Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

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Ebin Nisti : This guy doing primitive technology shit and he got a more fresh haircut than I have while laying on my couch like every day

Chris : Caveman has Really good thumbnail editing skills

GlazeJWK : Im here eating pizza and I still wanna jump through my screen for that meat

VeXx KL : When this dude can make a better steak with a rock than you can with a grill😂

corn Dude : *Gordon Ramsay would approve*

Earth Devil : This channel should be called primitive technology wannabe copycat.

Tolu Sunmola : Don't forget to beat your meat

tanish naidu : how did he got meat . Oh I think so from the supermarket

Baraka Games : Nao imaginei que no acre cozinhava assim, so cool ;o

moe sizlack : Would of been less work going to the long horn steak house.

The Jooomers : Need that Big Steak on the thumbnail...

William Poole : Absolutely amazing techniques. Only thing I'd do is heat up one side of the rock, flip it, then put the meat on. I'd save time overall. Really amazing ingenuity on your part, you'd survive if all of society collapsed.

Andros : Fresh haircut and store bought protein. Cavemen had it good back then

The World Tv : That's hard to make fire but very useful. People of more than 5 centuries ago were the best with the nature salvation

صدقة جارية الى اخواني : اللهم صلي وسلم على محمد 💕🌹 🌹💕 أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأشهد أن محمدا رسول الله

Ãmõs : Do you smell what the rock is cooking ?


جنات محمد : منو فيكم عربي خلي نشوف منو اكتر العرب لو ا ج


Junior Ribeiro : Mastiga de boca fechada!!!

Kareem Robinson : Mmmm rock favor!!!!

scarlxrd queen : Is that how fast u beat ur meat daddy? ;) Lol jk😂💪

irfan nurcahyo : Yang nonton orang indonesia mana suaranya? . . . . . Aku😁

Elvan : Ada ada aja primitive jaman now

Luiz Carlos Alborghetti : Cara no meio do mato, tem esse corte de cabelo horrível tão popular

Jonathan Salinas : Is it just me or the Thumbnail is photoshopped?

Arif Wibowo : Aku hanya tersenyum aku akan tetap menjanjikan

Joan Us : Can you be mine😘😘😊

Kermit : Man why would you blatantly rip off Primitive Technologies channel name if you're going to make the exact content as well? Pretty greasy

rayane flower : 😯uau 👏👏

游仁傑 : 這男的很愛騙,生存技巧都用剪接。

Fabrizzio Saldanha : And the salt???? kkkkkk

hüseyin Turkish : Yıl olmuş 2018 sen hala odunla ateş yakmaya çalışıyon git çakmak al ya

Bearsquatch Adventures : LOL, Primitive Technology Idea??? At least come up with your own unique name...

RickK RocKStar : I wonder how he charges his batteries...

Pirulito de Mamão Papaya : Não tem fogão Mas tem câmera :)


Arfan 0978 : what is cooking

Khonn Neitto : Why you'll keep saying bad things? Human are not perfect.. He just want to share/show a very simple way how to survive ..ignore the way he eat, the body he have,the place he make this video.. but learn this simple knowledge ..if you can't accept.. It's ok ..just saying my opinion

Ghievlain08 Villaver : Like your haircut .. 👍👍👍

ヌベヂョン : kutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutya

sol y jeni las locas wachas : Nadie. Quiere cosinar en mi casa >:v. G racias ahora. Voy a cosinar en una piedrita :3 Conichugua ;3

Davisão : Caverna in 1080,60fps

Survival Mindset : Excellent cook!

もち もち : オススメに出てきた同士おる?

Anderson Conceição : Ei meninos façam uma pedra de Argila que é mais fina aí assa a carne mais rápido!

HAN CRACK : Survival minecraft 😂😂😂 anjir (edit):yaelah ngentot boongan thumbnail sama steak nya lain jink😂😂😂

Plati100 : mmm... some fresh sandy meat

lela felix : Mais tem unhas bem feitas ne kkkkk.

Burak Canlı : Canım çekti ohh...