Half in the Bag Episode 151: Slender Man

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Poisonedblade : So we're not gonna get Slenderman VS Bye Bye Man, the greatest anime crossover of all time?!

Syafiq Razip : Hey Sony, can I direct a film too? Pretty please?

EXCEPT : Wait so did you guys recommend it?

Joshalots : Why is it legal to put footage in a trailer that isn't in the movie they're trying to sell

24 Frames Of Nick : This movie physically damaged my eyes

I Am Connor : Maybe we needed to find the eight pages missing from the script for this movie.

Carson Hatch : You hacks, I watch a Half in the Bag for the plot, you can't rob me of that

ngr fgt : Slenderman literally came from a photoshop contest on SomethingAwful. Imagine making a silly picture on a message board and having it lead to an attempted murder and a Hollywood film...

NPC #0783 : Making a movie in 2018 about an internet phenomenon from 2011, hoping the name alone will get butts in theater seats. *200 IQ move from Sony.*

maxis2k : So basically this review will get more views than the actual movie. You've done it again RLM.

ian1493 : The dark web sure is a spooky.

Treestandsafety : Fun fact: Spacecop was banned everywhere but Wisconsin...

David Oakes : *Coming In 2019* SONY Pictures presents "..That ...Maze game from like 10 years ago....which scares you when a witch appears on screen..." Starring Corey Feldman... He needs work right ?

Siro Medina : Life has meaning again.

OvAeons : Can't spell Sony without: Y SON?!

shaun lawrie : The truth is, those psychotic girls would have done something messed up whether slender man was a thing or not, they just would have found different inspiration. Messed up people are always going to exist, you can't stop them.

RagnarokNCC : "Also Starring Rich Evans" Talk about a disappearing character!

Derek McCumber : I find myself now, when viewing trailers, thinking "Wow! I hope that movie is awful so they'll make a really funny Half in the Bag about it!"

John Doe : Slender Man hasn't been relevant for over 4 years, was a similar thing with the Angry Birds movie - these hollywood hacks are so out of touch.

Normonaut : The only good slenderman content out there is the youtube series by Marblehornets. That was genuinely creepy, so of course the movie has nothing like that

rangoononline : The "Not in the movie" segment was fantastic. The people that make movie trailers are straight up con artists now.

ryder mccall : “We’re not having a story, because the movie didn’t have one either.” (Slide Whistle)

ultimaT : Good lord, i would rather watch someone pplayer slender the 8 pages over this. Also man did no one even understand what made him creepy? They should have watched the marble hornets stuff

Justin Y. : Sony back at it again with another masterpiece of cinematography

Sexhaie : *"FROM THE DARK WEB*!"* *=Something Awful

Several Fighters : Calgon is a washing machine soap brand here in the UK. So "Calgon, Take me away" Kinda sounds a bit suicidal to me. Much spoopier than the actual movie.

SuperHater56 : Slender Man is just Jack wandering around the forest at night

Anthony Zaragoza : who made a better narrative with slenderman. A professional movie studio with a budget or 5 dudes making something for youtube?

Rags : Mike Stoklosa is my spirit animal.

PWNtang _ : Marble Hornets wasn't perfect, but that was how you handle a Slenderman movie

aperson22222 : Please do _The Meg._

The Daily Fortnut : Did anyone think this movie would be good? I mean I watched the trailers and they cracked me up so much. You could tell it would be incompetent Also after this...... R.I.P. Venom

DrumWild : I do not like "fictional horror characters" like Slender Man. I prefer REAL horror characters, like Freddy and Jason.

ghola82 : That fly buzzing around Jay was more interesting than Slenderman. Edit: plz forgive me grammar police. m(._.)m

Marc Züst : Fun fact: Yahtzee Crowshaw, the zero punctuation guy, claims to have invented slender man in his point-and-click adventure game series "the Chzo Mythos", although he did not name him that. I think he's called "the tall man", but he also has a veritable Lovecraftian horror name. There's a video series on youtube, "the ego review", where he plays his own games from back when, which is quite entertaining - mostly because he now realizes all the bad game design decisions he made.

Protheus : >scariest thing was the Sony logo Yep, that's true. It's really hard to beat that.

Lucas Martin : There was actually a youtuber (or a group) Marble Hornets, that made short vlog-oriented shorts. There was an overarching plot, but the shortness of the videos and the fact that they were uploaded in a non chronological order helped to build a very interesting horror story.

Owen Adams : Well the one good thing this movie did was make me watch Beware the Slenderman which is great, and I really recommend it.

Christopher Snow : When you die in the Matrix you die in the real world. When you die in Freddy's Dream you die in the real world.

abcpea : Here is my premise for a Slenderman movie, that I think would actually work really well: We see a scared girl, running through the woods. She trips or something, and then looks up and screams and we cut to black. Next scene is a funeral for the girl, and here we meet her friends and build their characters and stuff. Then we go to one of the girls looking at photos of her dead friend, and she notices slenderman in the background, she goes through all the photos and realises that he is in every photo taken by the woods the girl died in. So then all the girls get together, and go to the woods to investigate. Deep inside the woods, they find a pit with a bunch of DVDs dumped in it, all bearing the logo "SONY". They take them home and watch them - and then the horror begins...

T-Bone : 21:40 "BWHAAT!" haha

MJ Trace : Wish upon girl is now a term 😆

Chasformer : Sony Pictures needs to die.

Grunt Nation : There was no plot to this episode it’s like the have the start of the video then throws it out the window then it just ends and what about those goofy death scenes half in the bag is known for over all very disappointed 10/10 would fap again

Birdhouse Entertainment LLC : If anything, watch Marble Hornets on YouTube. It is the only acceptable version of a take on Slenderman because it is works with the format of YouTube.

OvAeons : i guess film makers did not get the memo Slendo man has not been relevant for yeeears

The Life & Times of Joseph Murphy : You mean The Recovered reboot?

Thomas Slattery : Sounds like this film could of used a scene of Vincent D'Onofrio explaining things.

Nehemiah : Mill Creek logo looks like Wingdings! Mill Creek logo looks like Microsoft Clip art!

Drain : Leave it to Sony to cut out half of their own movie then not advertise it nor put it in most theaters. May as well not bother making the thing then.