith2019 : I really love the new football helmet with all the new design for 2017 - 2018

The ToeCutter : I have a request *The Evolution Of The Football Itself* Awesome video!!

88 FlOmiNgO : Could you do this with shoulder pads? Or even pant pads? Just a brief history of them.

JAWBREAKER HD : RIP The Notorious B.I.G.

Mercury_Mad_Dog : so thats where Tank pilots get their helmets

Burton Sumner : i don’t even watch sports but this video was fun to watch AND informative

J Coles Mastery : Shoot and ZENITH 🤷🏿‍♂️

WollongongWacko : Paratroopers in ww1? I don't think so dude.

Thomas Cremens : 25,403rd view 191st comment

El Bojacks : Schutt is pronounced “Shoot” I always pronounced it like “scut”

Sergio Sanchez : Obviously not ,I got a concussion rn 😂(btw did not hit wit my head)

RCLife : 5:40 homeboy just said shoot 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Isaiah Jones : My boiiii Otto WENT BACK ITO THE GAME!??!?!?

DonnieTheSportsGuy NY : The more and more the helmets are improved the more they are being used as a weapon for helmet to helmet collusion making the value of a helmet very low. If they had no true helmet and only a leather head, would they go helmet to helmet? No way Concussions problem solved 😂

farpointgamingdirect : There were no paratroopers in WWI. The concept of Vertical Envelopment hadn't been conceived yet.

gutz not official account : why did he forget about vicis helmets

Gva _05 : Man, Antlertain this was a very interesting video, funny to see what the helmets we wear now used to look like

Zach Hutson : Very informative! thanks!

John Marshall : “Wussies.” - Rugby and Australian Rules Football players

shaqill malakhy : Wow its amazing from a leather hat to the helmets used these days

GJP : This is a really interesting, random video. Keep it up ETE!

Chad Pugh : I've always wondered if helmets could have crumple zones.

zachary paris : i learnt something.

AlphaGarg : I've always had a huge fascination for American Football helmets, especially after I played Quake! It's very clear how much influence these designs had on the protagonist's helmet, and even more so in the series' latest game (which has a full, optional football outfit for the protagonist), and I really like how they look without the face bars. Very good video overall, anyways! Time to binge watch the whole channel.