Half in the Bag Episode 151: Slender Man

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Poisonedblade : So we're not gonna get Slenderman VS Bye Bye Man, the greatest anime crossover of all time?!

Syafiq Razip : Hey Sony, can I direct a film too? Pretty please?

EXCEPT : Wait so did you guys recommend it?

Joshalots : Why is it legal to put footage in a trailer that isn't in the movie they're trying to sell

24 Frames Of Nick : This movie physically damaged my eyes

NPC #0783 : Making a movie in 2018 about an internet phenomenon from 2011, hoping the name alone will get butts in theater seats. *200 IQ move from Sony.*

I Am Connor : Maybe we needed to find the eight pages missing from the script for this movie.

kys ilu : Slenderman literally came from a photoshop contest on SomethingAwful. Imagine making a silly picture on a message board and having it lead to an attempted murder and a Hollywood film...

maxis2k : So basically this review will get more views than the actual movie. You've done it again RLM.

Peanut Turner : I thought maybe you guys were forced to see it because MoviePass wouldn't let you see Mission Impossible or anything else… Also I think it would be really fun for you guys to do a video on the multicoloured dumpster fire that is MoviePass…

Carson Hatch : You hacks, I watch a Half in the Bag for the plot, you can't rob me of that

David Oakes : *Coming In 2019* SONY Pictures presents "..That ...Maze game from like 10 years ago....which scares you when a witch appears on screen..." Starring Corey Feldman... He needs work right ?

OvAeons : Can't spell Sony without: Y SON?!

Siro Medina : Life has meaning again.

Derek McCumber : I find myself now, when viewing trailers, thinking "Wow! I hope that movie is awful so they'll make a really funny Half in the Bag about it!"

ryder mccall : “We’re not having a story, because the movie didn’t have one either.” (Slide Whistle)

Treestandsafety : Fun fact: Spacecop was banned everywhere but Wisconsin...

Qliphothian : Wouldn't it make it more sense to make this movie a found footage movie ? I can't believe I just said that.

John Doe : Slender Man hasn't been relevant for over 4 years, was a similar thing with the Angry Birds movie - these hollywood hacks are so out of touch.

shaun lawrie : The truth is, those psychotic girls would have done something messed up whether slender man was a thing or not, they just would have found different inspiration. Messed up people are always going to exist, you can't stop them.

RagnarokNCC : "Also Starring Rich Evans" Talk about a disappearing character!

ian1493 : The dark web sure is a spooky.

HASEnoncorperated : Calgon is a washing machine soap brand here in the UK. So "Calgon, Take me away" Kinda sounds a bit suicidal to me. Much spoopier than the actual movie.

Justin Y. : Sony back at it again with another masterpiece of cinematography

ultimaT : Good lord, i would rather watch someone pplayer slender the 8 pages over this. Also man did no one even understand what made him creepy? They should have watched the marble hornets stuff

rangoononline : The "Not in the movie" segment was fantastic. The people that make movie trailers are straight up con artists now.

LauraOlsonBlue : Tony Clifton should hang out with Harry Plinkett

SuperHater56 : Slender Man is just Jack wandering around the forest at night

Rags : Mike Stoklosa is my spirit animal.

Sexhaie : *"FROM THE DARK WEB*!"* *=Something Awful

Normonaut : The only good slenderman content out there is the youtube series by Marblehornets. That was genuinely creepy, so of course the movie has nothing like that

aperson22222 : Please do _The Meg._

Anthony Zaragoza : who made a better narrative with slenderman. A professional movie studio with a budget or 5 dudes making something for youtube?

Junaid Azam : Nice , time to shit on some movies !

PWNtang _ : Marble Hornets wasn't perfect, but that was how you handle a Slenderman movie

kvnd7331 : movie came out 6 years too late

Lucas Martin : There was actually a youtuber (or a group) Marble Hornets, that made short vlog-oriented shorts. There was an overarching plot, but the shortness of the videos and the fact that they were uploaded in a non chronological order helped to build a very interesting horror story.

The Daily Fortnut : Did anyone think this movie would be good? I mean I watched the trailers and they cracked me up so much. You could tell it would be incompetent Also after this...... R.I.P. Venom

owlstag awn : Can't wait until Sony makes a "Jeff the Killer" movie and creates a creepypasta cinematic universe.

Marc Züst : Fun fact: Yahtzee Crowshaw, the zero punctuation guy, claims to have invented slender man in his point-and-click adventure game series "the Chzo Mythos", although he did not name him that. I think he's called "the tall man", but he also has a veritable Lovecraftian horror name. There's a video series on youtube, "the ego review", where he plays his own games from back when, which is quite entertaining - mostly because he now realizes all the bad game design decisions he made.

Andrew : I just got it! They are called Lightening Fast VCR Repair but they always take forever!

Robert Dougherty : Will the Slenderman XXX porn parody be better ?

Protheus : >scariest thing was the Sony logo Yep, that's true. It's really hard to beat that.

GPTRONIC : I like SONY. They make me believe that I also can be a filmmaker.

DrumWild : I do not like "fictional horror characters" like Slender Man. I prefer REAL horror characters, like Freddy and Jason.

Evelina999 : Y'all should watch Deadpool 2. Not necessarily for reviewing purposes, just cause it's a good movie.

MJ Trace : Wish upon girl is now a term 😆

Christopher Snow : When you die in the Matrix you die in the real world. When you die in Freddy's Dream you die in the real world.

Vasari O : Can't wait for the adaptation of 'Jeff The Killer' in 2021, starring Jared Leto with no eyebrows, extremely white makeup and a tattoo of "Natural born killa" on his forehead, right beneath the scar that spells "mah nem jef".

OvAeons : i guess film makers did not get the memo Slendo man has not been relevant for yeeears