would you share a moment of lo fi with me?
The meaning of Lo Fi explained perfectly in 8 minutes

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ThatViolaKid : Quite literally the most beautiful description of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop....ever. Bravo!

Lil Saturated : I don't know why people trash talk Lo-Fi so much

KYLEIZABOSS : This is the most special video on all of YouTube to me. I get a heavy feeling in my chest that I can’t explain.

Last Hit : lo fi is just magic

Jo-Kai Gon-Zo : misteramazing beats to study and relax to.

M!CAH : "lowercase white text on an stolen image from Tumblr" that's when you know the mix you've clicked on is about to caress you and put you to sleep.

fsociety : Who is this dude and why isnt he my best friend

Taru : I discovered lofi a year ago, as a way to listen to music that just isn't distracting. Seeing these girls study is a perfect depiction of me when listening to lofi; I think lofi is "there" with you while you study, do your homework or just chill out. It does not demand your concentration; it is additive and leaves a pleasent tune to listen to while concentrating. As you said, the world is moving fast and so is modern music aswell. Listening to, for example, Pop, HipHop or Rap (often) demands you to listen and think about what's being sung. The melody is fast paced and has a fast beat to it, automatically making you focus on what is happening in the song right now. But lofi brings the tempo down again. Ambient, repetetive and smooth; that is what lofi is about. And that makes it a perfect companion for a slow approach to everyday life.

famitory : it's interesting to me that "lofi" has specifically come to imply lofi hip hop or lofi jazz. i remember back in 2011 when a 190 bpm track could easily be called 'lofi' if it had lots of bitcrusher and tape saturation on it.

Fjfjfjfjf Fhdndnrnd : Michael from Vscauce teen years

NegroKetchum : Lofi is pretty hit or miss. There isn't any in between really. It's either really good or flops.

snaz : I am so glad I found your channel


Youre Owned : I wasn't expecting such high quality coming in to this video but damn am I glad I watched this

John Doe : Focusing on XXXTENTATCION at 1:09. Seems weird now.

Weber Nóbrega : LOFI is a natural medicine to this sick world !

TheWinterShadow : You just proved that LoFi is a higher art-form.

justdestiny : Got goose bumps while watching... Such a beautiful video.

Josiah Chen : Lofi is one of my favorite genres

Christopher Quintanilla : Wouldn't be able to study honestly without lofi

webba03 : _I l o v e t h i s s o m u c h_

Rizky Achsa : the fonts you used are so cool! mind sharing them?

Kenyon Scales : I found LoFi music from listening to XXXTENTACION back in mid 2016 #RIPX 🙏🏼💔😢

Ajie : This is an amazing video. You described Lofi music so well and the editing is always so smooth 😭😂❤️

Nathan Martin : I try to find lofi that doesn't repeat itself too much, because then my ear starts beating on me and i have to find something else

Relapsation : You kinda sound like the mc from the garden of words' dub, good job dude this video was beautifully made as is all your videos.

Finn Erling G. : amazing in-depth analysis, dude, keep it up 👀👌🏼💯

SliceOfPotato : J dilla? Nujabes? DJ Okowari? Sango? Chet Faker? Stwo?Shiloh? TaKu? tbh lo-fi is life man

0x eac7 : This is the best channel since vsauce. Holy $#%! This video was well made. Keep it up!

Sean Garcia : Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop and Garden of Words nice.

The Real Anthony Fantano : I'm feeling a 7 on this video.

Sam Weinle : Bro, you couldn't have worded this any better the need for just having a perfect set of melodies for just a specific moment is what makes lofi such a indulging music genre. The want to just have a moment from the speed of reality and just appreciate what you are experiencing is the reason why I love it so and was the original reasoning I got so hooked. What I'm tryna say in a nutshell is good job man and sorry for the rant 😂.

James McMahan : I love The Garden of Words, I love Makoto Shinkai, I love Lo-fi, I love this video.

Monk5y y : this is beautiful

tehcrazGaming : I'm not even going to lie, this popped up after I watched your XXXTENTACION video and I suddenly got chills when you mentioned Ryo Fukui. Like never thought I would have heard him mentioned. Holy shit. Subbed instantly.

Lie Likes Music : What mic do you use? Lovin that crispy voice.

Ched Leicester : >merzbow >not good

desu38 : When the moon hits your eye _with_ a big pizza pie.

Ptpix1 : Very nice video. Something about your work has a unique touch and feel to it that has yet to be replicated (oh and that editing is just...wow!). Anyway I agree with a lot of the points you make about lofi. Me personally I like some lofi, I don’t like the type that just samples some piano loop and bit crushes it to death with a crumby beat, I like the more melodic type that’s a bit more involved. The type that’s both relaxed and danceable at the same time. I also like it when it samples something more obscure and unique. I still find myself drawn to it, with the aesthetic and the light vinyl / Walkman buzz noise you described, and that everything is written in all undercase letters. Some of my favorite lofi artists that I highly recommend are: bsd.u, jinsang, wünsche, scribe, lost son, layo, vanilla, eevee, and more I’m forgetting. If anyone reading wants the links for any of these artists, let me know.

RelapzeTV : 4:22 jinsange impacted my life because his music made me forget everything around me. it made me feel happy

Nathaniel Eralube : I was looking for an x song and i found the X video you did and i was surprised it hit me and i was stunned you talked about something nobody else would ever do and it had me stuck to your channel while looking i was praying you did something for lofi once i saw it i was so happy you broke it down on levels that some people wont understand and thats what i love. You have a real talent and i hope you are successful in life or hope you achieve what your trying to do before you die because you deserve it. I also hope you can evolve more with this talent. And have a good day

Dr.Smash 64 : Dammit man,YouTube didn't give me a notification for this video!!!😩

Cinematic Creator : do a video on TUPAC like u did on XXX please ( i need that )

Mommy Doo : My mind is seriously blown.... I knew I loved lo-fi but you went there... Excellence, pure and simple.

Will : Ah, lofi. I was hoping you would cover this. So damn underrated just like your channel.

cube boy : You Expressed all my feelings bro 💗 lofi is lyf

Badger : I listen to LOFI while I work out, long drives, trips, and relaxing. It’s just a smooth and calming tone with good beats

Aleksey Alexandervich : Nujabes' legacy is eternal.

Ethan Alfonso : This was fantastically made. Favorite video of this moment, right now :) also subbed for future moments.