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Director - Cyriak Illustrations - Sarah Brown Song - Adam Buxton Song production - Stuart Earl First broadcast on BUG, Programme 4, 30th July 2012, Sky Atlantic, Burning Bright Productions. Twitter @AdamRealBuxton


NipahMotherfuckers : "WAR AND FAMINE ALL AROUND US BUT HERE'S A FUNNY APP!" Two years later and this is more relevant than ever.

Connie Stephens : I hope someone accidentally showed this to their kid

marthedge : "Director - Cyriak" Of course this isn't a normal animation. Those are warning bells on its own.

Chris Laurent : For a messed up song, it's actually quite catchy

Anom Mona : They forgot about counting the number of times you think about killing yourself AMIRITE GUYS

RCLeahcar : Notice how at the beginning of the video he asks, "Do you count?" Normally in a children's counting video they'd ask if the kids *love* counting...

KillMeNowGaming : Lets do the lyrics!~ Do you count? I do! Let's count together! Counting counting counting counting Counting things you like! One two bits of cake One two three wheels apon a trike! One two three four dollys One two three four five balloons! One two three four five six monkeys wearing pantaloons!~ One two three four five six seven fluffy little cats! One two three four five six seven eight old fashioned hats!~ Counting is a lot of fun if you are under four, try again in thirty years, it's not so fun no more! You will find there are a lot of boring things to count, Count them, *count them* *COUNT THEM*, you must have the right amount! Calories and speeding points and pennies in your purse, Count your blessings too, because it daily gets much worse!~ Problems, problems, problems, problems, piling up on you, they just keep on coming, and there's nothing you can do. Relationships and health and sex, and god and jobs and sex! There are far more problems than a four-year-old expects! Counting opportunities that got away from you, regrets and disappointments, don't forget the failures too!~ Counting all the so called "friends" who stab YOU IN *THE BACK!!* There's so many it becomes a problem keeping track!! Counting ways the world is a giant bowl of *CRAP*, [spoken] War and famine all around, but here's a funny app! [sung] Count up all the ways you can change it if you try, but there is too much else to do that suddenly you *DIE.*

SPUTNIK. : This video is pretty *creative.* It must have taken you a lot of *time*, to make it.

Tia Blue : Last night, I dreamt there was an actual child-friendly, nice version of this song

Zack Oak : Tag yourself I'm the increasingly distressed sun

Ghost Bait : I feel like I just watched the pre-school version of DHMIS

Sid Noway : Well that escalated quickly.

Gracey Shaw : The poor sun starts out happy and bouncing and smiling then it gets a bigger frown then it just disappears. :(

Vault Rant : "Directed by cryiak" this is gonna b fun

Blessing Presents : "Director: Cyriak" I should have known.

Jamie Layton : Its funny...I was sad one day and my bestie said "Here, I know what'll make you feel better." And showed me this song. Funny enough, I felt better right after.

Laura : The sun is just like 'I'm outta here' xD

StinkyLoofanimations : this teaches you many more things than counting, amazing.

Masonaut : Counting opportunities that got away from you! Regrets and disappointments; don't forget the failures too! Counting all the so-called-friends that stab you in the back! There's so many, it becomes a problem keeping track! Counting all the ways the world's a giant ball of crap! Count up all the ways that you can change it if you try! But there is too much else to do... Then suddenly you die!

Dietchapstick : What's sad is that it's true

Iitathebomber : "War and famine all around, but here's a funny app!"

Positively Dreadful : I'm only twenty and I'm sick of counting

Saveraedae : DHMIS 7 is looking great.

Trina Thompson : Umm. I got this song stuck in my head and sang it at school the next day...

Ari : I had to do homework for school which was finding a song that helps kids learn. So I came across this and thought oh sure this would be perfect...then I saw the end and I laughed but then I'm like oh ok can't use this

JellymanJohn : Counting all the so call friends that stab you in the BACK.

Hotboy7227msp : Im 12 years old and my wacky weird English teacher put this on in English! Its sooo funny! My whole class love it!

sami khodir : I think by far the most depressing thing in this video is the fluffy little cats' train wreck :(

Mr. Meeseeks : Still probably the most honest song ever to have been sung. love it.

Cohen Thornsburg : The app he got was "make-a-marble-hornet"

Birthday Loyalty Club : Props to you, kids gotta learn somehow.

Wanna b a lizard : Maybe he'd get along with the clock from the new dont hug me im scared video?

TrueBlue170 : This sums up how I feel about 2016 so far.

Bon Splatpaint : Don't hug me i'm scared 7

Dazenza : DHMIS 7 is looking great

Animiles : This makes me happy. As I see I'm not the only one who feels like there is too much happening in this world

Jason1920 : The kittens in train cars #2 and #3 obviously died in the crash. Damn you, Cyriak. Brilliant.

OrangeSouda : is this dhmis

jackandjade1000 : loving the new dhmis character, cant wait for part 7

BleedingRaindrops : watch the sun. it's so happy at first, then the smile slowly disappears. then it's just gone. it quit on life

Audrey Tseng : the saddest part was when he lost his top hat

Mibble Schmipse : My mood be like: :D  :D  :)   :I   :( :(  D:  D: and by the end im like WTF MAN I THOUGHT THIS WAS TO TEACH KIDS TO COUNT!!

number100utopia : I do believe we have a rival for Tony the Clock

♡Emily♡ : this reminds me of don't hug me I'm scared.....

Andrew P : Wow, that escalated quickly...

no taxis : Doesn't surprise me the Director was cyriak


Yung Chinoz : the older i get, the more relevant it becomes.

batman4ever666 : ahhhhh british humour, please never change!