A 9-Year-Old Girl Enters The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest | The New Yorker

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Alex Me : "I don't try to make it funny or else it's not funny." Dang, this girl is woke

Laura Carías : —How's life? —The same. Genius

ElyssaAnderson : She's the most adorable person I've ever seen ☺️


August Kuuskvere : It’s deeply upsetting that she is both funnier than I am and also has infinitely better handwriting.

Eralen00 : These are the best captions of this entire series. The fish tank one was my favorite

simon wang : The "How's life?" one was just... wow so deep.

Kevin Alterman : 1:22 Wow Son! You caught a loan shark!

osopk : "next time catch a fish, tho" was my favorite

Olavo Ataide : give her a job already

Sebastiana : Many of her captions were both funny while also subtly sociopolitical without intention. She has great wit and great intuition!

sparksoffyou : She’s better at this than the actual comedians!

Joseph Kienstra : The bowling one is so smart! So cool to see a kid exercise her creativity. She gets so happy after writing each one :)

Wiley : 'You caught a man, next time catch a fish though' was the best. The 'about to be squished by water' was the most telling of her age. Best of luck, Alice, and great job!

Mark Tchadej : Turtle one had me do a spit take

ManOfCorn : The way she smiles after reading her caption! Kids are so pure!

the tube : i liked the wrecking ball one XD

Ryan Brooks : For the 1:22 cartoon, i was thinking ".... we're gonna throw this one back..."

guacamole : She's brilliant! Let's keep an eye on her.

Steve27775 : 1:08 - 'Damnit, Jake, another lawyer? I told you to stop using dollars for bait.'

fillibustercat : I like how pleased she is with herself 😂 I hope she doesnt lose that confidence! Ever!

karplefropx : For the last one, i was thinking "That's not what I meant by 'we need to table this meeting'..." .. or something along those lines.

ty12mi34 : “I think I need a seahorse.”

Jonathan George : The fish bowl caption was perfect!

Matthäus Jandl : Unreal how much better she is compared to the real cartoons haha

Alessandra Santamaría : she's precious

Tyler Ellis : "Don't judge"! Hahaha love this

danceswithdirt : Best one yet.

Maggy Frog : she's like the only genuinely funny one in the series. the others were trying too hard.

uptowngirl1313 : shes hilariousss and so mature

Dave Drapak : She is already so much funnier than I will ever be

Mark Frellips : Fish tank was certainly the best. Something amazing about that childhood perspective to keep things _______

Isaac Holzwarth : 3:20 "Not exactly what I meant by 'let's table the discussion'..."

Aiyana Carroll : She honestly killed this

granitsky : Wow, she has the "comedy gene" - so naturally gifted.

Alex : This only met the expectations I had before reading the comments. They would have you believe she's actually got some pretty decent captions. I guess they're decent for her age, but that's really not enough for me...

assmane999 : 2:30 I am ready to admit it now....I have an eating disorder.

Jack White : The fishing one-“May I interest you in some boat insurance”

Milagros Gimenez : I want Liza here just for the puns

Burro sin mecate : She replenishes in one's day what a Donald Trump takes away. (Shine on, Dear !)

Just Chilin : She’s too cute my favorite ones don’t judge haha

Rowan Newcomb Rodriguez : I know I’m gonna get hate for this and it’s nothing against the girl she’s adorable but there not amazing there ok but not viral worthy

joecab : Good job. Alice came up with captions beating all the adults' ones. Maybe she has a point to not overthinking it.

Spidey Fist : I dont get it. Is the New Yorker not supposed to be funny? Cause I think I have seen all of the videos in this series and have yet to find one of them amusing.

w Waleos : Wow just wow

Douglas Phillips : This is what happens when we tell children they're funny...they believe it.

Billy Sweaterson : How about doing videos of people who actually know how to write a caption for the contest? Like the finalists and winners?

Lisa Beebe : "Don't judge" killed me.

meloD30 : 0:05 LOL. That's cute, but... 0:31 OMG !!!

Who am I Really : Y’all are just kidding right? This kid is neither cute nor funny. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?