I'm a cool guy.

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Henry Van Fleteren : I wish I could be this cool

Chandler Martinez : Thanks. After watching this I was thinking “wow this guy needs a haircut”. I decided to get a haircut myself. This has impacted my life greatly. Also I’m ten years old and I’ve experienced a lot in life so far. I know the struggle.

Gerry Adams : *s o o c o o o l*

Daydream Anatomy : I can relate, I'm also a cool guy.

kuulemma : "you should see me on lsd" I think i just did man.

clarance oh : dirtywolfy

Isaac : Left field comedy

Brandon Marshall : wow dude im not gonna lie this video really changed my life, i was going through massive depression and hitting a rough time in my little world, was ready to give up but then i saw you spark that cigarette and something clicked, thanks so much for making this content, i really wouldn't be shit without it.

beszt95 : god damn that’s edgy

Walker LongWood : Thanks for the laughs

5AM Films : I watched the whole thing. Pretty Cool ;)

0bb : very cool, guy