Aretha Franklin - Think (The Blues Brothers 1980)

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Aretha Franklin's "Think" from the movie "The Blues Brothers" (1980).


Camille Howe : RIP Aretha, Queen of Soul. Gonna miss you. ♥

ESPONET : Who else is here to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin? 8-16-2018 RIP

Chuck Franklin : Aretha stole this six minute scene out from under everybody! And for the rest of the film, I kept wanting to see her again!

Ann-Marie AMS Samura : The Blues Brothers??? Shiiiiiiiiit!!! They still owe you money fool!!😂😂😂

Dave Meades : R.I.P Miss Aretha Franklin gone but never forgotten.

mozartjpn137 : This is the movie in which I learnt how to say "SHIIIIT" right way.

Ace Möwick : How many others are watching this in honor of the late great queen of soul?

Jokers R Wild Studios : Let’s get the band back together and bring Aretha this time. RIP.

thehustle2009 : This is how i want to remember her

Robert Martin : If I ever saw something like this actually happen, I think I would just lay down and die because nothing else in life could ever compare.


ekathe85 : Well this is obviously a movie because nobody would walk away on her after that.

trc2rockon : You know, she actually isn't that bad of an actress, at least judging by this scene.

Matthew Adkins : The Blues Brothers??? Sheeeeeeiiiit! We love you Aretha...

Forlorn Dream : Without your four fried chickens and without your dry white toast. Lol quality.

Tony P : Watched this in her honor today. I love everything about this scene and especially when Aretha says all sassy, "You gonna go out that door without your dry, white toast, without your four fried chickens!" RIP, the queen of American music has passed!

cruehead355 : Don't you blasphemy in here,  don't you BLASPHEMY in here, always cracks me up hearing her yelling that. she had a great voice... R.I.P. Aretha

Mike Wysko : Too funny. Aretha's voice is fantastic.

Magali Guibert : RIP Madame Aretha Franklin !!! 😢

Edgar Daniels : Heard Aretha’s show is coming to a close! Came straight here, one off my favorite movie scenes! Thanks for the music and memories, hope you get back what you gave when you get home!! ❤️

David Schreier : RIP Matt 'Guitar' Murphy

WillCarr 91 : We're on a mission from God

Trey Indica : Aretha Franklin passed away this morning😢😢 may the four winds blow her safely home

waseem khan : Rip Aretha the queen of soul I did think and realized I needed some respect, then I was happy I know a natural woman, I as hurt like hell, said a prayer not to be one of a chain of fools.

Hal Brown : If Aretha screamed blasphem like that at me, I'd just stand up, make my excuses and leave quietly.

CaptinBringdown : RIP Aretha Franklin. Thanks for the soul.

SpiritBear12 : Matt and Lou just happen to have their instruments in the restaurant. LOL

oj simpson : Dont you blaspheme in here, dont you blaspheme in here!!! LOL

Leno1971 : Song still gives me the chills! Freedom!

V P : Praying for you Aretha. Living legend and Queen of soul. 🙏🏾💕

Ernesto De La Serna : Classic movie scene. We lost an all time legend today. I watched this movie many times and this and John Lee Hooker were the highlights (also the scene with the nun). I just noticed that at the end of this scene they are still fighting outside about who wrote "Boom Boom Boom Boom". LOL!

Anon Nymous : R.I.P., Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul.

Phil Lewis : I love how Jake and Elwood just start dancing with her. Couldn't resist that tune. RIP Aretha

Garry Harriman : Such a great scene this....brilliant choreography!

bigroy38 : RIP,Matt.

bginna : R I P Aretha

Tomasz Wójcik : Aretha is... What can I say? She is only one!

Warren Fahy : Yeah, rest in peace, baby.

lonecrapshooter67 : God bless Aretha in her time of need

Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur : RIP Aretha! She joins John Belushi, Ray Charles, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Carrie Fisher, Donald Dunn, Mr Fabulous Alan Rubin, etc

freaker126 : the 3 ladies were just waiting to jump right up. :p

Francesco Iacobelli : Rip Matt "guitar" Murphy...Rip Matt "guitar" Murphy...It seems that Jake is putting the band back together...they're on mission from God!

qu1nnc : What a woan, what a voice.

Marciano Demidof : R.I.P. Aretha Franklin 🙏

Daniel Hinojosa : "We got two honkies out there that look like two Hasidic diamond merchants" -- Aretha Franklin

Barry Schlesinger : Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul RIP

Medmann48 : Four whole fried chickens?

Joseph Hickman : ma am but we're on a mission from god

laurierken : Rest In Peace Matt. You were a towering talent.