The Evolution of Football Helmets

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Kolajer : Really enjoyed the video, despite being from across the pond, completely ignorant about and utterly indifferent to football. A good indicator of how good your content is.

Film Radar : Entertaining and informative, I'd love to see more videos like this! Design fascinates me, the history of the football helmet is something I knew very little about but it has a much deeper history than I could have imagined!

Eaton Beaver : Pants are coming off for this one

9ramthebuffs9 : Improved helmets enable bigger more concussive hits. They don't prevent injury.

Jay 3.0 : Helmets are really becoming more advance technologically. I wonder how more advanced they'll be in the future

Bent Ice : Very hard to solve this issue, you see it happens when the brain bounces around inside the skull, a helmet may not protect you fully from that, if it does than wow that’s amazing

TheBap : Was confused till the 2nd minute, forgot football is soccer in the US. Was asking myself the whole time why players used helmets in soccer in the 1920s lol

Tony Zan : To me the argument that football helmets increase the risk of nfl players ignores the economic incentives of playing the game. The basic argument is helmets make players feel safer so they launch into their opponents with reckless abandon and if they didn't wear helmets they would be more careful. This totally ignores the economic incentives present in the nfl. Imagine you are a 195 lb cornerback. Imagine you have marginal skills (by nfl standards). You don't have a guaranteed contract, but are making 2 million per year. You didn't finish college and have no other method of making anywhere close to this amount. You told your mother to quit her job as a maid and bought your mom her first house. You are still making mortgage payments on it and your own house. You are funding your younger siblings through school and have financed the business venture of a beloved uncle. You need to stay in the league for a few more years to lift all of your extended family out of generations of poverty. A 230 lb running back has broken out into the open field towards you. You have no chance of form tackling this man. If you don't stop him you will give up a touchdown lose this game and probably ensure your team loses its division. The only chance you have is to dive at the RBs legs. You do so because you fear being cut from the team for not being able to tackle. You dive and his knee goes into your skull. If you have a helmet the damage is much less. If you don't wear a helmet you still need to make this tackle for your livelihood.

Continuity Check : I expected "Football helmets" to be a writing technique. I was pleasantly surprised.

Joel Wood : This video engaged me so much and I was so surprised how interested I was (not that your videos are ever bad or boring). It managed to hit your high quality and I've learnt so much being from England and not knowing much about football. I really enjoyed it and thanks again! I can't wait to see the next topic you chose to talk about

Ryan Yeager : I love this video I love the game of football more than anything else and I don't want to live in a world where football is outlaw it doesn't concussions. Football teaches boys how to become men real man who hard-working for there money who pay taxes who law-abiding citizens men. It teaches life lessons that you don't learn in a classroom all sports do this but football does it the best. And I feel like if we Outlaw football would have more people become criminals instead of law-abiding citizens. Is there a chance you can damage your brain from playing football yes but that's life everyday you get out of bed your life at risk. There's a chance you can get hurt on the job permanently we don't talk about outlawing those jobs. Because we need those jobs to help our country. I think a chance to go to college and get an education for free and I'm not being in debt $100,000 and a chance to go and play in the National Football League and be able to retire before your 40 as a millionaire is worth the risk of CTE. I don't want to see any of these Football players get CTE so I am for doing anything we can to protect our players.

Itzel Cano Ruiz : 1- Like 2- Watch the video

BlueFluffles3232 : Please do more videos like this!

Shawn Barbour : do a video on the soccer ball now that you have done a football video

Fern Melg : If only the browns playing was as good as their inventions.

Spider-Man88 : Could you do this with shoulder pads? Or even pant pads? Just a brief history of them.

Josh Barnacle : this is it chief

Thomas Cremens : 25,403rd view 191st comment

Big Tasty : Sick video

Username 1 : Girls soccer has higher concussion rates than football but I don’t see them snowing a big fuss about that

Some Dude : Always thought this was just a TV/ Movie channel. This ain't too bad

American Redneck : Well I got a concussion when I was in high school and it’s bull shit I was in practice!

JAWBREAKER HD : RIP The Notorious B.I.G.

Pope Guilty XIII : "The Day the NFL Died"

Führer Lenny : Great essay, love the straight-to-the-point style of yours.

Lemon Kid : Do evolution of football gloves

Holstein Farms : Are you gonna reply to every comment?

David Bellanger : That was a solid video and a fun watch.

Cody Dades : I really liked this video

Mike Adams : Interesting, but your timeline seems off relative to the helmet painting. You talked about the plastic helmets first, then said the issue was rectified, but then said everyone was playing with brown helmets until Gehrke took his home and painted it... at which point, you show a painted LEATHER helmet (not plastic). So the first painted helmet was leather, NOT plastic. Correct?

Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk : The real question is, when that coach introduced plastic hard helmets in highschool, how much more dominant was that hs team over all the other teams wearing leather? That had to be a huge advantage lol

earth is not a donut : not football clickbait

anthony garcia : Enjoyed this video very much now how about a LACROSSE HELMET evolution documentary !

Drew Dederer : Worth noting, US WWII tanker helmets were made by Rawlings and were heavilly based on their current model helmet (with bigger holes on top and headphones built into the ear pieces).

AlphaGarg : I've always had a huge fascination for American Football helmets, especially after I played Quake! It's very clear how much influence these designs had on the protagonist's helmet, and even more so in the series' latest game (which has a full, optional football outfit for the protagonist), and I really like how they look without the face bars. Very good video overall, anyways! Time to binge watch the whole channel.

Any Odyssey : Competition between helmet manufacturers can only be a good thing. In the end, football players win.

ToXXicc dog : Nice video

RonHoward : Great essay, congrats.

shaqill malakhy : Wow its amazing from a leather hat to the helmets used these days

Carson Ivey : I appreciate this video a lot, I did my final project on this my Junior year in high school and I researched for hours, to find very little, I wish I had this


Aaron Clark : I play football in high school and love it I personally recommend Riddell helmets

Pickatjau : Great video how about a the evolution of motogp or formula 1 or rallycross ? All three of them have changed alot over the years? Would love to learn more about them.

dayvancubensis : I never would have thought the history of the evolution of football helmet designs would make for an interesting video, but Entertain the Elk had me engrossed. Excellent video, mate.

girls poop too : This is good stuff Thanks

Alex Rohner : damn John T Riddle coached at my highschool

Frank Smith : I could care less about football helmets, but I love your videos!

fuckaniggareallygotschool : Green Bay Packers are the OGs

Eexpers : correct me if im wrong but aren't helmets like boxing gloves? in that counter intuitively the more protection they offer the more dangerous the sport becomes because they can go beyond what they'd do otherwise? Boxing gloves don't protect the other mans face they protect your hands being able to punch more, longer and, harder

Trent Flanery : This was a really cool video!