Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

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Pobo Soccer : It looks delicious :)

Baraka Games : Nao imaginei que no acre cozinhava assim, so cool ;o

Ane Martins : Me sinto é envergonhada, os moleques além de fazer sua própria refeição sem reclamar das condições ainda acendem uma fogueira sem ter fósforos ou esqueiros, enquanto eu aqui com preguiça cheia de mimimi... É, preciso rever muitas coisas. Parabéns meninos ❤

Chris : Caveman has Really good thumbnail editing skills

Elvan : Ada ada aja primitive jaman now

Mystic Phoenix - Mobile Gaming : WOW It's not like you clickbaited us am I right or wrong here😂


Luiz Carlos Alborghetti : Cara no meio do mato, tem esse corte de cabelo horrível tão popular

Arfan 0978 : what is cooking

The Jooomers : Need that Big Steak on the thumbnail...

Sataporn : เยี่ยมๆ


Jonathan Ebersole : I forgot that meat grows on huge tree leaves

RyQeus Neal : Have you heard of a channel named Primitive Technology...??

Toko Rigo : Ark survival

Addiantoe Myth : Haircut is too modern 😁

corn Dude : *Gordon Ramsay would approve*

The World Tv : That's hard to make fire but very useful. People of more than 5 centuries ago were the best with the nature salvation

狙撃者_RT : iidesune

Ebin Nisti : This guy doing primitive technology shit and he got a more fresh haircut than I have while laying on my couch like every day

Survival Mindset : Excellent cook!

走着 : Where did he find that garlic? And where the heck did he find the meat?

KnightMare XD : why do primitive people have camera?

Jesse Gutierrez : Chewing like a horse Paused right away

TheWokeMuppet : You should make a bow firestarter

Koutique 03 : Us Asian are caveman

Junior Ribeiro : Mastiga de boca fechada!!!

Alex Smith : When the apocalypse comes, this kid will be prepared

otaku opening : Eres un crack


camilo muñoz : Esa carne se ve q quedó muy buena

Kareem Robinson : Mmmm rock favor!!!!

ヌベヂョン : kutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutyakutya

Davisão : Caverna in 1080,60fps

király sirály videók : ja Need that Big Steak on the thumbnail...

Fryst 209 : んー😋うまそうー😁😃💕

Ulysses Palacios : SURVIVERS

Wandile Qamata : I was just watching some God Of War 4 videos and boom!!!! im here

VeXx KL : When this dude can make a better steak with a rock than you can with a grill😂

수준 : น่ากิน😂

carlos grouwb : cut hier floret??kkk

moe sizlack : Would of been less work going to the long horn steak house.

Dah GingerBeast : Here's a question: Where did you get the meat from?

joanne usero : Can you be mine😘😘😊

Fabrizzio Saldanha : And the salt???? kkkkkk

입사각 : 한국인 없나?

scarlxrd queen : Is that how fast u beat ur meat daddy? ;) Lol jk😂💪

Ghievlain08 Villaver : Like your haircut .. 👍👍👍

Dhenanda Anandhika : Makanmu ceplak jhooon 😂

Burak CAN : Canım çekti ohh...