would you share a moment of lo fi with me?

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Chillhop Music : Pretty nice edit. I think it's interesting to look at the future of lofi though and how it can be spun in a way where it doesn't become stale / cheesy (which a large part of the stuff on YouTube already is). It's a great video, but I think a lot of videos and articles just revolve around the circlejerk sad loop thing, whereas I think a lot of value and potential lies in looking how it can evolve and the artists that are actually pushing the sound forward.

JustDestiny : Got goose bumps while watching... Such a beautiful video.

Will : Ah, lofi. I was hoping you would cover this. So damn underrated just like your channel.

Brain In A Cat : I'm going to be open with you here. In my opinion Lo-Fi is modern-day elevator music. It's easy to make, most of it is just created using loops ( instead of recordings, samples or generators like vsts). It's great for having somebody talk over or having a melodramatic vocal playing and they are very well suited for the background composition to your videos. I'm definitely not saying that you're wrong by any means, this is just my personal take. My father was in a metal band as i grew up, when I got older I fell in love with the noise scene, grindcore. I think our upbringing and culture plays a big role in our definition of interesting and entertaining sounds. As always great video though bro I love to see your take on things and I feel like I always come out of your videos with a little bit more understanding of something than I did before.


Zalgaloo : I've never really gotten into lo-fi too much, but I get what ya mean with it being a good way to find an escape in such a fast paced world, I personally get very involved with surreal and thoughtful art of all forms as a way to get away from the world, as it's a great way to just let go and focus inward and in the moment. (Also thanks for introducing me to Japanese Jazz through this vid lol, didn't even know about it that much until now, it's very relaxing)

Anthony le Gremlins : I don't want to move so fast because of weed. Lo fi is what my drug brain wants

ThatViolaKid : Quite literally the most beautiful description of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop....ever. Bravo!

Lie Likes Music : What mic do you use? Lovin that crispy voice.

Tristan Crumpler : 🅱️emomitized

Last Hit : lo fi is just magic


rune titan : I love lofi but it always just feels like a faceless blob. despite listening to hours of lofi and loving it i know only have a handful of songs saved. its not like other genres where i can think of diffferent songs. other than nujabes and a few others all other lofi is just a blob. doesn't help that i am never sure how much i am hearing is actually made by that person and how much is just ripped from some unnamed source with an effect over the top

Snaziko : I am so glad I found your channel

Relapsation : You kinda sound like the mc from the garden of words' dub, good job dude this video was beautifully made as is all your videos.

VonMagnar : I like how you aren't completely formal when your talking

Blurred : Love this video <3

XLBZ : this video was pretty *mister* amazing

VAPASS : rip nujabes

M!CAH : "lowercase white text on an stolen image from Tumblr" that's when you know the mix you've clicked on is about to caress you and put you to sleep.

Atis T. : Lofi is the best thing that has happened to us. It lets me disconnect, great when used as a background music or lifesaver when I have to pull allnighter to study

N.I. Music : I try to find lofi that doesn't repeat itself too much, because then my ear starts beating on me and i have to find something else

famitory : it's interesting to me that "lofi" has specifically come to imply lofi hip hop or lofi jazz. i remember back in 2011 when a 190 bpm track could easily be called 'lofi' if it had lots of bitcrusher and tape saturation on it.

Sachindra Bhattacharya : The stolen image belongs to @amidst.silence fyi

Ueus : I don’t know if you will read this comment , I’m a huge fan of your videos. I listen to an artist called EDEN , I’m not sure if this would ever be your type of music but there is something that gets me in the feels and I know it’s the same for a lot of other listeners , I was wondering if you could have a listen to “End Credits” and “Times like these” . If you get the same feeling it do maybe you could make a video about it . Just an idea :)

KYLEIZABOSS Mansfield : This is the most special video on all of YouTube to me. I get a heavy feeling in my chest that I can’t explain.

Lil Saturated : I don't know why people trash talk Lo-Fi so much

Ben : Most lo-fi is way too redundant.

TheNothing Man : What lo-fi artists would you recommend? I'm curious

DampBroadcast : Amazing as always, lofi is a huge meme and isn't taken seriously but I feel that it holds down a very important niche and deserves a bit more respect.

Gubber Dude : You need to chill calling merzbow not good

Weber Nóbrega : LOFI is a natural medicine to this sick world !

Emtra : The fact that you can make a video about a topic acknowledging the beauty of it but at the same time including slight criticism is honestly why I love watching you.

Guardo : What a video.

Football Friends : 0:50 ah yes, a lyric by the world renowned poet Jahseh Onfroy

Viaje Chocolate : This video is so good that I found it arousing.

Amor Vincent : SMOOTH BUTTER.......I like that!!

Nuclear Powered : 0:49 RIP X

Jo-Kai Gon-Zo : misteramazing beats to study and relax to.

RB6 Gaming : 1:09 rip my boy xxxtentacion

Liam Hagan : I forgot I was even subscribed to you! Excellent video dude really loving the production and all the neat little visual tricks. Can't wait to see more

Okphts : Your editing is amazing, I cannot get over how smooth it is

John Doe : Focusing on XXXTENTATCION at 1:09. Seems weird now.

john rodarte : After when I saw the vaporwave video I said to myself, he should make a lofi video and he did and my god this is amazing, its everything I hoped, thank you misteramazing

Josiah Chen : Lofi is one of my favorite genres

Inyrth - : My heart skips a beat when I see your video. I've been into lo-fi for a couple years now and I loved how you discribed it. I listen to a lot of genres of music and yes lately also noice which includes the screaming noice sampling. I think there's something about it that I like but I don't know how to discribe it. As always a huge thank you for being my favourite youtuber. And that's me being honest. It's no small feet to be but you are.

JLeon40 : Can you please make a video talking about brockhampton (and maybe even ameer vann getting kicked out)?

DJLani : Beautiful video. Hearing Midnight in a Perfect World was such a throwback that brought me a lot of chills.

IllConceived : YES misterAMAZING yet again! I adore Lo-Fi and you put to words what I couldn't begin to describe. Beautiful work man, you inspire me with every upload. Never stop please. Or do, just keep living in your eternal dope ass moment and I'll be there in spirit :)

LucidIsh : These videos are amazing